If you are thinking of buying zero turn mowers but stuck with the budget, you may try the used one. Although a used mower may not give you a great performance, it will be good enough for your personal use.

Nevertheless, mowing the lawn with a zero turn mower is an efficient method which takes less time than mowing it with a lawn tractor. Compared to other lawn mowers, this one’s turning radius is zero degrees or zero inches. Because of this, it is able to move through narrow areas as well as it can  turn to directions quickly. This is reflected in its price, which is rather high considering its efficiency.

However, you can also purchase used zero turn mowers at a considerable price. Used zero turn mowers containing good-quality engines can be ideal for  mowing lawns quickly and effectively without costing you much money. That is why we are going to give you a complete guide to buying and using used zero-turn lawn mowers under 1500 Dollars in this article.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Used Zero Turn Mowers $1500

There are some things to consider before buying a used zero-turn mower, regardless of whether you have residential or commercial needs. Below are some tips to help you choose the best zero-turn mower for your lawn care needs.

1. Specifications

Specifications of a zero turn mower will give you an overall idea about the lawn mower. You will be able to know all the features it has and the year it was made. That is how you would not end up buying a really old ZT lawn mower that will hardly last a year.

2. Engine Condition

Make sure the engine of the lawn mower you are buying is of a well known brand, such as Kawasaki, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, or Honda. If you need them fixed or replaced, you can easily get them fixed or replaced. These are long-lasting and durable engines. However, if the engines are not well known, a replacement might be hard to find.


Following the engine, the mower deck should be the second priority. Most people misuse the mower deck in zero-turn mowers. By running the mower on rock or other hard debris, the cutting blades or shafts may be bent. The lawn mower will not cut the grass evenly if these components are damaged. Be sure to inspect the deck for any cracks. There is a slight possibility that you may need to pay more in the future for repairs if any of the problems occur.

4. Overall Condition of the parts

You should troubleshoot a used mower before buying to check if it is working all right or not. The condition of the deck, blades, mulching system, the air filter- al should be checked before buying. Because without checking thoroughly you might end up with a mower with broken parts. And that will cost you almost the same as buying a new mower. 

5. Reason of Selling

You need to ask the seller what the reason is for selling the mower. If it is because of some problems with the lawn mower then you should not buy it either under any circumstances. Because if you buy a problematic mower, you would not be able to use it for a long time and fixing it would cost you a lot.

6. Price

If you buy a used mower, the price should be reasonable. If you buy a used lawn mower at the price of a new one, there is no point in buying a used one. Some sellers do not charge a reasonable price for a used lawn mower, you should avoid those sellers and find one that offers you a zero turn lawn mower that is in a good condition in a reasonable price according to the   maneuverability.

What is the average life of a zero turn mower?

The average life of a zero turn mower lasts about 2000 hours. However, it might vary from brand to brand and how one treats it. If someone troubleshoots the mower regularly and repairs the damaged right after troubleshooting and the mower is on the run regularly, then the zero turn mower might last for more hours than the average life.

How much do zero turn mowers depreciate?

A zero turn mower usually depreciates 31% in the first year. This level might increase in the next few years after the first year of usage. Of course this might vary from different ZT lawn  mower brands. Iron Solutions’ Spring 2019 Outdoor Power Instrumentation Guide reveals over three hundred models from fourteen manufacturers for ZTRs from 2014 to 2018. On average, ZTRs depreciate 31% in the first year. In the following years, depreciation reaches a rate that will not induce vertigo, between 6% and 4%.

Here are some ZT mower’s first-year depreciation rates by manufacturers:

  • Cub Cadet – 29%
  • John Deere – 30%
  • Kubota – 30%
  • Simplicity – 31%
  • Gravely – 29%
  • Exmark – 30%
  • Hustler Excel – 30%

Used Zero turn Mower Price Guide 

Before buying a used zero turn lawn mower, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow. Firstly you must check the age of the mower. The original MSRP should be the starting point if the unit is less than seven years old. The average selling price of similar models in your area should be used if the mower is 7 or more years old.

As soon as you know the value, you can raise or lower the price. In light of the mower’s condition when you inspect it, you may need to make the following additions or alterations.

There are certain conditions of mowers which determine the price ratios of the lawn mower as follows:

Rarely Used Condition:

Usually in this condition the mower is good as new. It is an Excellent Condition to buy a used zero turn lawn mower. The value of the mower can be + 10% to 15% of the purchased price. In most cases, these used lawn mowers are in good working order and do not require any repairs. However, it is very rare to find a used lawn mower of this condition.

Generally Good Condition

In this condition the mower is not as good as new. It is a bit used but still working well. It is also called the Above average condition. In this condition, only the appearance has very minor cosmetic issues like- scratches. There are no mechanical issues, and the mower has been kept in good working order.

You will understand that necessary repairs have been made appropriately, and the mower has always been well maintained. However, this is also unusual to have such good maintenance.

