Redmax Blower Problems

Have issues with your leaf blower? Your Redmax leaf blower doesn’t give the performance like before? Don’t get stressed. We’ve got you.

However, this is another page about redmax blower problems that make you read long paragraphs after paragraph and doesn’t have a solution to your problems rather it’s trying to sell you a new blower. What a sellout!

Well, in this article, you’ll be redirected to a step-by-step guide to fix the issues with your Remax blower without having to pay the hardware guy for maintenance.

But first, let’s address our problems!

Redmax Blower Problems

First, have a glance on the most common problems that we got the users having in their talk while talking about the Redmax blower.

Common Blower ProblemsPossible Solutions
Would not startCarburetor repair/replacement
The fuel doesn’t go upClear the fuel tube, Carburetor repair/ replacement
Performance slowed downCheck for routine maintenance
The start switch is not workingCheck the throttle cable

As we can see, in maximum cases fixing the carburetor solves the maximum problems of redmax blower.

But how do you replace the carburetor? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you even if you’re completely new to this. Here’s how you can replace your carburetor:

Before You Start

First, let’s collect all the tools and materials we’ll be needing here. We will need a pair of protective gloves so that the fuel doesn’t get stick to your hands: the important one,

So, the total overview would be:

Skill level: Beginner

Total time: 15-20 mins

Total cost: $20-25 dollar for a carburetor

Fixing Steps for Redmax Blower Issues: Step By Step Instruction

Now that we’ve done enough brainstorming and have all the required tools let’s get started!

Let’s see the steps for removing the old carburetor:

Step-1: Ensuring Protection

Wear your protective glasses. Before going to further steps, remove the spark plug to avoid any unwanted sparks. A crucial task if you’re working with engines. It saves you from accidental starts and sparks.

Step-2: Loosen the Clamps

The next thing we’ll do is, loosen the hose clamps. That way, the air intake hoses can be moved freely out of the way.

Step-3: Remove the Gasket

After those are removed, we can easily remove the air mixture assembly. But make sure that you don’t damage this gasket so that you can use it again.

Step-4: Loosen the Carburetor Bolts

There are two bolts in the air mixture assembly. And these two bolts go all the way through the carburetor. Loosen them.

We’ve to remove 4 things from the carburetor. These two bolts, the throttle cable and the grounding wire. After detaching all these, the carburetor should come off. Remove it.

Step-5: Take out the Carburetor

Now take your new carburetor. Most of the carburetor doesn’t come with a new gasket. That’s why we have saved the old gasket, and we can use it as a temporary measure. You can replace it with a new one later.

Pro tip: Try to keep a new gasket handy. It saves your time and effort

Now, Steps for installing the new carburetor:

Step-1: Placing & Wiring the New Carburetor

Now put back the throttle cable and grounding wire in the new carburetor just like they were set in the old one. But put those bolts back with the air mixture assembly and reassemble everything.

Step-2: Install the Clamps

Once it’s reassembled, install the pressurization tube and connect the fuel feed or tube. Besides that, put some small clamps on them just to make sure that they don’t come loose.

Step-3: Recheck All the Settings

Few things to check here. First, if the throttle cable is moving freely. Secondly, that the air mixture control is moving freely, also, there should be no leaks in the tubes. And when you press the primer bulb, you’ll notice the fuel is being pressurized. That means everything is working properly.

Step-4: Test Your Blower

Finally, when everything is put back together, reconnect the spark plug wire. Start your blower. It should work now, perfectly fine!

Solutions for Redmax Backpack Blower Problems

If your backpack blower is not giving a performance like earlier and keeps constantly bogging down, it’s because of the lack of proper routine maintenance.

There are three components to check for maintenance: the air filter, spark plug, fuel filter. Also, check the throttle cable.

Things to Check When Redmax leaf blower will not start

If the carburetor dies or gets clogged, the leaf blower will not start. Therefore, changing or replacing the carburetor can fix this.

Follow the process mentioned above and get the new like performance back. Before that, check your throttle cable.

If the starting switch doesn’t have enough spring and response, it’s definitely the cable that has been damaged.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix my Redmax blower?

First, identify the problem. change the carburetor or check the spark wire plug or air filter. You can use our above-mentioned process to fix the problem.

Is RedMax a good leaf blower?

Redmax is probably THE BEST choice in the market. They have everything to ask for from handheld to backpack. They give a really good performance. It also feels quite lightweight and comfortable while using it. Many companies have tried to come up with the same Redmax features. But somehow didn’t match up the level.

Is RedMax a good brand?

Redmax is the most popular and sought-after brand in the case of blowers. It’s because of their customer satisfaction. They offer different styles of blowers according to consumer demand. Also, they have won multiple achievement awards due to their high product quality.


Getting the right leaf blower that just fits right, is comfortable to use, and is also in your price range is quite rare to find. And when your regular used blower shows problems, especially when you’re a professional, it is just disheartening. Therefore, we’ve provided detailed procedures to fix your redmax blower problems.

You can easily get this work done even you follow the steps properly. And don’t forget to disconnect the blower before starting the work.

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