How To Make A Lawn Leveling Rake

The traditional lawn rake will be very expensive to buy. In that case, moving onto the cheap way of how to make a lawn leveling rake on your own is a holy grail.

However, you may not have enough money to buy the separate tools for gardening that are available. Whereas, some people think putting effort into DIY making will be a champ. But the truth is, that might not be as good as the store-bought options, outwardly. But it may be worth it if you’re successful.

To think of these all affairs, we decided to discuss an easy-going method that may cost up to $30-100. So follow the further instructions that we break down next.

How To Make A Lawn Leveling Rake (Vivid Analysis)

To jump over the topic to make a lawn leveling rake, two things you mustunderstand. A lawn leveling rake typically has a one-sided tinned head, and the other side comes with a straight edge.

So before you’re going to make one, consider grabbing the materials that are solid and easy to break.

The second thing you must assume is to choose a wide area to finish the job appropriately. The large area will allow you to plan all the tools and place them correctly. You can choose to work in the garage, garden premises, or the roof of your house. We will talk about this topic in detail in our tips and tricks section later.

Anyway, don’t forget to grab all these necessary tools, lest you should finish the task poorly.

All The Necessary Tools To Make A Lawn leveling Rake

Step 1: Built Up The Leveling Frame

The very first thing you’ve to do is drill M8 holes over the aluminum angels. Here, we give priority to the M8 holes for their easy set-up to the 5 mm flush instead of M5.

Anyway, now take a piece of scrap wood. Lay down the pieces over the aluminum at a right angle. Try your best to hold the two pieces down and drill them slowly. Keep it up until you ensure that both sides will hit the wood.

The most important thing about this part is that you’ve to decide which part you want to keep at the top. We suggest you put 24″ pieces on the top and 12″ inches on the bottom. By this, you can avoid misaligning the holes. Now drill all the corners and insert M5×25 mm bolts inside the bottoms. Lock all sides of the frame by putting the washer, lock nuts, and the washer on its top. Use the ratchet to tighten all the stuff.

After finishing this task, check out each side to ensure that you’re able to shape it into a square. To check the accuracy, use the same piece of wood to measure the sizes.

Step 2: Bring Together All The Channels

In this step, you’ll learn how to build a lawn leveling rake completely. In the first step, you’ll try to make a square shape base. Now you have to put the other aluminum channels inside the base. But it’s a little difficult to place the other two parts from the angle at an equal distance.

So our suggestion is not to rely on your eyes only; try to measure it with the tool. Measuring the distance with the help of a metering tape is the best option. Lawn leveler rakes often look like a kitchen griller. Afterward, put on the other two channels inside the base.

Now secure them with the same process (drill the holes, insert the washer, lock the washer, nuts on its top). Always ensure that you’ve tightened all the stuff as much as possible.

Step 3: Installing & Aligning The Bracket By Broom

With this strategy, making a lawn leveling rake DIY wood is becoming easy for you. When you assume about the middle of the frame, put the bracket on its top. Drill the brackets with the 5 mm a bit for creating a pilot hole. To finish the job carefully, you can take help from the scrap wood.

You may now wonder why I would need to place wood to drill the frame. Well, when you’re trying to drill, the other commodities may come off. So the wooden scrape here works to stop the lawn leveler rake from moving during the working period.

 Once you’ve created a pilot hole inside the frame, try to make it bigger using the M10 drill bit. Then put the M8 bolts inside the bottom after finishing to make two holes. Finally, insert the bracket over the frame. Then lock all the components by maintaining the usual norms.

Step 4: Tighten Down All the secure bolts & Re-check It

Make sure that the lawn leveler has not bent as you’re using this to rag the soils. Oscillate the lawn leveler around you to check if there remains any loosened part or not. At last, put the broom handle on the frames.

After making a rag, please check the parts twice, as you won’t replace them due to any inconvenience. Don’t forget that a lawn leveler works to even out low spots. So if you mistakenly leave any parts loosened there, it’s not easy to re-tighten them as they’ve already filled with dirt and soil.

Things To Be Careful While Making Any Lawn Leveler

To make a lofty homemade leveler, you must follow some instructions. Either you should maintain those tips or better grab anyone from the local stores. So do follow them asap.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you make a lawn level tool?

You can make the lawn leveling tool by using aluminum channels, bolts, or any other components. Some DIY users make their tools with the help of aluminum platforms. Or you can make a wide base using the wooden rag also.

Can you level a lawn with a rake?

Yes, you can level a lawn with a rake. With the help of a rag, you need to lose the soil of the lawn first. Then level up the jagging area with your feet and the flat side of the rake.

What rakes to use for leveling?

The rake is made of metal and shorter than the traditional leaf rake. Bow rakes are considered to be the best rakes to level the lawn. These rakes are easy to handle and the best bet for flattening the soils, lawn, and ground.


To sum up, we must say these overall strategies will go longer to help you in those regards. If you have a limited budget, try to make a homemade leveler that we already described here.

It’s not obvious that you always need a rake and heavy materials. You can use the waste things from your garage also. But don’t compromise the quality of bolt nuts and screws. These things are making a base for your leveler to hold it properly. And tighten them accurately once you have finished making the lawn leveler.

Hope the above information will make the easiest way how to make a lawn leveling rake. Experiment with this guidance.

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