John Deere E100 Vs E130

What is the difference between John Deere E100 and E130? The primary difference is with the transmission system and the presence of an oil filter. E100 does not have an oil filter, and it works with auto-transmission, whereas the E130 works with hydrostatic transmission. There are slight differences present in an engine, storage, and other cutting ability too.

Both the lawnmowers are the perfect choices for both the even and uneven, rugged terrain. Your choice between John Deere E100 vs E130 will depend on your need and interest.

When you check the detailed comparison level, you will get a clear and refined idea to choose the right one.

So, let’s explore the battlefield of John Deere E100 and E130.

Comparison Table for John Deere E100 Vs E130

John Deere E100John Deere E130
17.5 HP22HP
AutoTwo Pedal Hydrostatic
Oil filter
NoYes, and includes optional cover

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John Deere E130 Lawn Mower

Why Choose John Deere E130?

John Deere E130 Lawn Mower works with the power of the Briggs and Stratton engine that ensures smoother running and robust control. The particular edge-cutting system with a two-bladed cutting deck is suitable for both flat and uneven terrains. It also can cover up to 1 acre. This lawnmower is premium for giving proper comfort while using.

Let’s check the detailing features and the versatility of John Deere E130.

Cruise Control

Cruise control is the upgraded feature that is included in this model of John Deere lawnmower. It supports comfortable and effortless work differently. On the other hand, cruise control is absent in the E100 model of John Deere lawnmower.

With the support of this cruise control, you can set the mower’s engine at the same speed and run for a while. It works even if you remove your foot from the mower pedal. It is easier to handle too. You have to adjust the cruise lever and hold it while removing your foot from the pedal. Thus, it will engage the cruise. In the case of an emergency, this cruise control automatically releases through the brake pedal push.

Side by Side Foot Pedal

John Deere E130 has side-by-side foot pedals. It helps to get control over speed quickly. You can firmly control the moving direction too.

So, it ensures premium security. You can ride your mower at great ease and clean your lawn exactly how you like.

The adjustability of the Seat

An attractive feature of the John Deere E130 model is the adjustability of the Seat. It is responsible for the premium comfort while working on the lawn.

The seat is easy to adjust in different movements. The back height is 15 inches, providing ample space to have the best comfort of the operator’s rear part.

You can move the seat reward and forward motion with 5.5 inches spacing. It is gross.Moreover, you can set the Seat in different ten positions to get the best ease and comfort while seating.

When you ride on uneven terrain, the mower shake, and your back will hurt. Keeping this fact in mind, the E130 mower is designed with two long springs. It ensures a smooth ride on rough and jagged roads.

Different elements can be risky to touch. The Seat is easy to tilt, keeping you safe from these elements and getting you access to the fuel tank quickly when you need it.

So, the comfort comes with this extra support from the seat adjustment.

Edge Cutting System

John Deere E130 confirms the smooth cut to have the perfect deck design. The surity comes with the particular Edge cutting system. This feature ensures the best reliability, convenience, and maximum performance.

The regular cutting deck is 42 inches and prepared with sharp and long-lasting two blades. These blades are manufactured by 13-gauge steel. So, you can be sure that it can give your support for a more extended period with excellent reliability.

John Deere has the mower deck with rolled lip shape while the other edges are rolled out, ensuring the best strength and protection. The flooring of the mower is designed from the underside to prevent grass clippings that can build on the engine tools. E130 mower comes with the mulch cover as an optional attachment that lets you mulch easily.

Then again, the steel-made, strong blades are set in and unique mounting system which offers extra protection. You can change the mowing type smoothly. You can quickly turn it from the mulching to the rear bagging or side discharge.The rust-protection coating ensures the longevity of the deck. It covers the whole deck with dual-stage E-coat and powder paint.

30 Second Oil Change System

Another specialty of the E130 John Deere mower is the easy and time-saver oil changing system. You can dot it within one to two minutes as the filtering process takes only 30 seconds. Removing the oil filter and setting the new filter is also a quick job.

The most helpful fact with this oil change system is that you do not have to drain and change the engine. You have to change the filter which contains all the contaminants of the old oil.  That is why it becomes so easy and fast.

This feature makes a difference between E100 vs E130 John Deere. E100 does not have an oil filter that makes the job quite lengthy and time-consuming.


The difference in John Deere E130 or E100 comes with the innovative cruise control, side-by-side foot pedal, and the oil filter. Though E100 has premium features, E130 comes with the best support and comfort-giving options.

