Husqvarna 125b Fuel Line Diagram

There’re several situations where you need to go through a Husqvarna 125b fuel line diagram. Need to get the fuel lines connected. Or maybe just need to identify the lines on which one goes to which place. It could be just for checking if the lines have any damages.

The problem is there’s not much information on the internet regarding the visual representation of the lines. So, we just thought about coming up with a diagram as well as the information accompanying it.

Husqvarna 125b Fuel Line Diagram

You’ll find the diagram and one common scene explained that requires the diagram involved just right after. We’ll explain the lines route as well.

125b fuel line diagram

Here’s the explanation of the wiring

  1. The red line goes from the huge diameter hose of the fuel tank directly towards the fuel primer bulb’s longer nipple.
  2. Then the fuel tank’s fuel filter line colored blue starts from its smaller diameter hose and directly routes towards the carb’s small nipple.
  3. The green line goes towards the carburetor’s large nipple from the fuel bulb primer’s short nipple.

So, you can follow this diagram showing wiring to run new fuel lines. People go for buying two Husqvarna 125b fuel line size options for this. The engine would have two connections that use metal fuel lines and these would each stay at the top and bottom separately. Then for the prime bulb, you’ll notice two connections on the backside, these look plastic. Also, one is bigger than the other.

Also, if you notice the Husqvarna 125b carburetor diagram then there are 2 going to the carb. Some people would get confused by the fact that the true fuel line must need to be right on the bottom of the tank.

And get confused about the primer bulb line, if it needs to go farther into the tank or just entering it would be enough.

Well, the return is basically the 2nd fuel line and it just needs to keep adding fuel out to the empty tank, so poking through should be enough.

Side Note – If you are still having issues even after running new fuel lines, here’re a few things to check afterward:

Messed Up Fuel Lines – Because Ethylene Additives Were in Fuel

Sometimes even with properly connected lines and their proper fitting, such a situation can appear. Most go for the Husqvarna 125b fuel mixture of 2% gas and oil into the tank. Try pushing the bulb a few times.

And discover the bulb is not giving filled-up gas like you would want to. The most annoying this is, often users will get really confused about why such a thing is happening, as everything looks picture perfect.

Now if you are guessing too that the lines are connected good enough, it might not be true. The very first doubt goes towards the reversed factor.

Yes, the fuel lines could be reversed. And you first need to check up the pickup line of the tank. Keep in mind this is for all the primer bulbs that do not connect with carb.

For Your Information – The line that includes a filter is called the tank pickup line.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 125B blower?

Before getting a Husqvarna 125b carburetor rebuild kit or adjustment tools, you must also have some idea on how to adjust it. You’ll find idles peed screw-on side that needs to be turned clockwise or counterclockwise for increasing or decreasing the idle speed.

What spark plug goes in a Husqvarna 125B?

The NGK BPMR6F spark plug goes with the Husqvarna model. You can also use the champion RCJ7Y.

Why does my leaf blower die when I give it gas?

There could be several reasons behind of happening so. However, it could be because the air filter is partially plugged. This is the most common scene that might let the engine run but at full throttle, it will die.

Why does my Husqvarna leaf blower won’t stay running?

A clogged carburetor is the most common reason. The engine will stall whenever there’s sticky fuel in the clogged filter. Getting rid of the old fuel and also replacing the fuel filter helps to solve this issue most of the time.

Wrapping Up

And that was our take on the Husqvarna 125 fuel line diagram along with the information that we feel you’re going to need to solve the issues.

However, automobile problems and issues are so specific sometimes it’s hard to guess what’s going wrong if the backstory is pretty complicated. And that’s when consulting an expert becomes the only choice left.

You could be fabulous at understanding tricky issues and solving them and still can find yourself at times not being able to solve certain confusing problems with the fuel line or any other parts of the lawnmower.

So, if that’s how things become, go talk to an expert before there are further problems.

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