Scag Freedom Z Problems

Scag freedom z is a lawnmower that everyone knows and loves to use for lawn maintenance. However, this strong lawnmower can also face problems. After all, it is a machine. If humans can make problems, then what to expect from a machine. But, one thing is for sure, as this lawn mower will not make you go out spending money because of it.

Scag freedom z problems are minor, and you can always fix those all by yourself. We do recommend you to learn properly and get a thorough knowledge about this mower. It will let you decide which will be the best and will also guide you while you work.

Scag Freedom Z problems

If you have ever used a lawnmower machine, you know there are many reasons for a lawnmower getting bad. There can be technical issues, or sometimes for external reasons, lawn mowers can go bad. However, here we have figured out the obvious reasons for scag freedom z complaints.

Here is a table that will let you know all the possible problems and solutions if scag freedom z. You should know that there are sometimes problems that only the manufacturer can fix, but this is no ordinary lawnmower. Those are:

Possible ProblemsPossible Solutions
Starting IssueCheck the spark plug
Steering IssueNeed to use a ratchet with an appropriate area
Blade not workingChange or sharpen the blades
Suddenly turning offChange the air filter and engine oil

These are the possible problems that can occur while you are working with your scag freedom z lawnmower. There are other issues as well, but those do not come very often and by the reviews of hundreds of users acknowledged these issues.

Starting Issue

If you are using a scag freedom z that has been in use for years, then it can be a common problem of yours. Scag freedom z starting problems happen when the engine gets aged, and the spark plugs become dull. Moreover, the maintenance also makes an impact on the starting issue.

If you find your lawn mower not starting, all you have to do is keep patience and take steps to solve it.


If you see scag freedom z not running or starting, first take out the upper cover and figure out where the spark plug is. There are lots of forums where people discuss these, so you will find it easily.

However, to make things easier, check the engine’s side and search for a fat cord attached to the engine. Follow that cord, and you will find the spark plug.

Use a range to spin the plug and then take it out. Check if the spark plug has any dirt on it. If there is corrosion or any kind of dirt, use sandpaper or anti-corrosion spray. Then clean the spark plug and place it again. If it does not start, then change the spark plug.

Check the wires and then start again. You will find your lawnmower running.

Steering Issue

If you are a lawnmower user, then there is no doubt you need to learn how to steer a mower first. However, it is not your fault if the steering does not work properly.

Sometimes, the balance of the steering wheel goes off. It causes hardship to control the lawnmower, and when the time comes, it can even cause an accident.

Due to heavy use, the balance of the steering wheel may become offset, and it can cause issues.


Well, the solution is not very complicated, but it does require a hefty amount of work. You will need a ratchet and a few other tools to fix the steering issue.

In between the handles, you will find a bolt. Take off the bolt using a range of screwdrivers. The steering handle will come off, and you will find a rod with a bearing.

Now, see if there are two screws on both sides of the handles.

Turn those screws to balance the handle. You can use a water scale to find the perfect balance. Tighten the screws in an orderly to fix it.

Balde not working

Having a blade issue with a lawnmower situate all over the world. You will find lots of queries all over the internet just about this particular issue.

There are various types of particles on the grass, and we don’t see them with bare eyes. Those particles, alongside grass and moisture, can make the blade dull and cause issues.

Moreover, small stones can cause the blade to go dull and there’s nothing to stop it.


You can solve this issue just by resharpening the blades or getting new blades. To do that process, you have to first un-attach all the parts that hold the blades. It includes a propeller panel and also the engine wire.

After unscrewing the entire body, you have to go to the section of the blade and see a lug nut or bolt attached in the middle of the blades.

Hold both sides and try to unscrew it using a range. When you are done detaching the blades, try to sharpen them, but we recommend you hire a professional or go to the hardware store where they know how to sharpen them.

If the blades are too bad, you can always replace them with new ones.

Suddenly Turning Off

This is a common issue on machines and for a lawnmower that works exactly like a vehicle. It can happen because of unchanged engine oils, loose wire connection, or spark plug issues that we have discussed before.

Sometimes, if the fuel line remains jammed, it can also cause the same issue. It can jam the fuel line and shut off the engine.


It is simple, change the engine oil at first and then check if the heating issue is gone. Then see if the wires are loose or not, they would probably tight them properly with needed accessories.

Check the fuel line and clear the pipe from the tank to the engine and also the pipe of the carburetor it will solve the issue.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How fast is a Scag Freedom Z?

The forward ground speed of scag freedom z is 8 mph, and the reverse ground speed of scag is 5 mph.

Who makes SCAG?

The manufacturer of scag is Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc, and they are the ones who do all the processing.

Is Scag better than exmark?

Well, scag is not better but not bad either. Both of them are very similar and have the potential of being good-quality lawnmowers.

How much does a Scag Freedom Z cost?

The latest version of scag freedom z may cost you upto 5800$ with all the accessories.


Various issues can appear while using a lawnmower change, but you were worried about scag freedom z problems, and we think you can get an idea on what are the possible problems and solutions. We have mentioned all the common issues that users have shared so far.

Moreover, we have also provided information that will help you to solve the issues if you ever face them. What you have to do is follow each step we mentioned. Do keep in mind to always take safety measures before working on it. Scag freedom z steering problems can be a major issue that we think you should consult with a technician.

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