How to Water Narrow Strip of Lawn

Walking in a narrow lane with a green garden on both sides is like a dream come true. But in maintenance time, it is quite challenging in how to water narrow strip of lawn.Using narrow grass sprinklers, you can do the job quite well. Oh, you can make your DIY sprinklers, too.

Well, every single garden corner needs water, or else your garden will get ruined. So, you can’t avoid the narrow strip of the lawn.

Let’s find out the tips and tricks of watering the narrow space of your lawn.

How to Water Narrow Strip of Lawn- 4 Methods

Maximum people waste water while watering the strip of grass in the narrow space. If you know how to water side yard by following some simple steps, then your lawn will stay green and fresh for a long time.

The watering methods are hassle-free, and tools are available. For this, you can start with any method you want instantly.

Let’s check out the methods:

1. Using Water Bottles

You will be amazed how these plastic bottles work as an irrigation system. These bottle watering ways are effective only when your lawn strip plants are small-sized plants most.

However, these are 3 popular methods that will work for water any narrow spaces in your lawn:

First Method: Keeping the Bottle Full of Water in the Bottom

Second Method: Making Holes in the Bottleneck

Third Method: Hanging the Bottle

2. Mini Irrigation System

If you have less budget but urgent need of a watering system for your narrow space, then try this DIY watering system.

For this, you will need:

Placing the irrigation System

3. Using a Soaker Hose

A soaker hose promises efficient water, and it allows to flow of water directly to the plant roots. If you use this hose, you will experience less water evaporation and wind.

You will find numerous pierced holes in the hose. These holes help to drip and soak the grassroots in every weather condition.

4. Using Sprinklers for a Narrow Strip of Grass

 To maintain a green lawn, especially the narrow ones, you can go for a sprinkler for narrow areas, like the Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head. If you install one, watering the lawn by hand will get reduced a lot.

To get the most of a sprinkler, you have to use a hose sprinkler for a narrow strip, and Hunter Sprinkler Nozzle people find the best sprinkler head for narrow strip

All you have to do is to adjust the timer, sprinkler head rotation, spray pattern, coverage and water pressure. After making all these adjustments, your lawn is ready to get water in every single space every day. Trust me, and your lawn will look green and fresh than any other lawn in your neighborhood.

Best Way to Water a Long Narrow Lawn

You already know that you have to ensure a proper watering system to maintain a lawn, and it is crucial.

In this section, you will get some quick tips to water your long and narrow lawn:

Different Types of Sprinklers for Narrow Strip of lawn

Listen, you can also check other ways for how to water grass between sidewalk and street.

Then again, to water the grasses in the road verge, you can install different types of sprinklers like-

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you water narrow strips in your lawn?

A flat soaker hose or a sprinkler helps to water narrow strips of a lawn. For the spray design, water goes into every corner; even it comes with the narrowest space.

How long should you water one section of grass?

The best water timing of your grass section is one inch of water every week. You can use a plastic bottle and a timer on your lawn to know the exact water amount. In 30 minutes, the water amount gets into a half-inch. So if you water your grass three times every week for 20 minutes, then the lawn grass will get the right amount of water.

How do I waterside my lawn?

By using a sprinkler, watering a lawn gets easier. Just place the sprinkler in the place where the water force will allow water to reach every corner. You can also install a drip irrigation system for better results.


If you know how to water narrow strip of lawn, your lawn will be the greenest one in the town.

Maximum lawn owners don’t have the idea of watering the narrow areas for many reasons. Now, we hope this entire guide will help those who are struggling with dead grasses on the strip lawn area.

You don’t know how lucky you are to own a lawn; it is like a blessing. How? Wait, when you grow old, this green property will help you to lead a healthy life as long as you live. So, better to take some pain on but with the proper maintenance.

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