Roundup has various weed killers, which might make it decide pretty lingering which one to choose. So, we are here with this Roundup comparison chart that explains the uses for each of them. So, stick till the end to find the best usage for each.

So, before using any Roundup products, check out our comparison chart with details of each Roundup product.

Roundup Comparison Chart: Discussion About The Various Products

Maintaining a garden requires various essential components. Among them, it includes weed killers, concentrates, and such. Roundup is a brand that provides you with some of the finest weed killers with specific functionality. To clear the confusion between the products, we will compare Roundup products.

Furthermore, reaching all the Roundup products will help you know their particular usage. Hence, you can use it on your lawn with maximum efficiency.

ConcernRoundup Weed and Grass Killer Ready to UseRoundup Precision GelRoundup for LawnRoundup Killer Super ConcentrateRoundup Killer Concentrate PlusRoundupPoison Ivy Killer PlusRoundup Max Control 365
Gravel, Driveways, PatiosYesYesYesYesYesNoYes
Tree Rings & Mulch BedsYesYesNoYesYesNoNo
Poison Ivy & Woody BrushNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Foundations and FencesYesYesNoYesYesNoYes
Flower Beds & LandscapingYesYesNoYesYesNoNo
Vegetable GardenYesYesNoNoYesNoNo

[Ref: Roundup product picker tool chart]

Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Ready to Use

The following Roundup product is versatile in killing those annoying weeds popping up in your garden. In hardscape terrains like gravel, patios, and driveways, the weed and grass killer works very efficiently. So, get rid of those troublesome weeds appearing on your pavement.

Again, you can stop weeds from growing in the mulch beds and the tree rings in your garden by using the weed and grass killer. Stop worrying about the weeds stealing precious nutrients from the trees of your garden. The weed and grass killer will take care of that problem swiftly. Additionally, you can also protect your vegetable garden without damaging the harvest.

Meanwhile, using the Roundup grass killer is quite helpful for garden preparation. It stops the weeds from growing underneath. As a result, it protects the beauty of your garden when it finally blooms. Weeds growing on your foundations and fence can be an eyesore. However, you can eliminate that problem by using Roundup weed killer.

Nevertheless, remember that you cannot use this directly on your lawn to kill clovers and dollar weeds. We recommend you avoid using it directly on the property. Also, it doesn’t work against poison ivy or toxic weeds of a similar kind. So, avoid using it on poison ivies and such.

Lastly, the Roundup weed and grass killer is rainproof for about ten minutes. For visible results, you have to wait for at least 3 hours. While for replanting, you have to use it after 1 to 3 days.

Roundup Precision Gel

The Roundup Precision Gel offers precisely what the weed and grass killers offer. However, there is some exception that brings up a topic of a direct comparison between the two. The precision gel works great against weeds in hardscapes, foundations, fences, flower and mulch beds, vegetable gardens, and tree rings.

Similarly, it’s not suitable for applying directly on your lawn and doesn’t work against toxic weeds. The replant timing is also the same.

Now, let’s talk about the actual comparison between the two products. The precision gel is rainproof for 2 hours, while the grass and weed killer is for only 10 minutes.

But you might have to wait for more for a visible result for the precision gel because it takes about 6 hours to see the effect, while for the previous product, it takes only 3 hours.

Roundup for Lawn

A clean lawn with clear grasses can reflect the beauty very accurately. However, weeds can be an uninvited guest to that lawn. Therefore, it will ruin the beauty of your garden. Don’t worry, as the Roundup for lawn is to the rescue. The Roundup for lawns is explicitly designed for yards. That’s why you won’t see the best output in flower beds, hardscape terrains, and such like the precision gel or the weed and grass killer.

While using this Roundup product on your lawn, you can kill all the pesty weeds and clovers without harming the property. So, you can maximize the use of this product to get rid of the weeds without worrying about any additional damage to the garden.

