Hunter Sprinkler Head Not Rotating

Suddenly your Hunter sprinkler head not rotating? Indeed, there is dirt and debris stuck inside the heads. But some other reasons can be resulting in this issue too.

Don’t worry. As professional gardeners, we know how to do this. We have been working on this gardening equipment over the years.

Honestly, It’s better to fix the non-rotation problem by yourself instead of calling a professional. If you confirm reading this whole article at once and try to fix the issue following these steps,

We guarantee you that you’ll be able to complete the job without any extra cost.

Hunter Sprinkler Head Not Rotating- 3 Main Issue And Solutions

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As the hunter sprinkler head is not spinning definitely, it means some issues need to be detected accurately.

You need to find the problem and solve them one by one.

2 Common Tools You Need When Hunter Sprinkler Head Stopped Rotating

Before starting the whole process, you should have these standard tools with you, Such as:

  1. Bucket for collecting debris
  2. Screwdriver for opening Hunter Sprinkler

However, let’s move on to those 3 crucial main issues and their solutions given below. Such as:

Clogged Filter And Gear Drive

When the Hunter irrigation head not turning, then one of the common problems might be dirt clogging. All the heads of rotating sprinklers run on with the help of a gear drive. When the hunter sprinkler runs, then in the basement, water converts into a small turbine, and then a gear drive operates to rotate the head of the sprinkler. Due to excessive pressure, bad water quality, and age, debris or dirt start forming a clog in the gear drive’s filter.

First, open the hunter sprinkler from the pop assembly of the main body. Then take out the filter and clean it properly. Then clean the filter at the bottom of the internal assembly by removing the cap can. Needle pliers can easily thread off the cap. After cleaning the filter, you must replace the root sprinkler head if you still find the sprinkler won’t rotate.

Steps To Replace Root Sprinkler From Main Body:

When the sprinkler head doesn’t rotate after cleaning filters, then it’s time to replace it with a new root sprinkler. You will need a knife and 2 cups of water for this process. The steps are given below:

Broken Pipe

Sometimes when the hunter PGP sprinkler head is not turning, that happens due to a broken pipe. Pipes usually break while adding new fences, planting trees. So try to identify if the pipe is broken or not.

Firstly, fix the pipe that is broken. Make sure to take out the broken pipe carefully; otherwise, you might need to install a new hunter sprinkler.

Decreased Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure due to less water supply might be the reason why hunter mp sprinkler heads are not rotating. If more new buildings are being constructed near your garden area, it may be the reason why your water supply is less. When there is no water pressure coming out, the sprinkler won’t rotate.

For assuring the 0decreased water pressure, perform a simple flow test. If the water flow is low, then fix that issue by calling area developers. If the water flow is medium and you can’t do anything to fix that, in that case, per area, decrease the number of heads. Also, replace the existing big nozzles with the smaller ones. Then water pressure won’t matter anymore.

5 Tips to Ensure No Hunter Sprinkler Head Rotational Problem

It’s necessary to check on your garden’s sprinkler head from time to time. The following tips will help you in the future so your hunter sprinkler head won’t stop again.

  1. Once in two months, clean the filter of the hunter sprinkler.
  2. Try to use spray lubricate when the head is stuck.
  3. Don’t let rust form in the sprinkler.
  4. Handle broken pipes gently.
  5. Call a professional to fix the hunter sprinkler if there is a more severe issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my hunter sprinkler head not rotating?

The most common reason your hunter sprinkler head is not rotating is because of clogged dirt inside the sprinkler filter. Also, an aged hunter sprinkler head could collect rust. Water supply reduction and broken pipe can also be the main cause for stopping the rotation of hunter sprinkler heads.

How do you fix a stuck Hunter sprinkler head?

To fix a stuck hunter sprinkler head, you need to lubricate the sprinkler head. It’s best to use spray lubrication for loosening up the head rotation system. Around the shaft, generously spray lubricant and then water for 2 minutes so lubricant can go around everywhere equally. Then try to pull the stuck head, and it will quickly come up for using lubricant.

Why do MP rotators stop turning sprinkler heads?

When the MP rotator nozzle stops turning sprinkler heads, then the MP rotator may have some flotsam and jetsam within the nozzle. Evacuate the nozzle to examine and clean the channel screen. Even MP rotation depends on the approach pressure of the water passing through the spout to produce head rotation on the upper part of the nozzle.

How do you adjust Hunter sprinkler rotation?

To adjust the rotation on a Hunter sprinkler head, insert the plastic key at the end of the Hunter wrench. The hunter wrench takes it into the adjustment socket & at the right stop, hold the nozzle turret and turn the wrench completely clockwise. The wrench will increase the arc to 90° when it fully turns to 360°.


In short, you have to follow all the aforementioned steps correctly if you want to fix it yourself when the hunter sprinkler head not rotating.

Certainly, it can be a time-consuming task, so try to prepare yourself ahead. You can have faith in this guide thoroughly to fix the hunter sprinkler head. Try to follow the tips to avoid this problem again.

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