Kawasaki Liquid Cooled Engine Problems

Renowned brand Kawasaki comes with both air cooled and liquid cooled engines. Alike other lawnmowers, it may happen to come across some problems. But proper maintenance can reduce the chances of those problems. Here, we will discuss Kawasaki liquid cooled engine problems that are common and possible solutions simply.

Several problems can take place with the lawnmower at any time. The liquid cooled problem is so acute, and it often does not allow the lawnmower to operate decently.

As the lawnmower has to run a long way, you must make sure the engine remains cool. Overheating or temperature often causes some problems. Here’s the thing that comes into play.

Kawasaki Liquid Cooled Engine Problems & Their Solutions

Kawasaki is a Japanese brand that makes the best lawn mower and its engines and a few products. Despite ensuring the quality, some problems may disturb you. That’s the reason you have come here, right?

As the lawnmower’s engine goes on and on, it produces a very high amount of heat. If the heat increases rapidly, it will dysfunctional your whole Kawasaki lawnmower engine. You won’t mow the grasses properly.

Most of the Kawasaki lawn mowers have liquid cooled engines inside to let the machine go. This also allows the lawnmower to run faster and cool it down, but what if the problems come? What are the possible solutions?

Kawasaki lawn mowers are different. Here we will try to cover the issues that suit all the models out there. You may use a 22 HP Kawasaki Liquid cooled engine or something else. It won’t create any hesitation.

Let’s jump in.

Reasons for the problemsPossible Solutions
OverheatLet your Kawasaki liquid-cooled engine settle down a bit.
Engine stuckClean your liquid cooled engine clean to avoid this.
Fuel IssueChange the machine’s fuel to get rid of this.
Water pump failureCheck the water pump to ensure water flow.
Coolant leaksRepair or rebuild if you don’t fix the leak.

Once you glance at the problem and the possible solutions, we will discuss the issues in detail for you here. Read carefully to get the points below.

Over Heat Issue Is the Very Common One

Overheating a particular machine is a prevalent thing. Running your lawnmower for a more extended period creates pressure on the liquid cooled Kawasaki lawnmower.

If this happens, you can not operate your lawnmower correctly.

So, the possible solution is, to let your lawnmower settle down a bit. Stop the mower as soon as possible in this scenario. It will release the hit pressure, and the liquid cooled engine will get enough time to cool. Make sure you turn off the whole lawnmower, not only the liquid cooled engine.

A Kawasaki liquid cooled engine makes your lawnmower cool, but you have to ensure it stays cool as well. Taking some regular intervals while running your lawnmower is another thing that you can do. Sometimes, if you put enormous pressure on the lawnmower, it can cause this issue.

This is a crucial step to Kawasaki liquid cooled engine problems.

Engine Stuck Due to Some Silly Errors

Kawasaki liquid cooled engines may misbehave if other parts of the mower can’t perform correctly. The engines may be stuck for some time, and this is very irritating.

To solve this problem, make sure all the engines or parts on the lawnmower are active. You have to take a close eye on the plug out there. The engine may be damaged if there is any garbage or dirt. Cleaning the machines, in this case, will be the perfect solution.  We suggest you not take any unnecessary risks.

Fuel Issue When Not Noticed

Checking the fuel of your lawnmower is very crucial. If the oil there is too old or smells bad, you have to change it. The oil becomes so dark very often, and this is another way to identify the problem. We want you to change fuel if you are 100% sure about the oil.

The fuel or oil that you tend to replace may suit your lawnmower. Follow the manual once again to be sure. If the oil gets too bad, it will create trouble with your Kawasaki liquid cooled engine.

Make sure you give enough time to your lawnmower to start the proceeding of oil changing.

Engine Guard Displace

The liquid-cooled engine in the lawnmower is covered with a guard. If the guard doesn’t stay in the right place, it won’t let the machine work properly. Be sure it stays in the right place.

Again, notice the steps in the manual guide according to the engine model. Put the machine guard in the right place so that it covers the whole liquid-cooled engine.

Another thing is, you have to ensure that you use the suitable coolant in your lawnmower.

Water Pump Failure Can Be A Headache

This failure often occurs. Water allows the cooled engine to control the heat of the lawnmower. So, if the water pump can’t operate perfectly, it will create problems.

Make sure the water circulation is perfect. Besides, notice whether there is any damage to the water circulation channel. If yes, repaid that will be a better solution. You can also put in a new water pump if you can afford it. Ask your seller about the replacement or repair.

How Can We Forget the Coolant Leak

To identify this issue, you have to find whether there is a leak on your coolant carefully. One or more leaks on your Kawasaki lawnmower liquid cooled machine are enough to destroy the cooling process.

Contact your seller if this type of problem comes to your lawnmower liquid cooling system. Rebuilding the machine is a perfect solution here. If the leak is too tiny, plug the holes by taping over the outlets.

Following these issues will allow you to fix Kawasaki liquid cooled engine problems.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What causes a Kawasaki engine to surge?

There are many possible reasons behind this. But the most common is if there is a lack of fuel in your machine, it starts surging. The engine may surge on the high and low sides. You can add fuel to solve this issue. You need to do more things here if the problem is not with the fuel. Just clean the jets to get results.

Where are Kawasaki engines made?

Kawasaki is mainly a Japanese brand. Kawasaki manufactures its different engines in several countries. Kawasaki engines are made in Japan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines. The USA is another prominent manufacturer of Kawasaki engines. America has the largest lawnmower market, so the engine is mainly conducted in this country.


We have discussed the most common problem that often takes place with Kawasaki liquid-cooled engines. At the very beginning, you have to find out what caused your engine the issues. Try to find this from the above discussion.

Don’t forget that you are running an engine and you must use it properly. Properly using your lawnmower air-cooled system will allow you to run it smoothly. Never let your air-cooled engine problems go on and may affect your whole lawnmower.

Kawasaki liquid cooled engine problems hardly appear because the manufacturer is trying to make the best engines. But who knows what happens with the machines! This guide will help you to fix the issues for sure.

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