Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Won't Start

It is common for an old mower to stop running out of the blue for a faulty engine and fuel chamber. But the same is abnormal with a new Troy Bilt lawn mower. There are many cases where the newly bought lawnmower moves well on the first day, but ironically it is not starting at all the very next day. Now the question is, why your troy bilt lawn mower won’t start?

There can be many reasons, such as misplaced drive belt, clogged carburetor, loosen sprat, clogged air filter, lack of proper connection between the fuel chamber and the engine, lack of maintenance, etc.

Here in this troubleshooting guide, we will dig deeper into these problems and give you the best practical solution.

Why Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Won’t Start

Most of the lawnmower gives a hard time while starting the gadget. Frankly speaking, it costs a lot to get a new mower for the seasonal trimming. Moreover, we can assure you that the decision won’t be a smart one.

Regular maintenance and some basic knowledge of fixing a faulty piece will help your old lawn mower to serve for a few more years. So without any delay, let’s get to know the most common reason why your new troy bilt lawn mower won’t start.

Associated problemsBest possible solution
Clogged carburetorUse a mild carburetor cleaner to clean the clogged carburetor
Loose and misplaced spark plugClean the spark and plug it in the correct position tightly
Dirty, clogged, and broken air filterClean air filter or replace
Bad fuelRefill new fuel
Loose battery and cable connectionReplace the battery and reconnect the new cables
Damaged ignition coilReplace the faulty ignition coil.

Problem-1: Clogged carburetor

A carburetor works by mixing the fuel and atmospheric air. This device mainly facilitates combustion inside the engine.

It easily gets clogged by the ethanol deposits and impurities of the fuel. So, if the carburetor is jammed your troy bilt riding mower won’t start.



Problem-2: loose and misplaced spark plug

There is a great possibility that your troy bilt lawn mower won’t start after sitting because of the loose and misplaced spark plug. Sometimes the plug gets damaged by repetitive use and excess deposition of carbon particles from combustion.



Problem-3: Dirty, clogged, and broken air filter

Have you ever thought about why your troy bilt lawn mower won’t start just clicks? Then try checking the air filter. A clogged air filter cannot filtrate the air. So, it hampers the process of combustion inside the internal engine.



Problem-4: Bad fuel

When did you last change your mower’s fuel? A troy bilt push mower won’t start when hot. Days old fuel or bad fuel is responsible for this overheating issue of the mower.



Problem-5: loose battery and cable connection

Batteries run out easily once their self-life is completed. But there is nothing to be perplexed about. Replacement batteries are available on Amazon, and other local stores. Instead of the worn-out battery, you should worry more about a loose cable connection.



Problem-6: Damaged ignition coil

Once you have tried all the above procedures, look for the damaged ignition coil. A damaged ignition coil fails to provide the spark plug with the necessary voltage to run. That is why the Troy bilt lawn mower won’t start after running.



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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you do when your troy bilt lawn mower won’t start?

If the mower does not start, you should start checking the air filter and fuel filter condition, clogged carburetor, damaged cables, worn-out batteries, etc., and solve the problems accordingly.

What is the first to check if a lawnmower won’t start?

The first thing you should check if your lawnmower is not starting is the safety stitch condition and damaged cables. Once it is done, proceed with the deep examination of the clogged carburetor, fuel, and air filter.

How do you troubleshoot a Troy bilt lawn mower?

If the problem is in starting the mower, you should start troubleshooting all the fuel and engine-related problems. But if the mower halts after running for a while, you should focus on the battery power consumption.

Final Verdict

Hope that you have got clear-cut ideas about why your troy bilt lawn mower won’t start. All the problems we mentioned above do not require any special engineering knowledge. If you are not confident enough, you can seek help from professionals.

But the tricky part is getting your mower wild in the lawn is finding suitable replacement parts. This won’t be an issue if you know your mower’s model number and brand. In any case, you can leave a text in the service care center of the Troy bilt lawn mower.

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