Where are Ferris mowers made? Are they made in the US? In a nutshell, the answer is Yes. The United States is the warehouse of Ferris mowers. But recently they have moved their manufacturing location.

The following text will give you an idea of the manufacturer’s history and location. Keep on reading and know where your Ferris mowers come from.

Where Are Ferris Mowers Made- 3 Decades of Expansion!

Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group makes the Ferris mowers. It’s an American company that bought the Ferris industry in 2004. Since then, Ferris mowers have been made in Munnsville, US. But recently, Ferris has been moved to Sherrill, NY city, to expand its production.

Ferris, in fact, was a completely different company. They produced the first lawnmowers in 1986. Because of their work efficiency, they got prominent worldwide and partnered with the Briggs & Stratton group.

Once Ferris was bought by Briggs & Sattron, they got their manufacturing facilities in Munnsville, US. Then, they successfully kept producing new models of mowers such as IS®1500Z, IS® 4500Z, and HydroCut™ 36. In 2008, the company introduced the Rear Discharge mower deck with a mulching system.

The company experienced an evolution in production when it first launched the IS2500Z model of diesel zero-turn mowers. The success of this invention got them dealerships with European, Middle East, and African distributors. They started to get their supply of necessary parts from those regions.

After 18 years of successful service, Ferris is now a well-known brand name that works under the Briggs and Stratton group. They have recently opened another facility in Sherrill and are determined to produce more mowers with innovative and standard quality.

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Is A Ferris Lawn Mower Any Good 

Ferris vice president Phil Wenzel said,

“As we’ve grown, our size has allowed us to buy more specialized equipment and develop accelerated testing that can improve quality and improve processes. For instance, our engineers are able to simulate a machine going over a curb 100 times a day. This means we can incorporate that kind of use into the design. We’re also using automation such as robotic welding as part of efforts to improve consistency of quality.”

Despite having an ironic history, you may ask yourself, “Are Ferris mowers worth the money?” Don’t deny it; we’ve asked the same. Sometimes we need a compact lawn mower that fits our job. That’s why we have gone through deep research and found some lawnmowers that suit your liking. Here we will show you a glimpse of Ferris lawn mower models that’ll make your work much easier.

ISX™ 3300

With its foot-pedal deck lift, the ISXTM 3300 raised the bar for Ferris mowers’ renown for flawless cutting performance. Users can adjust its cutting blades’ height to a maximum of 5 inches.

A rear bumper and wide frames are also included on this mower to shield the engine from damage. Because of its front suspension setup, you’ll have comfortable rides while running it.

IS® 2600Z

The IS® 2600Z lawn mower from Ferris may not be the cheapest, but its 26 HP engine makes up for that. The same foot pedal controls used by other models are used to operate this one, making it simple to change the cutting height.

The deck is about 61 inches; thus, under ideal circumstances, it can cover 3 acres of land every hour. Additionally, doing deck inspections is hassle-free because removing the floor pan makes it simple to reach the deck’s vital components. Additionally, it incorporates releasable latches that make accessing the engine easier.

ISX™ 800

Despite having a 52-inch cutting deck and a lesser-priced Ferris mower, the ISX 800 will meet your expectations for its ability to cut long grass. This device doesn’t have a carburetor resulting in a smoother startup process.

With a zero turning radius and a ground speed of ten mph, this lawnmower facilitates the cutting process. Furthermore, as it has two belts, you can rely on the mower deck system to provide consistent cut quality throughout the cutting operations.

How Many Hours Do Ferris Mowers Last?

Ferris mowers can last two thousand hours without any major repairs. With good maintenance and timely repairing, it can last up to 7000 hours, no doubt. However, if you want to replace it with a new one with 2000 hours, you can do so. Two thousand hours is an enormous duration. Even if you use the mowers for 2 hours daily, it lasts almost two and a half years comfortably.

In the case of zero-turn mowers, 3500 hours is the usual duration. However, they need repairing after 2800 hours or so. Every 50 hours, you may need to change the oil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Ferris mowers?

Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group makes the Ferris mowers. The organization recently purchased the Ferris, Snapper, and Giant-Vac brand. They produce top-class Ferris mowers throughout the world.

Does Ferris make good mowers?

Ferris are known for making good mowers. Their products always have powerful Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton engines. Most of their products run with hydrostatic drive systems. Diesel-operated zero-turn mowers, push mowers, and stand-on mowers are one of those products that Ferris has a reputation on.

Where are Ferris zero-turn mowers manufactured?

erris zero-turn mowers used to be manufactured in Munnsville, New York, but now in Sherrill, New York. Ferris produced the zero-turn mowers in 2000 at first. Then it was bought by the Briggs & Stratton group. Though the group has moved its production facilities to Sherill, its old location, Munnsville, has expanded its manufacturing capacity and is still producing Ferris zero-turn mowers.


Now you may have no confusion about where Ferris mowers are made. Briggs & Straton group is the company who owns the Ferris mowers. And where are Ferris mowers made? Munnsville and the city of Sherill are the answers.

These mowers are worth every penny of yours. They have been able to provide excellent services for many years. Hopefully, you have a clear concept of these mower brands now.

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