If you are regular in the marketplace, you must have heard Kubota zero turn mower’s name lower. It is worth the investment, given that this beast appliance is made of high-quality materials and customized with adroit craftsmanship.

Zero-turn mowers are ideal for yards. It can range from 12 acres of land and few hills. A lawn mower is a prerequisite for mowing the yards properly. The market offers a wide range of products that cannot be trusted wholly.

The stunning ergonomics enable a passenger to suit themselves into different sizes and shapes. Kubota Z724 ensures productivity as well as high durability. Kubota has marked its position in the industry as a top-notch lawn mower. Without any further ado, let’s get into the topic to demonstrate if they are quietly worth the investment.

Key Features of Kubota Z724

  • Engine power has a range from 22.5hp to 29.5hp
  • The maximum forward speed of 11.2mph
  • Maximum reverse speed of 5.6mph
  • Four-stroke. Air-cooled engine type
  • It runs on gasoline
  • 83.00mm x 69.00mm of Bore and stroke
  • Two Attached cylinder with the engine
  • The fuel tank can hold up to 44.0 liters.
  • Comfortable sitting
  • 130 mm pf ground clearance
  • Two-post foldable ROPS cabin type


Kubota is nowadays dominating the market over the Scag Turf Tiger. Kubota Z700, especially the Z724 series, can be compared to this very popular model of lawn mower, considering all aspects of Kubota’s Z700 mower series. Kubota Z724 has more alluring features than that of Scag Tiger.

Besides, the Z724 series brings out more features that can distinguish it from other products in the saturated market.

Here are some used Lawnmower

In this article, we have done comprehensive market research about mown lower. We have determined and described some of the key features of Kubota Z724. Let’s have a quick look into that:


The unused control board is so ergonomic that you can reach almost anything with a squint of an eye. Yet another feature of Kubota that contributes to the convenience of their models. Ease of maintenance is another key feature of Kubota Z724; due to different cutting widths as well as power requirements of an engine, Kubota has different power ratings for not only the Z700 series but also the Z724 one.

Mower Desk

Kubota ensures a clean cut at any time. The appliances have got a 6-inch-deep deck and anti-scalp rollers. Z724 also comes in three-deck sizes. Kubota ensures the most efficient mowing in the yard. So, it will be a fair judgment to select Kubota Z724

It offers a lot of advantages that can make you more attracted to this product,

Parking Brake

Kubota Z724 has recently introduced its unique parking brake in its newest models, which makes it stand out from most of the mower models out there. It is very convenient to use as the passenger can use a hands-free approach. It is another milestone that the operator/passenger does not need to use their hands to engage the parking brake. This feature is the latest addition to Kubota Z724. It allows the passenger to focus on other things while using their foot to maneuver it as needed.

Cut Quality

In this Z72 Lawn Mower, you get your own preferences of cutting decks and measuring widths of 48, 54, and 60 inches. The choice of cutting deck varies from the needs of the customers. The customers prefer their lawn to be in a compatible shape according to their choices. A factor should be kept in mind that, whether you are purchasing a lawn mower, you should be cautious about the fact that which engine will mostly suit your expectations. But for units under this category, more than one engine type can be chosen by the consumers. The whole series has a speed range of from 22.5hp to 29.5hp. It varies for the differences in cutting width and power requirements.


There are different methods of cutting, and according to that, Kubota has introduced different power ratings for the Z700 units. Kubota Z724 features a Kawasaki Engine and Kohler engine depending on the model and customer satisfaction. There are also engines available for the Kubota Z700 series. They are Z723, Z724, Z725, Z726, Z751, Z781. All of these engine models have different cutting decks as well as different horsepower depending on people’s choices.

Adjustable Pedals

Their adjustable pedals are included in the Kubota Z724 to avoid uncomfortable encounters caused by the heights of operators. These adjustable pedals are basically levers that can be used for the operator’s height. This outstanding feature will enable you to fit the height so that you do not need to reach too far to cramp your legs for operating the pedals. Most of the tractors in the market lack this feature. Hence, the customer always finds it difficult to choose a suitable tractor based on the pedal adjustment.

Wide Platform

People with different heights most of the time feel uncomfortable with legroom issues. In the Kubota Z700 series, especially Z724, there is enough legroom. It makes it convenient to use the lawn mower.

Foldable ROPS

ROPS is generally known as A rollover protection structure. It is a system or structure manufactured for protecting operators and monitors from injuries caused by vehicle rollover and overturns. In the event of a rollover, a ROPS consists of bars attached to the frame that maintain a space for the operator’s body. As Kubota ensures safety before anything else, it comes with foldable ROPS.

Ease of Maintenance

With the open engine compartment design, Kubota maintains its errands without any hassle. This design enables the engine to access all the vital components. For this reason, emergency things will be easier to look into. Easy access to the battery is also ensured with that.


Most of the tractors, especially Kubota Z724, are made of strong steel. It is easy to maintain and retain a stable performance. The addition of a lift kit attachment makes routine maintenance even easier for the operators.


Kubota Z724 ensures utmost comfort. With more legroom, a wide operator platform reduces the fatigue of an operator. The adjustable seat makes a fine addition to comfort. An additional cup holder is one of the features of Kubota Z724 that keeps the operator hydrated while working with the mower.


The featured ROPS ensures the mower stays on the ground. You will also get a seat belt, and the low center of gravity ensures top-notch performance altogether.

Our Verdict

After evaluating all the features, Kubota Z724 is worth the money. Their safety measures, comfort, operations, and the handsome price will surely catch your attention.

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