Scotts Wizz Spreader Not Working

What if Scotts Wizz spreader not working while you are ready to spread those seeds? Maybe it’s not working for any clogged part, battery problem, or issue in the spinner. These are easy to figure out.

A green lawn means enjoying an eye-soothing view from your couch with a hot coffee in the morning. Fascinating right? Well, it is not impossible to make it if you have a small lawn. For this, you can try a seed spreader like the famous Scotts Wizz spreader as it is simple to use.

But some troubleshooting steps you must keep in mind to avoid sudden interruptions.

Know Why Scotts Wizz Spreader Not Working

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With a Scotts Wizz handheld spreader, weeding, seeding, and nourishing a lawn becomefast and straightforward. The Scotts Wizz handheld spreader settings are user-friendly, and anyone can use it any time.

In this section, we have made a compact table that comes with possible reasons and fixing solutions for the handheld lawn spreader.

Wheel spinner not spinningA. Fixing the cotter key or pin
B. Lubricate the gearbox
C. Replacing the spinner key
D. Checking wire connection of the driver motor
Not startingChange the batteries
Not producing enough powerReplacing batteries often
Clogging and jamming in every usePull out the guard attachment for a better experience
Dead after not usingUnplug and again plug the wires back. works all the time

From the newbie to a regular user can find here the ways to fix the handheld lawn spreader in no time.

Let’s commence the fixing game.

The spinner not spinning

This problem is a common complaint among users. You may face this incident anytime, so the seeds will not have to wait long to get on the lawn if you know the fixing process.

To fix the spinner, you have to follow the given steps below:

Step: 1

When the spinner wheels don’t work, you have to check whether the cotter pin or key is broken or missing from the machine. If you detect any of the problems, replace the key or pin and start working again.

Step: 2

If the pin or key has no problem, then you have to check the gearbox as it has an issue or not. After frequent use, the gearbox can get clogged or locked with fertilizers, seeds, or salt after frequent use. Sometimes it needs some lubricants to speed up the mechanism.

Open the seed spreader and detach the gearbox to see whether it is clogged up with components or there are any broken parts inside.  You can fix the problems or get a new gearbox if required.

Step: 3

You have to check the cotter pin attached to the gearbox shaft that keeps the shaft and spinner stay together. If you find the pin broken or missing, the spinner will obviously not spin. Check whether the pin needs replacement or not.

Step: 4

As the spreader runs with a motor, it also needs to be checked. When the spinner stops working, check the wire connections of the motor whether they are damaged or unplugged.

Step: 5

When all the parts are working perfectly but still not producing enough power, you have to check the batteries. You may have to replace the batteries often to run the Scotts Wizz spreader.

Step: 6

You can pull out the guard attachment to stop the frequent clogging or stopping issue. It will work smoothly as there will be no clogging issue.

Step: 7

Sometimes you may face the common frustrating issue: the handheld spreader not starting. you may have to look for new batteries at this point.

Step: 8

When you are struggling to start over the spreader again after a long time, you might end up with a dead spreader. Open up the whole machine and check every single setting. If you find nothing wrong, unplug all the motor’s wire connections, then plug them again. This trick works all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use the Scotts Wizz spreader?

Fill the spreader with enough seed or fertilizer. Then set the required settings by turning the orange dial. Now pull the trigger and start walking to spread in your lawn.

What setting should my spreader be on?

The Scotts Wizz handheld spreader comes with 1 to 20 scale. You have to set it at 15 as you have to open up to ¾ of it while working. You can add eight pounds of milorganite to the hopper in this setting.

How many pounds does Scotts Wizz hold?

The Scotts Wizz broadcast hand spreader can hold up to 6.25 lb, and the Scotts handheld spreader can hold 2lb.

What setting for Scotts handheld spreader?

You have to use different settings for different seeds, like:
Setting 1 is for the fine grass seeds like fescue, rye, blue and fine. Next, 2 is for coarser seeds, for example, tall fescue. Then, 3 is for light fertilizer like Scotts. After that, setting 4 is for heavy fertilizer. And lastly, 5 is for ice melting products and pelletized fertilizer.


By using the Scotts Wizz spreader, you can handle a large amount of fertilizer easily, and it assures an even spread only by walking on the lawn.

Most of the lawn owners are now getting this seed spreader for this easy using capability. Even this Scotts Wizz spreader not working while it is engaged, there are easy solutions to make it work again.

In this helpful guide, I think I have covered all the possible problems with solutions that a Wizz owner may face while using. If you have a lawn, turn it in a green one by using this spreader. It is worth one to use.

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