Are you searching for some perfect quick-growing grass to add beautiful green to your yard? If the answer is yes, then there is no better option than the contractor’s mix grass seed.

You will get many reviews on the internet. But choosing from those is tough. Luckily you are here to clear your confusion about what is contractors mix grass seed. Keep reading and make your yard lively like professionals.

So, let’s give you some very detailed facts and more to analyze.

What Is Contractors Mix Grass Seed? What Does It Contain?

Typically contractors’ seeds are various grass seeds mixed, which will make your yard good-looking with additional benefits that usual grass seeds might not be able to offer. It is used for making shade also.

Contractors’ grass seed is made by mixing different species of grass seeds that help the grass grow faster.

There are different types of mixing. It depends on the users’ priority. How you want to see your lawn is most important. If you want long and tall grasses, you can use Kentucky bluegrass seed mixed with some fine fescues.

Most grass seeds are 99.9% weedfree. Here are some quick tips:

“Don’t buy any cheap mixing grass seeds and end up turning your yard into a weed field.”

We have come to this point after going through reviews of the users.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Contractors’ Mix Grass Seed?

When we want something outstanding, we have to give it time. But when you use contractors mixing grass seeds for your yard, it will narrow both time and effort. Why use regular grass seeds when you can have a healthy yard in 7 to 10 days by watering them daily?

There are lots of benefits to using them. They are not only fast-growing but also protect the soil and create shields on it. It keeps your yard moist and the soil healthy. And how beautiful it looks, you already know.

Contractors mix grass seeds help to grow annual grasses in your yard. However, 50% will die after a year. But they are pretty much better than regular grass seeds.

Contractors mixing seeds are more effective. According to users,

PLS (Pure Live Seeds) are not as big as contractors mixing seeds.

Since it has different species of grasses seeds so, in a word, they won’t die all at once. It is best for those who want results very fast.

Is Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed Good?

Generally, contractors mixing seeds are best for most used areas, for example, roadside and parks. But it is also good for the yards who have babies to play with or any pets.

According to the users, contractors mixed grass seed is so good that if you just throw them into your yard and water them daily they will still grow in no time. Of course, you have to prepare the soil first.

Moreover, it has all-purpose mixing seeds; thus, it works very well in both sunlight and shady yards. They also provide season-based mixing seeds. You can take it as your requirement.

Tips To Mix Them Like Professionals

To get the best result, you must learn how to mix them. If you mix the wrong mixing ratio, you might not get the expected result. Also, there is a fact that which ratio is best for which temperature. These are the key facts to have the best results.

The video we have added below will show you every detailed tip and trick for mixing seeds, how to use them properly, how to plant, when to plant, which temperature is suitable for planting, and, most importantly, how to take care of or water them.

This Video Might Help!

Some Of The Best Brands Of Contractors Mix Grass Seeds:

Things have good and bad sides. Contractors’ mixing grass seeds also has no exception. It can turn your yard good-looking at the same time but can also destroy it. If you use the wrong one, it might also harm your soil. That is why we have added some of the best brands below:

  1. Pennington Contractors Mix
  2. Scotts Turf Builder Contractor’s Mix (North)
  3. JRK Contractors Mix Grass Seed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best mixture of grass seed?

Different mixtures are best for different seasons. If you have some trees in your yard, mix 40 to 60% Kentucky bluegrass with some fine fescues. The ratio can be 30 to 40%. You can also add 10 to 20% perennial ryegrass.

What grass seed do professionals use?

As we noted above, it varies by season. Not all seeds will grow the same in all seasons. According to professionals, mixing Bermuda grass seeds and Bahia grass seeds with Centipede and Zoysia grass seeds can go with the summer to spring season.


Making lawns green and lively is everyone’s choice. But most people end up getting confused about how to do it quickly. And getting misled about how to take care of them is not surprising. Most people plant just one type of grass seed that ends up in a messy and not good-looking yard. That is why you need to know what is contractors mix grass seed.

Contractor’s grass seeds make your yard beautiful and save time. And it shortens the process of growing grasses. Using contractors’ mixing seeds, you can have a healthy yard in 7 to 10 days. Moreover, it won’t need so much care. Just follow the above tips and make your yard colorful.

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