Who Makes Cub Cadet String Trimmers

“I want to host a grand party with my friends and colleagues as I have a big lawn. But can’t arrange one as the lawn is full of large wild weeds and grass. Then what is the use of this lawn?” – sighed George.

Well, there are many like George out there who don’t know how to manicure the garden bed perfectly.

Let us introduce you to cub gadget string trimmers that promise clear-cut performance.

Now the question is who makes cub cadet string trimmers?

We will find this answer in the next section.

Who Makes Cub Cadet String Trimmers?

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Well, the answer is the Cub Cadet String trimmer’s engine manufacturer is shirburu or Shibaru. This company also makes products for Stihl also. 

Cub Cadet is known as a USA company which is producing different equipment like garden and lawn tools, outdoor gears, and much more.

The journey of the cub cadet starts in 1960. Then it was known as IH Cub Cadet and it was working as an international harvester. The brand was working in building small tractors with different parts from older tractors.

For financial problems, in 1981, the IH cub cadet was the only cub cadet as it was sold to MTD company with all the rights. Since then, it is producing different garden tools and lawn equipment.

The first cub cadet product was introduced to the market in 1961.

The question who makes cub cadet trimmers is now known.

Are Cub Cadet Weed Eaters Good?

Before answering this question, at first, you have to know who makes cub cadet weed eaters.

Cub cadet is popular for manufacturing different weed eaters like the walk behind trimmers and handheld weed eaters. These machine promises powerful performance to trim unwanted weeds and grass.

As for cub cadet weed eaters, the machine is one of the most powerful trimmers among the ones in the market.

When you need to use the machine – fold up the machine handle, set the required position, and feed the machine oil and gas. The machine is ready to eat the weeds.

You can pick up a handheld or walk-behind trimmer based on the lawn size. Don’t worry about the performance as each one promises a clean lawn in no time. For the shaft design, the trimming gets smoother.

The best part is the cub cadet weed eater attachments, especially the air filter, carburetor, cutting head, and spark plugs – the trimming performance gets improved a lot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Cub Cadet trimmers made?

cub cadet trimmers are made in the USA. The company is founded in 1960, and the headquarters are situated in Ohio and Cleveland.

Are cordless trimmers any good?

if you have a small lawn with light weeds and grass, then a cordless trimmer is enough for you. You cannot use the cordless trimmer in a big lawn with thick weeds for the lack of power and force.

What’s the difference between an edger and a trimmer?

the difference between a trimmer and an edger is in maintaining the borderline of your garden. With an edger cutting edges and making boundary lines is easy. To maintain the lines you will need a trimmer.


To maintain a lawn, you need a good string trimmer to keep it neat and clean. If you are new to the trimmer, you will get suggestions to use the cub cadet one.

As you are new to the product, the question may arise who makes cub cadet string trimmers? We think you have already got your answer. This brand is highly recommended as it promises high-quality performance with neat results.

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