Are you confused about Scotts EdgeGuard spreader setting? Most people have this confusion after buying this lawn spreader. However, it’s considered that 13 is the ideal setting for Scotts EdgeGuard, no matter which fertilizer you use.

But if it’s about the Scotts EdgeGuard Mini Spreader settings pounds per square foot, then why not take a couple of minutes on our in-depth research chart here?

Below we have you covered everything with Scotts spreader settings. Keep scrolling the page and know how you can calibrate this machine.

Scotts EdgeGuard Mini Spreader Settings Pounds Per Square Foot

Multiple things can influence the settings number. But according to experts, we have attained this Scotts EdgeGuard Mini Spreader settings chart according to fertilizers and seeds. However, you can also check the entire Scotts Edgeguard Spreader settings for different applications.

Product  WeightPer 1000 Square FeetSetting
Scotts Turf Builder Seed Sun & Shade Mix for Heavy Rate5 lbs9
Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer4 lbs3
Hulled Bermuda3 lbs3
Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide (Heavy Rate)5 lbs4
Mixtures Including Coarse Seeds2 lbs6
Medium Orals Fertilizer5 lbs5
Fine Grain Fertilizer4 lbs5

For Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix (Heavy Rate)

Scotts spreader settings 2 lbs per 1000 sq ft is ideal though 5 lbs should be the number for Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix. And you have to set the setting to 9 for this fertilizer. Your walking pace should be 13 kph and not too much or too less than that.

It is possible to go faster or slower, but it will miss distributing the right amount of fertilizer. The spread width will be 5’ in this matter. Scotts EdgeGuard mini spreader can cover a width beyond 5’, but it is considered the standard width.  

For Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer

Scotts Halts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer require the standard setting of 3. When you apply this fertilizer, you have to take 4 lbs of it. While jumping into a bigger number, you should reconsider the possibility of waste and pace. Because in these cases, it is easy to mix things up and get an unexpected result. The speed and the width should remain the same.

For Hulled Bermuda

When you go with Hulled Bermuda, change the setting to 3. You can use 3 lbs of fertilizer and no more if you don’t want to waste it. However, Scotts EdgeGuard mini spreader has the function of saving from wasting. Keep this feature proceeding, and you will not have to include the fertilizer anymore. The walking speed and the spread width will remain at 13 kph and 5’, accordingly.

For Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide

Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn fungicide needs setting 4 of your EdgeGuard Mini. Per thousand square feet, you can put 5lbs of the bag. When chasing a bigger distance, you have to reload the fertilizer every thousand square feet.

For Coarse Seeds Mixture

You only need 2 lbs at first for this coarse seed mixture. Set the setting to 6 and target 1000 square feet in your backyard. Keep your walking speed at 13 kph. Keeping the pace at a certain speed is necessary if you want a proper distribution.

We suggest you practice the speed after every 1000 square feet of the walk. It will help you keep your pace right. The speed setting remains at 3-5, and the width will be the same.

For Medium Orals Fertilizer

Medium orals fertilizer needs setting 5, and you must put 5lbs of it for the first thousand square feet. Do not worry, even if you need to cover beyond these square feet. The accuracy of the distribution depends on the correct ratio. Please, note that you have to reload the fertilizer every 5000 square feet.

For Grain Fertilizer

When you are applying grain fertilizer, put the setting to 5. Only 4 lbs of the product will be okay for a thousand square feet. You can increase the setting for the next thousand square feet.

This Video May Help in Calibration & Use

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What setting should I set for the EdgeGuard Mini for fertilizer?

At first, set the setting at 3. Put 5 pounds of fertilizer and cross 1000 square feet. After finishing this round, if any fertilizer is left, then set the setting to 4 and finish it. Following these terms will help you accurately distribute fertilizer and prevent wasting seeds.

What do the numbers mean on a Scotts EdgeGuard spreader?

Numbers on Scotts EdgeGuard Mini indicate its setting for distribution. They determine how fast or slow your machine will run and distribute. So, always set these numbers in settings before you start the engine. If you don’t, you may end up with a real mess.

How do I calibrate Scotts EdgeGuard Mini?

Knowing the standard number for your EdgeGuard Mini will help you calibrate the machine and fertilizer. Scotts EdgeGuard features a capacity of 5000 Square feet. If you have a small yard, then you can take less amount of fertilizer, such as ⅓ of the bag. Besides, the Scotts spreader settings conversion chart can help if you are using a different spreader from Scotts.


Even if you have never used this spreader before, our detailed guide will hopefully help you to run the machine. As you know what the Scotts EdgeGuard Mini Spreader settings pounds per square foot are, we hope you will have no conclusion left.

Just remember not to overload the fertilizer. And when you are up to cover a big lawn, don’t cover the whole yard at once.

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