Average Condition

you might find a mower of average condition where the mower was regularly used like a routine. It has begun to age and you will be able to tell by the appearance of the mower.  Used mowers of this type are typically in excellent mechanical condition and run great. A few small scratches or dings may be present, but these do not detract from the overall look. There will be no immediate need for service if you buy a mower of this condition.

Below Average condition

Below average condition is when the used Zero turn mower was a bit neglected from needed maintenance. Usually, this type of lawn mower runs well, but requires a few minor fixes or cosmetic corrections. The mower might show some evidence of unattended maintenance, but otherwise it appears to be working well. So, a few repairs will be necessary. Generally, this is a very common condition you will find when you are looking for used lawn mowers.

Generally poor condition

In the generally poor condition the lawn mower is badly worn. Mowers in this condition run okay but need moderate mechanical repair before regular use or need moderate cosmetic repair. If you buy a zero turn mower of generally poor condition then it might require moderate repairs. This is a very common condition when you will look for a zero turn mower to buy.

Rough Condition

Rough condition is usually the worst condition of a used lawn mower.  Here the zero turn mower runs very poorly and needs significant maintenance work. In addition, there are multiple mechanical shortcomings. By the appearance of the mower you will get that it has been abused and neglected for a long period of time. The air filter or deck might be broken in this condition. This is a common condition too but it is better not to buy a zero turn mower for this condition.

5 Used Zero Turn Mowers Under $1500

Zero Turn lawn mowers are quite expensive but it is not a useless thing. Many people need it but can not afford it for the high price. That is when buying a used lawn mower is the best option for them. Yard sales are popular for reselling broken or old lawn mowers.

Many people buy them cheaply and fix them. When it comes to buying an old zero turn mower, a yard sale might not be your best option if you want to get a lawn mower of good condition. Another option for buying a used lawn mower is looking for it online according to your desired price.

So, here are 5 best brands for used zero turn mowers under $1500  you can buy:

1. Great Dane Zero-turn Mower

Great Dane Zero-turn MowerGreat Dane Zero-turn Mower

Used lawn mowers under the Great Dane brand are very popular because they have the lowest prices. You will find them available in many online buying and selling pages. There are various sizes available from 41 inch to 61 inches ZT mowers. You will find 41 inches -42 inches in Kohler engines and for the 48 inches to 61 inches sized mowers, you will find the Kawasaki engine.

2. Exmark Zero Turn Mower

Exmark Zero Turn MowerExmark Zero Turn Mower

Exmark offers zero turn mowers with industry-leading ergonomics and a variety of cutting widths. The Exmark Quest is one of the best Zero Turn mower models of Exmark. It a great fit for homeowners looking to cut their lawns faster and easier. In addition to the cutting quality, durability, and value Exmark owners have come to expect from their zero-turn rider, the Quest E-Series.

The cutting deck sizes of this mower model are available from 42- or 50-inches. The Quest E-Series delivers pro-level productivity and precision, mowing up to 2.8 acres/hour at ground speeds of up to 7 mph. Additionally, the Quest E-Series is extremely comfortable and easy to operate thanks to its ergonomic operator seat and padded control handles.

3. 2014 John Deere Z235

2014 John Deere Z2352014 John Deere Z235

John Deere is one of the most popular lawn mower brands. This company also makes very good zero turn mowers. One of the best models of the John Deere is Z235 Zero Turn mower. It is powered by the Kawasaki engine. This model has a 42-inch edge cutting system that provides a precise, even cut with 1/4-inch cut height adjustment.

There are 18 positions for the control levers, each with dampeners to make it more comfortable. It provides a 7-mph ground speed for faster mowing, saving you a great deal of time. There is a large national network of lawn care dealers who support this zero turn lawn mower.

4. 2014 Craftsman

2014 Craftsman2014 Craftsman

The 42 inches deck Craftsman Zero Turn 2014 Model can be great even if this is a used zero turn mower model. They offer various sizes and mowers of various features which are excellent in quality and very comfortable to use. They have strong durability so it does not matter even if you get a used Craftsman Zero Turn lawn mower.

5. 2004 Dixie Chopper LT2000-50 

2004 Dixie Chopper LT2000-502004 Dixie Chopper LT2000-50

Dixie is another brand famous for the lowest price for used Zero turn lawn mowers. You will find various sizes and models of Dixie Chopper in many reputable online buying and selling pages and websites. These mowers have cutting decks of 72 inches sizes as well. And these ZT mowers are powered by Kawasaki engines which makes them so popular.

Final Words

This concludes our discussion of used zero turn mowers under $1500. You can find them very easily on any online site. Just make sure you follow these guidelines when buying a used mower. By now, you have probably figured out which zero-turn lawn mower is most convenient for you after reading all the features.  Different zero turn mowers have different specialties.

But if you want a used zero turn mower that is best overall we suggest you try the 2014 John Deere Z235  which provides you the best service within the best budget deal.

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