How To Change The Belt On A Mclane Lawn Mower

McLane lawn mower belts can be damaged or broken at any time. To ensure safe mowing, you need to change or replace it as soon as possible. It’s not a big deal. But it may seem impossible to you if you don’t know how to change the belt on a Mclane Lawn Mower.

However, your tension is now over. Because in this article, our professional team will show you the complete guidelines on changing the belt of Mclane Lawn Mower and the McLane edger.

Either it’s about the drive belt or the clutch belt,here every word is going to be useful for you. Hence, let’s start step by step:

How To Change The Belt On A McLane Lawn Mower: The Easiest Way

In our experience, many people make mistakes when changing the belt of their McLane lawn mowers. That’s why we come with this article.

It will show you the easiest way of lawn Mower belt replacement.At first, let’s start with the drive belt.

Step 1: Remove The Clutch Guard

You first need to take off the clutch guard from your McLane lawn mower. Lawn mower clutch guards essentially protect the clutch belt from wear and tear.

Step 2: Apart Your Clutch Bar

After removing the clutch guard, you need to apart the clutch bar. There are two ways to separate it. You can either do it by taking down the pin or unscrewing. It’s up to you which method you choose.

But the problem is when you unscrew the clutch bar, then it can displace the tension. As a result, the crankshaft will not get the certain tensions that it needs for spinning or not spinning. However, if you choose this route, ensure that you tighten the screws in the right way again afterward.

According to our expert team, pulling the pin is much easier than unscrewing. Just pull the little pin with needle-nose pliers. And then pull the clutch bar to apart it from your McLane lawn mower parts.

Step 3: Remove The Old Belt

Take a half-inch socket wrench to come in and loosen up the bolts on the back. Now, we are going to pull this clutch forward after taking the spring off. Then slip the old belt off.

Step 4: Put The New Belt

We are now almost done. We just need to put our new clutch belt on the McLane lawn mower. It’s important to be careful because some people feed this belt over the main wheel and then back under it. Doing so is incorrect.

During installation, ensure that the clutch belt goes around the wheel but in front of the clutch bar. The wrong-way installation creates a tight environment inside the drive wheel. As a result, you cannot cut the grass smoothly.

So, make sure that your new clutch belt is wrapped around the side of the wheel. After that, reinstall the clutch, all of these springs, securing brackets,  the clutch guard, and the safety pin.

That’s it, and we are done. It takes less than 15 minutes to change the clutch belt on our McLane lawn mower. Anyway, you should always check the McLane lawn mower manual before changing the belt.

How Do You Change A Belt On A McLane Edger? (4 Steps for Drive Belt)

Here I am going to show you how to change or replace the drive belt on a Mclane Edger. It’s a super easy job.

So, follow our 4 simple steps to edger belt replacement without any bungle:

However, if you are thinking about what size belt does a McLane edger use? Generally, McLane edger’s belt size is 30-Inch x 1/2-inches.

Step 1: Loosen The McLane Edger Belt

First, you have to bring the lever all the way back. Then disengage the blade and loosen the belt. Before going for the next step, be sure that you’ve made your McLane edger belt lose enough.

Step 2: Expose The Front Pulley

Usually, there are ⅜ and 5/16 inches sockets. First, you need to pull the ⅜ inches sockets and bolt to remove the front cover. Use a ratchet wrench to do that easily. After that, the front pulley is exposed to you.

Step 3: Remove The Old Belt And Put The New One

On the backside, you will get a 5/16 inches bolt. Let’s get that bolt off. And then, you will get access to the entire belt. Pull the belt off the front, pull it off the back.

Now you successfully remove the old belt from your McLane edger,put the new belt there. Just reverse the process to install it.

Step 4: Reassemble Your McLane Edger

After that, put the covers back, reinstall the sockets and engage the blade again on your McLane edger. You don’t need to tighten the sockets too much. Just snug them down, so the cover doesn’t come off.

How Do You Know If the Riding Mower Belt Is Bad?

To determine the condition of your riding mower belt, you should consider the following signs:

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Last Few Words

By now, you should know how to change the belt on a McLane lawn mower. Our article tries to explain every step in simple words that a beginner can perform at ease.

Don’t get scared if it is your first time changing your McLane lawn mower or edger belt. Just follow the provided guidelines and go ahead. You are welcome to contact us if you still have any questions or queries.

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