Short Grass that Doesn't Need Mowing

Lawn mowing is time-consuming and labor-intensive. But there is some short grass that doesn’t need mowing. For instance, there is centipede grass, which can grow up to 4 to 5 inches in size, which is not a lot. However, we have a couple of examples in our basket.

Grasses like this grow slower or can’t extract enough growth nutrients from the soil. Also, they can slow their growth without hampering their color. So, you don’t need to trigger your brain to worry about the beauty of your lawn.

You can go for the one that fulfills your lawn care demands. We will discuss more these grassroots and describe their utility as well.

So, stay tuned.

Know About the Short Grass that Doesn’t Need Mowing

Many types of grass can grow up to your torso height. Also, there are many disadvantages of long grass. They attract a lot of pests and sometimes deadly animals like snakes.

But, don’t worry. We have some excellent no mow grass that you can use as alternatives. We gave a table of the grass and its features for your convenience.

Grass NameFeatures
Seashore Paspalum  Great thickness and can grow up to 15 to 20 inches
Mondo Grass  Purplish tint and height of 6 inches
Centipede Grass  Coarse-textured and slow-growing
Buffalo Grass  Less hassle
Synthetic Grass  Never growing perfect grass
Ornamental Grasses  Beautiful looking with variations
No Mow Lawn Mix  Huge variations and easy to maintain

Now let’s get more descriptive. Here, we break down all the grasses according to different types so that you can choose which types would be suitable for your lawn.

1. Warm Season Perennial Grass

Warm-season perennial grass is the grass that grows in summer. They are mostly salt tolerant and are highly agile.

Seashore Paspalum

Salt tolerant nomow grass is suitable for coastal area lawns. You may have a house with a backyard close to the sea. If you have, then this grass is perfect for you.

Well, this grass has a height of 15 to 20 inches, which is just average height grass. And you know that average is beautiful.

It has a green color with a yellowish tint on it. One of the most outstanding features of Seashore Paspalum is they don’t need that much fertilizer or feed. Just leave, and they will grow on their own.

Buffalo Grass

Grasses are hard to maintain in dry areas. So, for you, we have drought-resistant grass, which is buffalo grass.

Buffalo grass is perfect for your no-mow lawn. This grass is highly drought-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about watering them.

Don’t worry about the thickness of this grass. Buffalo grass is thick enough for any sort of average lawn. This grass generally grows up to 4 inches in height. You will see that they remain green for the whole year, making it a good grass alternative.

2. Coarse Textured Grass

Coarse textured grass is grass with high density and is also salt tolerant. They can grow almost all the year. Good against pesticides.

Mondo Grass

Mondo grass is known as Black Mondo. There is also another version of this grass which is known as Kyoto Dwarf Grass. This grass is one of the best slow-growing grass. Also, you can handle them with the lowest bit of hassle.

Black Mondo can grow up to 6 inches. The beautiful part of this grass is that it has a purplish black vibe in it. So, if you are fond of purple color, this grass is for you.

You can now assume why it is named Black Mondo. Black Mondo is thin in density and curved. But it gives enough thickness for your lawn.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grasses are coarse-textured grasses. You will know them as lazy man’s grass. Well, it lives up to its name. This is also a slow-growing grass with a green apple-type theme.

As they are coarse-textured, they are thick enough to make your lawn look beautiful. This grass has a height of 6 inches maximum.

The best part is Centipede grass is highly colorful. And also, it can maintain its color almost throughout the whole year.

Again, the adaptive capabilities of these grasses are also highly effective. You can grow them in both acidic and alkaline zones with practically no effort.

3. Decorative Grass

Decorative Grass is mostly used for decoration purposes. Most of the time, they are synthetic or weeds with beneficiary values.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is decorative grass. If you hate mowing entirely, then it is for you. They never grow.

You will surely find that they are perfect and don’t need watering or any sort of hassle.

You can get them in regular convenience stores. Or you can order them online, where you can mention your lawn size.

Synthetic grasses have suitable thicknesses as we said that it’s perfect and a great alternative to grass in the backyard. The disadvantage of artificial grass is that its plastic medium destroys habitats for birds and beneficial insects.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are good grass for the backyard. They are a mix of various plants.

You can mix a lot of slow-growing plants, and they will create weeds that are also growing.

Pick some low to medium height grasses that are thick enough to cover the ground. Extension services are experts in this case.

Be careful while choosing grasses, you may damage the environment of your land if you plant different species, and sometimes some of the grasses die due to various factors.

There is also a grass named pampas that you can use as a great grass alternative for backyards, ornamental grass.

Don’t you want to

4. Solution Mixes Type

Solution mixes are just mixtures of different grasses and seeds. They are genetically engineered and good for rough terrain lawns.

No Mow Lawn Mix

This is a kind of blend mixed with grass. Mostly contained fescues and bentgrass. These are highly slow-growing grasses. That’s why they are named no-mow mixes. These mixes can grow up to 3 to 6 inches in size.

There are various mixes that you can use. For instance, buffalo grass mixes are one of the best backyard grass alternatives and are used widely. You can get them in regular gardening stores, and they are not costly.

However, some other alternative to grasses is also available in stores for you, and that is the artificial grasses that will never ever need to be mowed. You can also try them.

A yard near to heavy traffic area makes the best option to go for an artificial grass mat. And many of these artificial grasses look like real ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a kind of grass that doesn’t need mowing?

There is a lot of grass that doesn’t grow long enough and doesn’t need mowing. For instance, centipede grass, buffalo grass, mondo grass.

Is it okay to leave grass clippings on the lawn?

Yes, it is okay to leave grass clippings on the lawn because it acts as a natural fertilizer.

What can I plant so I don’t have to mow?

You can plant any of the slow-growing grasses like centipede grass, mondo grass, and buffalo grasses to avoid mowing regularly.

Final Words

You may have found out all the short grass that doesn’t need mowing. You need a lot of effort to maintain a lawn. Mowing can be highly annoying if you are not a fan of lawnmowers or gardening.

Innovation and inventions are making our life easier. Slow-growing grass is one of them.

And also, these no-mow grasses are not that costly to maintain. So, slow-growing grasses are a massive go. Also, a no-growing artificial one is choosable if you want to.

We told you everything we had in our bag. We may have missed something on the flow. You can help us with some extra information. Until then, happy gardening.

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