Who Makes Gravely Engines

Who makes Gravely engines? What are the specialties? Get all your answers in this article. Gravely is one of the leading brands producing lawn mowers and tractors that have a long history of tractor production since 1876. In the year of 1962, the Ariens Co purchased Gravely and started providing the Gravely products together.

But the fact is, Gravely or Ariens Co does not manufacture the engines for their own tractors or lawnmowers. Even Benjamin, Gravely himself, started making his tractors using the Indian motorbike engines.

So, who produces engines for Gravely tractors and lawn mowers?

Let’s find out and talk about their specifications and many more. Don’t miss a part, or you’ll never know what you’re missing, right!

Who Makes Gravely Engines

Some leading brands that actively manufacture gravely engines for Gravely lawn mowers are Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Subaru, Yamaha, Hydro-Gear, and Loncin.

Among them, Yamaha is a Japanese brand trusted for their motor manufacturing for ages. And we will give a short brief on their Gravely engines.

Gravely Engines by Yamaha

Yamaha has undertaken years of research to develop newer models of Gravely engines, and their latest arrivals are the MX775V-EFI, MX800V-EFI, and MX825V-EFI Gravely engines. All the engines were introduced in the year 2016, closely working with Gravely.

The MX775V-EFI includes 29 HP, and the MX825V-EFI is of 33 HP. Both are aimed for the Gravely Pro-turn 200 and 400 lines. A Gravely ZTR mower with a Yamaha EFL engine starts at a price of $11,899.

Gravely Engine Specifications

Here we have the specifications and details for Gravely 764 cc engine

Engine Type 4 Stroke V-Twin Cylinder, OHV
Power764 CC
Bore x Stroke80 mm X 76 mm
Gross Power26.5HP* / 3600RPM
Idle Speed3600 +/- 100
PTO Shaft RotationCCW (from the PTO side)
Ignition SystemFlywheel magneto transistor type
Starting SystemElectric-start
Lubrication SystemPressurized
Governor SystemMechanical
Air CleanerTwo-stage canister filtration
Oil Capacity2.0L
Warranty4 year 750 hour

Here are the Gravely Pro-Turn 660 specifications

TiresFront: Smooth 15 x 6-6 Semi-Pneumatic; Rear: Radial Turf 26 x 12-16
Engine BrandKawasaki FX1000
Displacement / Speed (cc)999
Fuel Capacity (gal)12.7
Engine Size (hp)38.5
Drive SystemParker HTG
Warranty5 year / 1500 hour commercial/mo hour limit first 2 years
Product Weight (lbs.)1631
Model Number992503
Cutting / Clearing Width (In)60

Also, the Specifications for Gravely Pro-Turn 52

Length (in.)78.5″
Width (in.)67.75″
Without Chute55.5″
Height (in.)68″
Weight (lbs.)936 lbs.
Engine BrandKawasaki FS691V
Power23 HP
Fuel Capacity6 gallons

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes Gravely branded engines?

Several renowned brands that make Gravely branded engines. Among them, there are Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Kawasaki, Subaru, Yamaha, Hydro-Gear, and Loncin.

Is Gravely and Ariens the same?

Yes! In the year of 1962, the Ariens Co, purchased Gravely and started providing the Gravely products together.

Where are Gravely engines made?

Gravely is an American brand founded by Benjamin Gravely at Brillion, East-Central Wisconsin.


Up to this far, we have discussed the brands who make Gravely engines, different models of gravely engines, and their specifications. We have also talked about the lawnmowers just to give you a thorough idea.

The Gravely tractors are Who Makes Bunton Mowers | Updated Info on This Famous Brandknow faces among their users all over the world. You can find many more brands offering these tractor-specific engines and their detailed specifications available online and on the Gravely US official website.

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