What does ignition coil resistance chart mean? It refers to the specific resistance that assists in the functioning of that particular vehicle. Depending on the lawnmower or machine, the ignition coil resistance may differ.

Usually, there is a standard limit for ignition coil resistance. However, the rate of resistance is not the same for all mowers. It’s because of different build designs. Today, we will discuss the ignition coil resistance chart for other mower models.

Ignition Coil Resistance Chart: In-depth Resistances for Various Mowers

two stroke ignition coil resistance chart.

An ignition coil is an essential component of any machine. Typically, it maintains the low voltage and creates a spark inside the spark plugs, which ignites the fuel. Ignition coil has ranges of resistance that can impact the vehicle’s performance.

So, the lower the resistance, the more current. Furthermore, the electric field gets much more substantial due to the more current. For that, there is an increased output voltage. If you see the small engine ignition coil resistance chart, it ranges from 2500 ohms to 5000 ohms.

So, you are probably wondering if lesser resistance is a better choice. No, not in every vehicle. Too low resistance can damage other components in your lawnmower. That’s why there you always have to check out the compatibility. Otherwise, it will harm the other ignition components.

So, to fully benefit from the ignition coil, you must ensure that the resistance is compatible with the different parts of the mower.

ConcernMinimum ResistanceMaximum Resistance
Briggs and Stratton2500 ohms5000 ohms
Kawasaki2750 ohms5200 ohms
Kohler2400 ohms4900 ohms
Husqvarna2550 ohms5050 ohms
Stihl2500 ohms5000 ohms

Briggs and Stratton Ignition Coil Resistance Chart

We used a multimeter and checked out the resistance in the ignition coil in a Briggs and Stratton. While testing it out, the resistance started from 2500 ohms. Moreover, the maximum resistance was around 5000 ohms.

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It’s pretty similar to a smaller engine. If you wish to get a new ignition coil, make sure it does not exceed 5000 ohms. Else, it will seriously affect other components. You can take good advantage of this engine as it has a standard resistance ratio. Hence, the output voltage will also be standard.

However, we recommend you not to get an ignition coil with higher resistance in case of this engine.

Kawasaki Ignition Coil Resistance Chart

Usually, Kubota mowers use stock Kawasaki engines. The Kawasaki engines are well known as they are quiet and pack an excellent performance. As there are various Kawasaki engines, we used the one from a Kubota mower. We found out it was around 2750 to 5200 ohms in the resistance chart.

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Comparing it with the Briggs, this ignition coil has a different value yet is insignificant. As a result, the ignition components can handle a higher output voltage of around 5200 ohms. Furthermore, it also begins from 2750 ohms. We think it’s due to the quieter aspect of the engine.

So, if you want to replace the ignition coil anytime, you know the resistance range you need to watch for. Try not to get a coil that exceeds over 5200 ohms.

Kohler Ignition Coil Resistance Chart

Kohler engines are widely used in various mowers. The performance of the Kohler is really robust, thus the popularity. During our resistance test, the ignition coil in the engine started from 2400 ohms. On the contrary, the maximum was 4900 ohms.

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If you compare, it’s actually similar to the echo ignition coil resistance chart. Remember that the ignition coil you purchase for a Kohler engine begins from 2300 or 2400 ohms.

It’s best if it does not exceed 5000 ohms. Even though we found out it was 4900 ohms, the Kohler can handle up to 5000 ohms.

Husqvarna Ignition Coil Resistance Chart

In the case of Husqvarna engines, the minimum was around 2550 ohms or 2575 ohms. While the maximum resistance we got was 5050 ohms or 5100 ohms. The value wasn’t fixed as the Husqvarna chart is similar to a two stroke ignition coil resistance chart.

Ensure that if you ever get a replacement coil for Husqvarna, it’s compatible with the other components. Otherwise, the different parts will short circuit, which will gravely damage the engine.

We recommend you to see ignition coils with a resistance that starts from 2500 and has a maximum output of 5150 ohms.

Stihl Ignition Coil Resistance Chart

During our test for the Stihl, the resistance was 2500 ohms to 5000 ohms. So, it’s similar to the Briggs engine. Hence, it makes it easier to replace as the resistance ratio follows the standard.

However, you still have to look out for compatibility as some other ignition components are not the same as the Briggs.

Although, you will easily find ignition coils for a Stihl engine if you look on amazon. They are easy to find as expected resistance range, unlike Husqvarna or Kawasaki.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many ohms should a ignition coil have?

Usually, an ignition coil should have a value of a minimum of 0.2 ohms, while the maximum should be 2 ohms. However, it can change depending on the type of vehicle the coil is placed in.

What if ignition coil resistance is too high?

When the ignition coil resistance is too high, there will be a lesser amperage in the coils. It extends the lifetimes. Yet, there is a drawback. Too high resistance can lead to a weak spark which may cause misfiring.

Is a lower resistance ignition coil better?

Usually, a lower resistance ignition coil creates a more vital spark. It depends on the engine and the other components. If they are compatible with the ignition coil, the lower resistance coil is a better option. There will be a much stronger voltage output.


We discussed the range of resistances for various types of mower engines above. If you have any problems getting a replacement coil, check out the table above. It will give you a clear idea of what to look for.

You have to be careful while getting the ignition coil. Because if you get the incompatible one, it might damage the engine, which might render your mower useless.

As a result, the ignition coil resistance chart above will help you avoid such mistakes. The values of the resistances are accurate as we tested out each engine ignition carefully.

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