Additionally, it’s rainproof for 4 hours. But for a visible result, you must wait for two to three days. Well, three days is the maximum you have to wait for the results. Remember, this product is only for lawns so it won’t work against poison ivy.

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Roundup Killer Super Concentrate

The Roundup Super Concentrate works excellently in specific environments of your garden. Firstly, it can remove the weeds in your driveway and gravel terrain. Furthermore, for preparing flower beds, you can use the concentrate super. Notice those weeds popping out from your vegetable garden? Then use this Roundup product to remove the hassle and keep your vegetable garden free from weeds.

Correspondingly like the precision gel and the weed killer, the super concentrate kills weeds in mulch beds, trees, and fences.

There are three versions of the Roundup concentrate:

There are things to consider in a direct comparison of the Roundup Super Concentrate vs Roundup Pro. The Super Concentrate has a lower use rate than a consumer label. Meanwhile, the Concentrate Pro has a higher use rate than a professional title. So, it mainly depends on the usage and purpose.

However, it doesn’t work in lawn grasses and cannot kill poison ivies. The Super Concentrate can withstand rain for up to 30 minutes. Again, you must wait up to 2 days at maximum to see results. It takes two to four days when replanting.

Roundup Killer Concentrate Plus

Similarly, like the Super Concentrate, the Concentrate Plus works with minor exceptions. It works efficiently in rugged terrains like pavements and such. Moreover, you can use it in garden preparation for flower beds, trees, and mulch beddings. The exception is you cannot use it for your vegetable garden as it may harm your harvest.

On the contrary, you can see the results in about 12 hours. Meanwhile, the rainproof timing is the same as the Super Concentrate, around thirty minutes. To conclude, it doesn’t kill poison ivy and doesn’t work in lawn grasses.

Roundup Poison Ivy Killer Plus

Sometimes you might notice some harsh and toxic weeds in your garden. These very components prove to be an obstacle when maintaining a lawn. Poison ivy can be irritating when you come in contact with them.

So, Roundup has a specific product for this scenario: the poison ivy killer. Are you noticing wild blackberries, sumac, kudzu, or poison oak? Then use the Poison Ivy Killer Plus to deal with these problems. It works efficiently, and you can clear your lawn from such intricate and toxic weeds.

In about 24 hours, you will see that all the toxic weeds are not threatening your garden. Also, it can resist rain for up to thirty minutes. In the case of replanting, it’s thirty days.

Roundup Max Control 365

At times you will notice that in hardscape structures, there are weeds. It can damage that surface and looks unpleasant as well. So Roundup has a product that works great in such scenarios. If you want your fence and foundations weed-free, the Max Control 365 is the best option. Furthermore, it also works on gravel and roadway very efficiently. So, no more pesty weeds ruining the beauty of your gardens.

Remember, this product only works for hardscape environments. It’s not designed to work against flower beds, lawn grass, and such. When it rains, it can withstand that for up to thirty minutes. However, if you want to see the outcome, you must wait twelve hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Roundup is strongest?

Among the various Roundup products, the Super Concentrate is the most robust. It works against large areas and heavy weed infestations.

What is the difference between Roundup and Roundup Pro?

The Roundup Pro has a professional label, while the Roundup has a consumer label.

Are there different grades of Roundup?

Yes, there are different grades of Roundup. They are determined by a color code which is blue, red, and yellow.

Is all Roundup the same?

No, not all the Roundup is the same. Make sure to follow the label and know the proper usage.


In the above, we discussed various Roundup products and made a direct comparison with each other. Each Roundup product has a specific use you must follow to get the best results. We included a detailed Roundup comparison chart to clarify your confusion about its usefulness. Not all products have the same target. Make sure to follow the label of the Roundup product before you decide to use it.

Also, the rainproofing and the output time differs from each other. Do you need a Roundup product for your hardscape environment? Use the 365. Do you need to kill toxic weeds? Use the Poison Ivy Plus.

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