Stihl 500i Problems

One of the most common Stihl 500i problems is that the cutter wheel does not work properly. Does your Stihl 500i have a problem?

It is very risky to work with chainsaw issues within the machine. In times of camping or doing professional work, any type of problem with chainsaws is very troublesome.

However, solving these common problems is not that hard if the issues are known beforehand. Try to read the whole article at once. Even a beginner would understand these problems with a bit of concentration and fix it easily.

Stihl 500i Problems

Usually, many Stihl 500i users have faced these common issues. A small table is created below to identify the Stihl 500i issues and their possible reasons. Such as:

Common ProblemsPossible Reasons
Hot StartEngine Issue
Cutter Wheel StopsDamaged Clutch parts
Loud NoiseBroken Ball Bearing & Clutch
Slow WheelsThrottle Jammed
Leakage In SystemDamaged O-Ring
Wheel Dry upClogged Manifold, Nozzles, control panel & solenoid valve
No Water SupplySolenoid Valve & Water Nozzle damage

Stihl 500i is indeed the best chainsaw to use. But everything has some drawbacks. Stihl 500i users commonly had faced these stated problems while using the equipment for a long time. We have described the reasons for the Stihl 500i issues and their solutions.

Hot Start

Stihl 500i starting problems are commonly seen while using. Hot starts may happen when the engine has issues. The engine parts might have stretched out, which needs to be replaced.

 But at first, restart the machine and observe. If the machine still has a hot start, it’s better to fix it with the help of a professional.

Cutter Wheel Stops

Cutter wheel stops because of underload. When clutch shoes and drums have been damaged the rotation of the cutter wheel stops completely. However, loose poly V-belt might be another reason for the cutter wheel to stop.

After determining the damage of the clutch shoe and drum, directly replace the parts with new ones. Then tighten up the poly V-belt carefully.

Loud Noise

Strange loud noise can be heard from Stihl 500i. Loud sounds can come because of a broken ball bearing & clutch. Clutch springs can wear out because of heavy use.

 Holder and whole clutch parts broken can also cause loud sounds. Loud noise is usually a common issue among Stihl ts500i problems. To fix it, replace the broken parts gently.

Slow Wheels

 It’s impossible to cut wood with slow wheels. The cutting wheel can rotate slowly when the throttle is jammed. Throttle cable, trigger, and shutter play an important part in fast wheel rotation.

 So, check the damage or jammed parts in the throttle to confirm the problematic area. Cleaning the throttle cable and trigger will remove the stiffness to fix the wheels.

Leakage In System

 There can be water leakage in the system of Stihl 500i. It can happen due to a damaged O-ring. Also, water attachment seals can wear out for heavy usage. Water hose clips can open up, which also makes water leakage.

To stop water leakage in the system, replace damaged water seals and O-ring. Then check for hose clips and change them with a new one. You can also change the whole water attachment system if too many parts are damaged.

Wheels Dry Up

Water keeps flowing in the chainsaw for a smoother cut along with the cutting wheel. Wheels can dry up, which are seen commonly in Stihl ms500i issues. Wheels dry up because of clogged manifolds, water nozzles, control panel, and solenoid valve.

Another big reason is the damaged water hose. Check for clogged manifolds, control panel, solenoid valve, and water nozzles one by one. After determining the issue, clean every part and replace the damaged parts.

No Water Supply

 Water supply is essential in Stihl 500i for reaching up to the cutting wheels. The supply of water stops when the solenoid valve and control panel wears out. Dirt built-in banjo screws might also stop the water supply.

 Test the solenoid valve and control panel to detect the damaged part. Replace them with new parts. Also, make sure to clean banjo screws for fixing the water supply problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Stihl 500i worth it?

Yes, the Stihl 500i is worth it. It is quite unique and easy to use in comparison to old chainsaw models. Stihl 500i is famous for maintaining power to weight ratio. Because of its simple use, people are giving positive reviews on Stihl 500i. Also, the Stihl 500i is a very good chainsaw as it gives medium to high performance.

How many horsepowers is a Stihl 500i?

A Stihl 500i has a horsepower of 6.7 bhp. It is quite a powerful chainsaw with good performance. People that need a medium to high-performance chainsaws mostly use Stihl 500i.

How do I start a ts 500i?

To start a ts 500i first switch on start settings. However, the chainsaw needs to be primed first for about 10 to 15 times max. While working, if the machine is turned for a bit, it has to be primed again. Priming is done for holding the pressure for a long time.


In conclusion, we would suggest you identify Stihl 500i problems before taking the next step. Chainsaws are a risky piece of equipment so try not to repair them.

If you can’t repair it at home just take help from professionals. Even if the cutter wheel rotation is stopped or slowly moving, don’t touch the blades with your bare hand.

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