Commercial Mower Vs Residential

Honda commercial mower and residential is a common feud between different users all around the USA. Some say commercial mowers are better than residential mowers, and some say the opposite. In fact, some of the dealers who sell them might provide you with ideas that they think are true.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore as we have decided to help you figure out which one is best for your use.

Honda is a renowned brand, and they have a lot of great examples that are both very popular and user friendly. It is not hard work to understand which is best for you. So, stay tuned to get into the depth clarify.

Commercial Mower Vs Residential- Table Comparison

ComponentsCommercial MowerResidential Mower
TransmissionCruise Control (Hydrostatic)Variable Speed Fixed Gear Belt Clutch
Deck size21 in.21 in.
Discharge TypeStandard Bag, Optional Side Discharge3 in 1: Mulch, Bag, Discharge
Wheel Size9 in. Nexite8 in. Plastic, Rubber

Honda Residential & Commercial Mower- At a Glance

You can understand by the name as it is meant for those who will use it for home use. So, it does not require too many specifications and doesn’t need extra features that are needed for factory or commercial use.

These ones are strong in performance and also have a very good engine. You can run them on your own, and it is fairly easy to push. No physical strength is needed as it can go at various speeds. You can rely on a residential lawn mower as you don’t have to clean your lawn every day. So, for liberal use, a Honda residential lawnmower is enough.

Here Are the Top 2 Honda Residential Lawnmowers

Moreover, it is better for household purposes as it is much easier to control or handle. It comes with an easy process of connecting the bag and cleaning the machine.

On the other hand, a commercial mower no matter what brand you use. You can get a lot of work done by it. A commercial mower has more stability and power than a regular residential mower. You can see the difference by just looking at the photos.

It has the abilities that very few mowers can do, so the power and price are always higher than local ones.

Moreover, starting from the build quality to the end product result is very good. A commercial lawn mower has the ability to run for longer hours until the work is done. The engine has strong components that can easily handle heavy use.

Here Are the Top Series of Honda Commercial Lawn Mowers

Starting from the initials to the tires to everything, there are changes and added features. It is more for those who intend to use it for bigger areas than a small household lawn.

Comparing Honda Residential Vs Commercial Mower

There is a very subtle difference between these two mowers. You can use both for everyday use. However, if you think of having the most suitable for you, we are here to help you understand the difference between these two using specific components.  

Build Quality

They have splendid body structures alongside steel frames. The frames, of course, provide better stability for honda mowers. Moreover, the quality of the plastic they use for the upper portion is strong.

In terms of the comparison, we think the commercial one is better than the residential one.

You can understand that something that is made for an entire golf course is obviously better than one for the household. Well, by no terms residential one is bad, that is also very good but in the sense of which one is better between two than the commercial ones with the build quality.

Blade Design

Both honda lawnmowers have high-quality blades. They are sharp, and they don’t get dull very easily. Both come with a Roto-Stop blade stop system. However, you will find the commercial one lasting better than the residential one in terms of usage.

 But in terms of smoothness, the residential one wins as it is made the way to provide more comfort to the user with good quality cuts. But in terms of heavy use, the commercial one will last longer. They come with twin blades with a micro-cut system. So, no lacking on both terms.

Cutting Performance

If you compare the cutting performance of the honda residential vs commercial mower, then both are on the same level. They all provide precise cuts and will not let you down after heavy usage.

Maintenance Difference

There is nothing different between the maintenance of the honda mowers. If you are using it regularly, then there would be no complications.

Just clean the dirty blade using the instructions from the user manual. If you are finding complications, you can always contact us to get advice from professionals.

Though there are minimal differences between the mowers, we do suggest you regularly clean the residential one as it will get used less than the commercial one. But if you have the commercial one for household purposes, you have to clean it after using it as it can affect the cutting ability of the mower.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between a commercial and residential zero-turn?

The commercial one is superior to the residential one as it can run for 2 to 20 times a day on average 12 hours. But on the other hand, a residential one can only run 2 to 3 times a week and only 6 hours. So, the commercial one is superior.

How much does a Honda commercial lawn mower cost?

Commercial lawn mowers are costlier than regular residential ones. In the case of Honda Commercial Lawn Mower parts and durability, it costs 1349$.

Do I need a commercial or residential mower?

It really depends on what type of work you want to do. If you have a mansion that needs 7 days of attention for the lawn, you should get a commercial mower. However, if you have an average-sized lawn, there is no need for high-priced lawn mowers like commercial ones. Residential ones are enough for regular usage.

Who Wins the Mowing Race?

No one wins in terms of performance as both have unique traits and are very good at their performance. But, if you compare the compatibility, then we would suggest the commercial one. It is because the commercial one has some extra features that you will not find with the residential one. Moreover, the engine is much more durable, and the wheels are also better.

You cannot divide both of them because of their nature of work. Everything from the build quality to cutting ability to performance to every component is admirable. But in terms of Honda commercial mower vs residential, we would suggest the commercial one over the residential one.

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