Bahia Grass Pros And Cons

Are you aware of Bahia grass has pros and cons? The most basic Bahia grass pros and cons is in the color of the grass. Light green lovers would love Bahia grass, and dark green grass wanters would hate Bahia grass for lawn.

Based on some user experience analysis, we can certainly help you in explaining the pros and cons. But remember, every grass has some benefits and drawbacks too. Just make sure to prioritize the list of your pros for choosing the perfect grass.

In this article, we would explain each important benefit and disadvantage of Bahia grass with points. So make sure to read from top to bottom properly.

Bahia Grass Pros And Cons

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Bahia grass is amazing grass to use on the lawn. But like the scenario of the other side of the coin, Bahia grass also possesses some drawbacks.

Advantages/Pros Of Bahia Grass

So, commence with the benefits first to ensure it is suitable for your lawn or not.

Low Maintenance

Bahia grass needs really low maintenance. For people who are busy and don’t have the time to take care of their lawn, Bahia grass are best for them. They also require less money compared to other lawn grass.

Requires Only Sunlight

Bahia grass only requires sunlight. They can easily handle extreme heat in summer. Most people in hotter countries prefer Bahia grass for the lawn because they don’t dry up in extremely hot temperatures. Most Southern states use Bahia grass due to its only sunlight requirement.

Drought Tolerant

Bahia grass is well known due to its drought tolerance ability. They contain a system of extensive roots, which make them drought resistant.

So, even if the lawn isn’t watered properly,it won’t easily die. People with busy schedules can save a lot of time planting Bahia grass.

Easy Plantation

You can easily plant this using seeds. Usually, it takes much time and hard work to use sod. But planting the Bahia grass with seed is comparatively much easier.

Also, it requires almost half less money than the laying sod. 

Light Green Pigmentation

Bahia is the best for people who need light green grass. Everybody has different tastes regarding the light or deep green pigmentation of grass.

Personally, we think Bahia grass light green pigmentation makes a lawn more attractive.

Fewer Insects

Every lawn owner is terrified of insects or worms entering their lawn. But with Bahia grass, this tension drops up to 90%.

Bahia grasses don’t attract insects easily. Also, they are not prolonged to any disease.

Disadvantage/Cons Of Bahia Grass

Now, lets’ find out the drawbacks that make people overlook this grass.

Uneven Appearance

The most common disadvantage of Bahia grass is its uneven appearance. Bahia grows really fast. But their uneven appearance can look ugly to a lot of people.

Besides, it gives a bumpy appearance from far away. Also, from a close-up view, some parts can have exposers.

Can’t Grow Well In Higher Ph

Bahia is extremely difficult to grow in higher Ph. Especially coastal areas are the worst places for them.

High ph soil has iron deficiency. So, the Bahia will become yellow in high ph soil.

Can’t Tolerate Shady Places

Bahia grasses can’t tolerate places with less sunlight. Shades, saltwater, and traffic are bad for the proper growth of Bahia grass.

So, it will easily die without proper open space and sunlight.

Strong Seed Stems

Bahia has really strong seed stems. Strong seed stems are huge drawbacks to lawn lovers. Because of their strong seed stems, they usually tear up mower blades. For cutting Bahia, mower blades need frequent sharpening.

Weed Encroachment

Not a major one, but Bahiaweed scatters around the whole lawn. As they grow in open space, their weed keeps encroaching around the whole area.

Not Good For Outdoor Activities

People with dogs or kids bahiagrass for lawn is the worst idea. Bahia is uneven and gets extremely long over time.

So, Bahia grass is not a good option if you like doing outdoor activities on your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do people not like Bahia grass?

People do not like Bahia grass because of the pigment. It’s not deep green in color compared to other grass. For lawns, people love to choose grass with the darkest pigment. Also, in summer, fall and spring, Bahia grass tends to have huge seedheads. So, many people don’t like Bahia grass.

Is Bahia grass good for lawns?

Yes, Bahia grass is good for lawns. They are the best if you want light-colored grass. Also, Bahia grass is incredibly heat-tolerant. It doesn’t even require too much water either.

Is Bahia grass good for Florida?

Yes, Bahia grass is good for Florida. In the summertime, people don’t have the time to take care of their lawns. Some have part-time jobs or go on vacation. Bahia grass is really low maintenance. They can tolerate heat and don’t require extra care and water. That’s why Bahia grass is good for Florida.

Which grass is better Bahia or St Augustine?

Among both, Bahia grass is better than St Augustine grass. Though Bahia grass has its cons, it has larger seedheads and is really light in color, but it doesn’t attract any disease. On the other side, St Augustine grass can really be immune to disease, making more insects come into your lawn. Especially St Augustine grass surrounded with bugs.


Don’t worry! There will be both pros and cons present to every grass you buy for your lawn. Before choosing Bahia grass, have complete attention to the Bahia grass pros and cons and importance to the list of your benefits, as well.

However, we would suggest you choose Bahia grass if you are lazy or don’t have time to take care of your lawn often.

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