Can You Mow Wet Grass with a Reel Mower

Can you mow wet grass with a reel mower? In a nutshell, yes, you can. But you should also keep some considerations, like standing water and always ensuring sharp blades.

There is huge confusion and information gap regarding this. People don’t know the right method in the sea of diverse information around.

Mowing a wet lawn is not recommended as the wetness in the grass doesn’t allow the mower to cut it properly. However, if you use a reel mower, you can mow your grass as they are designed to cut wet grasses. Let’s know more.

Can you Mow Wet Grass with a Reel Mower?

So, reel mowers can mow wet grass. They are manufactured to cut through wet grass. However, there cannot be standing water in the area. This will damage the mower.

Always make sure the area is not damp. The reel mowers are perfect for medium-sized grasses. In addition, reel mowers do less damage to the lawn than others.

Reel Mower Blades- Your Focus Consideration

Blades are an important part of the reel mower when you intend to cut wet grass. The blades need to be positioned properly along with maximum sharpness for mowing.

For residential use, you can take four or five reels. They work well with smaller areas. For larger areas like fields, golf courses, seven to eight reels are necessary.

To sharpen the mower blades, you can use a grindstone file. Keep the blade at a 45-degree-angle, sharpen the edge of the mower.

However, to insert the blades in the mower,

Besides, reel mower depends and thrives completely on manual labor. You need to physically move the mower across your lawn to get the results. Here are some tips for the smooth function of the reel mower.

Always change your pattern while mowing as mowing in only one direction will change the land contour.

Keep the blades of the mower shaped at all times. It will make your job much easier as you can cover more land in less time.

Make sure to adjust the mower height before the work starts. This will keep the grass height at a stable and consistent height. If the grass gets cut too short, it becomes a problem as it takes a lot of time to grow back. The recommended height is 3 inches.

Before the mowing, blow the area for any dirt or grass.

Top 3 Reel Mower for Wet Grass?

Here we have listed 3 reel mowers best for cutting wet grass.

1. American 1815-18- Lightweight Push Reel Mower

The American 18 inches reel lawn mower is a sharp and easy-to-function mower. The blades are covered in alloy steel which can be adjusted for different grass heights. The handle is foam cushioned which provides a comfortable grip.

2. Fiskars StaySharp Max- Eco-Friendly with Techno Advances

The is made by combining advanced technology with high-class ergonomics. It is much easier to push and requires minimal physical labor. The blades can extend to mow with full width too.

3. Remington RM3100- Best for Medium-Duty Cut

It is perfect for medium yards. The best feature of this is it is environment friendly. The best thing is it produces no gas. And the adjustable 5-blade reels really help. Also, you can collect the clippings through the 2-in-1 mulching feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you cut wet grass?

Yes, you can cut wet grass. However, the wet grass isn’t cut properly as the wetness hinders the mower operation. In the end, the grass is sloppy and messy.

How often can you mow with a reel mower?

You should mow your lawn at least once every week. Make sure to incorporate the temperature and weather. For instance, mow your grass every five to seven days during peak growing seasons.

Can I mow wet grass with an electric mower?

No, it is always advised not to mow wet grass, let alone with an electric mower. This is because the wet grass will stick and clump, making it impossible to get into the mower. Moreover, the water can get into the electric mower even with the strictest measures.

Can you mow grass with morning dew?

Morning dew is one of the most unfavorable times to mow the lawn. The reason is the dew covers the grass making it difficult to be cut. This also causes the grass to tear.

How long do reel mowers last?

Reel mowers last about one to eight years. It mostly depends on how the user treats and maintains the machine.


Mowing a lawn is easy but requires a lot of thought into it. You need to make sure the grasses are at the perfect length, along with other temperature factors. Mowing wet grass is always forbidden. It causes the grass to become messy.

So, now you know can you mow wet grass with a reel mower is you shouldn’t, but sometimes you must mow your wet grass. In that case, make sure to follow all the instructions and precautions.

At all times, you need to keep the blade sharp. Remove dirt and clumped grass from the blade regularly. Stay informed on the weather conditions. You down to get stuck in heavy rain or snowstorm during mowing. We are ending here with some of the most asked questions, and we hope you found the article helpful.

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