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John Deere 100 Lawn Mower

Why Choose John Deere E100?

John Deere E100 ensures superior style cut to decorate your lawn with a good and attractive design. With the 17.5 HP powered engine, the deck design of this mower supports lifting grass with an excellent cut. It works with improved deck lift lever raises and lowering that makes the operation easier. An extra benefit is the snow removal elements using the front blade and the snow blower.

Let’s dig into the detailed features of the John Deere E100.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission is the most supportive feature to provide control over speed and movement. You may need to slow the speed for trimming and fasten the speed for the open-land mowing. It is an easy and simple job.

As an automobile changes its speed and sets correctly by depressing the accelerator, this mower also selects desired travel speed forwards. It reverses with a simple depressing of the single-foot pedal system.

Convenient Serviceability

To make the servicing ability easier, the E100 model of the mower has a one-piece hood that opens easily. Moreover, the essential service points are set close so that you can easily access and work. There is a service interval decal inside the tractor hood that offers the best convenience during servicing. The hour-meter provides the service reminder at a two-hour interval.

In the proper time of serviceability, necessary equipment, including the engine fuel, oil check, oil fill tube, and oil drain tube become exposed automatically. Even the Seat tilts in the right direction to give you the space for the addition of fuel. These factors make it super easy to service in time and with easy access.

Cargo Mount System for Installation of Attachments

As the serviceability is ready in time, the installation process for attachments is also easy. The cargo mount system s responsible for this ease. It allows front and rear mounting positions that offer a reliable installation of necessary extensions, including rear bagger, sun canopy, etc.

Cast Iron Front Axle

The front axle of the lawnmower is rigid and robust as the construction material is cast iron. It will not bend easily. The design involves an automotive-like steering system, including the single drag link and pinion steering gears.

This design is responsible for giving a firm and tight turns and moves. No movement is hard to achieve since three grease fittings are set for regular lubrication on the center pivot and steering spindles. The more extensive diameter range of the wheel spindles ensures extra durability.

Operation Station

The operator station is an operator-friendly design. You can move quickly and get access to the necessary equipment easily. The steering wheel is placed at an angle that can offer the operator ample space for steering comfort. The operator can tilt the Seat forward how much he needs, which provides proper protection from the elements. Operators have easy access to the fuel tank too.


When you decide on John Deere E100 or E130, John Deere E100 has innovative serviceability, easy installation. and a reliable operating system. Since the price range is relatively low for the E1oo than the E130, you can get the John Deere E100 within your budget limit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best 100 series, John Deere?

As there is no new change in the lawnmowers of the John Deere E-series, they are pretty affordable tractors that ensure a superior cut design. According to the consumer report, among all the models of this John Deere series, E110, E130, E140, and E160 are more popular.

How long will a John Deere E100 last?

When we talk about brands like John Deere, it is sure that they provide exceptional durability. John Deere Lawnmowers can smoothly work for about 15 to 20 years if proper maintenance and care. According to the manufacturers, they last for ten years for sure.

Who makes the engine for John Deere E130?

Generally, the brand John Deere makes their lawn mower engines themselves. They seek help for some specific machinery with less power. Then they use engines from Yanmar, Kawasaki, and Briggs & Stratton. The John Deere E130 engine is made by Briggs & Stratton.

How much oil does a John Deere E130 take?

The John Deere E130 uses 22 HP horsepower, and it works with only 2 quarts of oil. When it is time for an oil change, you have to change the oil filter.  There is no need to change the oil.

What type of oil does a John Deere E100 take?

John Deere E130 works with gasoline-powered engines. So, this lawn mower prefers to use 10W-30 oil. Here, ‘W’ confirms that this oil has been tested at low air and temperatures, ensuring its efficiency and safety.

Which Lawn Mower is For You?

John Deere E100 vs E130, which is the best? Simply answering depends on your purpose and budget. Since both of them are in the same E-series, most of their features match well.

If you are ready to spend on your lawnmower, John Deere E130 is the best choice. The cruise control, oil filter, powerful engine, special storage tray, and hydrostatic transaxle makes it premium.

However, if you have a bit short budget, you can choose the John Deere E100. You will get a similar engine strength with a slight difference and almost the same feature ability.

A lawnmower works well at least for 20 years if you maintain the mower properly. So, why not have the best one? With the John Deere E130, you will have some extra benefits, and you should grab it.

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