Stihl Br 200 Problems

Stihl br200 is a gas-powered tool that is used to clear sidewalks, driveways, and other hard surfaces. But with its high performance comes high maintenance, and so some have lots of questions with Stihl Br 200 problems. If you don’t know why these occur and how to troubleshoot, this article will help you get straightforward solutions.

So, like most Stihl Br users, if you face Stihl Br 200 problems while using it, here we share those common problems and how you can fix those problems easily.

Stihl Br 200 Problems & Their Solutions

However, a common problem with this machine is a lack of power. This problem can lead to a damaged blade, a burnt motor, or a damaged throttle cable.

Here we share a few common problems with their easiest solution.

Possible ReasonsTroubleshooting Ways
Not starting properlyEnsure having enough fuel
Problem to running continuouslyRestart
Fuel problemUse regular gasoline
Don’t accelerateNeed to clean the dirty
Insufficient air supplyCheck the impeller is loose or damaged
Extra vibrationClean the loose debris

The Stihl br 200 is a portable, compact, and lightweight gas hedge trimmer, with the cutting performance of a high-end gas trimmer. If you have some issue with operating it, you can take steps for Stihl Br200 troubleshooting by following those tips.

1. Ensure having enough fuel

Stihl br200 is very reliable, but sometimes it will not start properly. It has some specific procedure of starting. You have to follow all those steps. If you miss any step, then it will not start. 

Follow those steps to start properly Stihl br 200.

 2. Restart

If your Stihl is stopped after the start, you can restart it because the engine is always one of the main problems of maximum Stihl br. It may be tired, dirty, or maybe any of the problems that also happen to the machines.

3. Use regular gasoline

Stihl Br can run on gasoline or gasoline mixtures. If you are using gasoline mixtures, you must first determine the proper ratio.

Stihl recommends half a portion of gasoline to 1 portion of oil. It also recommends using two-cycle, air-cooled engine oil and regular gasoline.

4. Need to clean the dirty filter

The Stihl BR 200 chainsaw is an awesome tool that gets the job done, but it does come with some common problems that you need to know about, like dirty filters and clogged filters, which can damage your Stihl BR 200 and have problems running.

So, dirty fuel filters need to be cleaned for your Stihl BR 200 to work properly. If the blower still doesn’t accelerate with a clean air filter, replace the fuel filter and try again.

5. Check the impeller is loose or damaged

If the leaf blower is not delivering enough air, you will begin to notice a reduction in performance, particularly when attempting to blow smaller branches that are angled backward. Then you should check if the impeller is loose or not.

Tighten it; if you need. Otherwise, if it is damaged, then you need to replace it.

6. Clean the loose debris

If you’re dealing with a Stihl Br 200, you’re probably also dealing with a problem with the blower’s vibration. Loose debris is responsible for the vibration. If you find any loose debris, then clean it.

Similarly, if the blower is vibrating excessively while running, there’s a good chance of some mechanical problem. The best way to find out if that’s the case is to take it to your local service center.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Stihl blower not start?

Several things can cause a blower to fail to start. The blower is a gasoline engine, and if it is not taking the start, it may simply be due to a bad spark plug or a faulty fuel line going to the carburetor. Otherwise, engines can also leak gas from the carburetor, allowing gas vapors to enter the crankcase and cause the engine fail to start.

How do you clean a spark arrestor on a Stihl blower?

To clean a spark arrestor on a Stihl electric blower, you should remove the device from the blower first and wash it carefully with a hose. And don’t forget to grease it with fuel before reinstalling it.

Why does my leaf blower keep shutting off?

If you are using a Stihl leaf blower, you might want to make sure the fan’s blades are not overheating. This can be done by checking the fan’s motor if it is hot to the touch or not. If you still face problems with your blower shutting off, you might want to check the air filter. It might need to be cleaned or may need to be replaced.


There are many reasons why you’re not getting the performance you want from your Stihl Br 200. you can use these solutions to fix your problem. The first thing you should do is drain the fuel from your machine. Make sure that the spark plug is not dry. You should also check your carburetor to ensure that it is clean and finely tuned.

If your carburetor is clogged with dirt, you need to clean it with a hand brush. After that, you can use a bar of gentle dish soap in warm water to clean the carburetor. We can hope that now you can deal with your Stihl br 200 problems.

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