Why Is My Lawn Mower Spitting Out Grass

You were mowing your land, and suddenly, it is spitting out grass. You might be scratching out your head and thinking, why is my lawnmower spitting out grass, right? This can be happening because either you are cutting wet grass or mowing excessively. Some other reasons can be standing behind sometimes.

Your deck faces a lack of space of proper airflow because of old grasses. Also, wet grasses and soil limits the mower deck area and result in blocks and clumps.  Besides these, there are blade and engine issues that can hamper your lawn mowing.

It is disgusted to clean the deck, blade and check the engine but cannot find out the real problem. Let’s go through this guide to find all the possible reasons for your abnormal mowing. Oh yes, you will get the solutions also.

Why Is My Lawn Mower Spitting Out Grass? Check 5 Spots & Solutions

Generally, there are 5 reasons on which a lawnmower leaves grass behind. Let’s have a look at a table, and you will understand the total idea briefly.

Clogs and lumps under the mower deckMow in dry condition
The wrong type of mower bladeSharpen the blade
Worn-out deck belt and underinflated tireRepair the belt, maintain tire pressure
Problem on the grass catcherKeep clean
Badly behaved engineCheck for engine faults

But you need to learn about these five reasons broadly. Because your mowing stops in the middle, you have to solve the spitting-out issue as early as possible.

Wet Or Tall Grass Clippings Clog up Under The Mower Deck

Why does my lawnmower spit out grass? Believe us; most people face this problem because of the blockage under the mowing deck.

Wet grass is comparatively easy to cut, but the humidity of the grass may congest the things up to the mower deck. Similarly, too tall grasses may pile up and get stuck under the deck as lumps.

Sometimes we forget to clean the deck after mowing. This may store a lot of dry grass with soil and lessen the deck area. As a result, the mowed grass gets less room and airflow to discharge properly; rather, they scatter out oddly.

Another issue is you have to set your mower deck height appropriately. Setting it too low will cut all the grass almost from the root along with the soil.

A Blunt And Wrong  Blade Cut Unequally

An old, rusted, dull blade can be spitting grass from the mower. A fine cut with a sharp blade leaves even clippings within a short time. This sharp cut also helps to cure the cut grass quickly and looks the lawn trimmed. But a flat blade cuts the grass unevenly. As a result, the unfair sizes of grasses clog up easily.

On the other hand, the mower uses lift blades that vacuum the grass upturn for fine cutting. If your blade is worn out, it won’t cut grass nicely and make a clog of clippings under the deck. Moreover, if your mower engine is not compatible with the lifting blade, it will not work properly. And you will face the wrong direction of leftover grass.

Old Deck Belt And Underinflated Tire Provide Less Support To The Mower

Damage and worn-out deck belt can’t provide real support to the belt from the engine. So an unharmonious turning of the blade may cut a rough grass mowing.

Another issue is that an underinflated tire makes an imbalance to the mower. If a tire is less aired, there is more pressure on that side. This type of imbalance can affect blade spinning and cause the piling up of the clumps.

A Thatched Or Unfitted Grass Catcher Can Spit Out Grass Madly.

A grass catcher is attached behind the mower to collect the mowed grass. But if you do not fit this properly, your riding lawn mower bagger is not working, and store a pile of wet grass.

Sometimes your grass catcher can store thatched grass. This thatched collection makes a hindrance to the clear discharge of the grass.

Poor Engine Mechanism Can Not Provide Proper Power For Ideal Blade Spinning

I have checked all the above issues. Still, why is my lawnmower leaving clumps of grass?

Most probably, it is your mower engine that is doing mischief. You know a speedy and clear blade rotation is more important to cut and vacuum the grasses perfectly. A poor engine is not able to supply proper power to the blade. This low support can not perfectly mow the grass. Rather it piles the clippings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the grass not going in the bag?

Sometimes, the grass catcher bag is not properly attached to the back of the mower. Sometimes there is a thatched problem that stops the way for collecting the grass. That’s why the grass bag won’t collect grass.

Why does my lawnmower throw grass everywhere?

Most of the time, clogs and grass clumps block the deck’s vent and space. If you mow wet or too long grass, this can happen. Also, a bad blade reduces the mowing power. With a problematic deck belt, the engine also lessens the mower power. And it cut slowly in an uneven manner. This results in grass throwing out everywhere.

How do you know when your grass bag is full?

When A grass bag is full, the mower stops flowing air onto the bag. You will see the grass on your lawn falling from the bag. Empty the bag as it needs to be clean.

Polishing Off

Perfect mowing shows a beautiful, evenly finished grass bed behind your mower. After reading this article, you know why is my lawnmower spitting out grass. Now you can apply all the easy five checking issues and resolve your mower problems. Make your mowing easy, functional, and enjoyable.

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