Kawasaki Fx801v Problems

Kawasaki fx801v problems are not too scary, but they are vital as there are a lot of lawn mower users in the USA. The common problem of the Kawasaki fx801v engine is oil leakage and engine heating issue. It may sound similar to all sorts of engines, but Kawasaki has received a lot of complaints, including replacement orders.

Kawasaki is a world-renowned brand, and its product is of high quality. Without a doubt, they are one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the entire world. However, not always they are in perfect condition as problems can occur at any level. Depending on the situation, Kawasaki has made some drastic changes to their plan. So, here is a description that will help you understand Kawasaki fx801v issues

Kawasaki Fx801v Problems & Their Fixes

Kawasaki fx801v is an excellent engine, and there is no doubt about its performance. However, there is a common issue with a lot of engines worldwide, which is oil leakage. The same happened with the Kawasaki fx801v also.

There may be some other issues here and there, but one of the main reasons people recall or contact the manufacturer is oil leakage. 

Kawasaki got various complaints on this particular matter, and after a long time, they decided to recall all the engines that were sold out. Well, these engines are for lawn mowers, and you probably know lawn mowers do a heavy-duty job. Some particles get into the engine and also cause such problems. 

To resolve such matters, the Kawasaki company recalled over 210,000 engines all over the USA and asked the owners about Kawasaki 801v problems. Thanks to that wonderful decision, we are now able to provide exact information to the users. 

A Chart Showing Possible Problems And Fixes

Possible ProblemsPossible Solution
Oil LeakageSeal the oil lining or bracket 
Engine heating issueRegular oil checkup and cleaning
Carburetor problemCarburetor Repairing

Let’s see the fixes for these issues.

Oil Leakage

The problem starts being a simple one, and later it gradually goes to extremes. To such an extent, the engine becomes a fire hazard. Well, one thing is assured as there were no accidents, so thanks to kawasaki for that.


If you see oil leakage, the first thing you need to do is check where the line is leaking. There are situations where screws of the engine become loose and start to leak engine oil.

Moreover, there are situations where oil caps are loose or oil draining caps are loose.

Engine Heating Issues

Engine heating is a prevalent problem that you will find with any type of engine. Sometimes, good machines that have no problem heats up and then runs smoothly, Kawasaki fx801v carburetor problems can cause this issue, but it is a different problem itself. 

If you don’t change the engine oil properly, the engine oil may get thicker. It takes away the smoothness of the engine, and the pistons get jammed. Ultimately making it hot without even being heavily used. 


Engine heating issue has a surprisingly simple solution: to change the engine oil regularly and try to use good quality fuel. It will keep the engine running smoothly, and this problem will not happen.

Carburetor Problem

The carburetor is a serious item as it controls the air and oil for the engine. The proper mixture of both of those makes the engine run. However, if there is a carburetor issue, it is common to see problems with the engine. The engine will not run properly, making it hot and slow.

Solution: The main key is to get a professional who has been working with a carburetor for a long time. The carburetor is a complicated piece of equipment that has a lot going on.

If you are good enough with the machinery knowledge, check and replace the carburetor or readjust it.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How much horsepower is a Kawasaki fx801v?

The Kawasaki fx801v engine comes with 25.5 horsepower, making it a potent lawn mower engine.

What oil does a Kawasaki FX801V take?

10w-40 viscosity oil is ideal engine oil for Kawasaki FX801V engines or starting from two strokes.


If you have any of the possible problems, you can follow the instructions that we have mentioned. These are common problems that can occur if you are using this particular engine. Moreover, Kawasaki FX801v problems are easy to solve, so nothing to fear.

However, we recommend you visit the customer service center to avoid any unnecessary situations. However, you can always try it first; who knows, you can solve the problem and save a few bucks.

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