Stihl BR 800 Problems

Gardening is like therapy to us, and it is one of the best pastimes. It needs different gardening tools for cleaning up the messes, and Stihl BR 800 is one of them. Unfortunately, people sometimes face some Stihl BR 800 problems while using it. But it can be manageable with some simple techniques.

Do you love gardening too? Or have Stihl BR 800 clear grass, leaves, and massive waste quickly? But are you still panicking about some of the common issues?

Well, after reading this, you can take relief as you will be aware of the issues and their solutions without any trouble.

Stihl BR 800 Problems- Most Common Ones

Stihl-brand blowers are very easy-to-use. However, problems can occur with starting them. It has a specific starting procedure.

First, we have to read out the manual. If we do not follow the instructions, a Stihl BR 800 starting problem may occur.

Stihl BR 800 Problems People Face

Other than starting problems, there are more complications such as engine starting problems, valve adjustment issues, fuel problems, blockage, etc.

If we do not mix the oil and gas properly into the fuel, they will separate. We can avoid this problem with a simple trick which is to mix and shake them well.

Clogged Engine And Carburetor

We recommend you use fresh gasoline if your blower is a two-cycle engine. You need to drain the old fuel and replace it with new fuel. Prime the carburetor with fresh gas as per the manufacturer’s manual, and pull the cord a few times. It may fix the problem immediately.

At times, Stihl BR 800 pull start does not occur due to some problems. If the engine does not start, try to remove the spark plug and add some gas into the cylinder. Screw the plug again and pull the starter. It is better to replace the spark plug if you feel that it is not working correctly.

BR 800 Valve Adjustment

We need to adjust the valves, which may turn off sometimes, and it will not allow getting any fuel to the carburetor. Moreover, we need to move the choke position initially, and otherwise, the blower will not start.

If we shut off the handle suddenly by pressing it down, the blower will not start. Also, we need to check the wires on the spark plug and secure it tightly to it.

Debris Blockage

If the blower is not cleaned correctly, leaves or grasses can sit on the motor blades. Excess pressure can cause stress to the motor. There will be a good chance that we will be unable to start the blower.

Wet leaves and grasses can stick to blades which will eventually decrease the airflow and increase the stress. Lack of airflow will cause stalling. Cleaning up the debris immediately will help us to refrain from debris blockage.

Stihl BR 800 Troubleshooting

Maintaining and cleaning the bowler after each use helps to prevent every possible problem. Try to mow grass in a dry condition at the proper height, reducing the mower stress.

We can keep a separate container for fuel, and it will minimize the fuel and carburetor issues. Proper planning for summer and winter for using fresh fuel and oil will help us troubleshoot any problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you start a Stihl BR 800?

Stihl BR 800 can be started with a simple three-step process. It has a semi-automatic choke lever and a one-touch stopwatch. With your dominant hand, pull the starter grip firmly until the engine starts.

What is the most powerful Stihl backpack blower?

Stihl has introduced the BR 700 as their most powerful backpack blower. It is best to clean up the heavy trash with efficient fuel, low emissions, and low operating costs.

Why is my Stihl blower not starting?

A number of reasons can be standing out behind for your Stihl blower is not starting. If you miss any step in starting the procedure, it may cause you to have trouble starting. A cold engine may be one of the causes. If it is not starting anyways, then you must show it to an expert.

Why is my Stihl blower not blowing hard?

Whenever your Stihl blower is not blowing as per your expectations, you need to check some devices such as fans, nuts, tubes, and impellers. Sometimes, debris or rocks can be stuck in fans or impellers. However, in some cases, nuts might come out loose, tubes could be missing or damaged.


Gardening is a great hobby, and it is fascinating to see the trees change the color of their leaves and convert them into new ones. But, as much as it is interesting, the possibility of messing up the garden or land so quickly is high.

For this reason, we need an excellent bowler like Stihl BR 800 to cope with this situation when Stihl BR 800 problems show up. It is undeniable to have a problem with this bowler, and by now, you know how to avoid the issues.

Happy gardening!

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