Are spider crickets dangerous? Yes, they are hazardous to your home because they can cause damage to your household pieces of stuff.

Meanwhile, spider crickets may not harm a human, but they can still threaten your home. We are going to provide answers to the question, “Are spider crickets dangerous?”

Are Spider Crickets Dangerous? Why Should You Consider Them A Threat?

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As these crickets resemble a spider, they are known as spider crickets. Asides from that name, they go by cave crickets, criders, camel crickets, and more. The spider crickets gather in a single spot, which can be terrifying when you see them. However, despite the scary look, they are harmless to you because they cannot bite you. Although they are a threat to your home, so you must deal with them immediately upon discovery.

Most people mistake spider crickets for wolf spiders because of their similar colorization and size. Upon close examination, you will surely notice the antennae, which only have six legs. So, they are just like every other cricket but with a different look.

The adult crickets do not have any wings. Also, the shape of adult crickets is humpbacked. According to various forums, various people say this cricket looks like shrimps. Furthermore, they are huge as they can grow up to two inches.

However, don’t inspect them at a close distance; they might jump directly at you. It’s their defense mechanism. When they are startled, they will leap. So, try to be careful when you are near them.

Oh, you will be surprised if you know how long do crickets live without food or water.

Are Spider Crickets Bad?

Yes, they are to your household kinds of stuff. The crickets are omnivores. They feed on fungus, fiber, fabrics, wood, plants, cardboards, and more. They do not have fangs, thus losing the ability to bite.

Although they have mandibles, their chewing part, they will feed around anything they find in your home. Primarily, your sofas and wooden furniture; will cause quite a mess. Therefore, they become a nuisance. You will discover their infestation in your basement. Usually, they are in huge numbers, so they can cause massive damage to your furniture as they will keep inviting other pests into your house.

They aren’t toxic, so they are not directly dangerous to humans. However, they can gnaw at your hand if they land on you, which can be painful. But it won’t have any additional effect on your body except for the pain you will feel. It’s best to deal with spider crickets as soon as possible. 

Starting with simple procedures, caulk all the entry points. It minimizes their entry to your house. Minimize any clutter you find. Another lengthy step is to dehumidify. It will take time, but they will move away if they don’t get enough moisture. If the case is severe, you should call pest control.

Are Spider Crickets Poisonous To Dogs?

No, spider crickets aren’t poisonous to dogs if they gnaw them. They aren’t toxic, so they cannot harm your dog. But dogs love to chew crickets. However, the exoskeleton of the spider cricket is irritating to dogs. As a result, your dog might suffer from gastrointestinal issues. Sometimes they might vomit it if they do not like the taste. The vomit is a natural reaction, so there is nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, they aren’t toxic and full of protein, but it does not mean they won’t cause-effect in your dog. But if they ingest too many crickets, they will have parasites in their stomachs. As a result, it will harm your dog.

Are Spider Crickets Dangerous To Cats?

Spider crickets aren’t toxic, meaning they won’t harm your cat. Although, it’s a good source of protein for cats. But it’s not a popular food option for cats. Usually, your cats can have health benefits, such as iron, protein, vitamin b12, omega-3, and more. Furthermore, as cats kill crickets, it’s environmentally sustainable as well.

But there is a risk if your cat keeps eating the crickets. So, a long-term diet of crickets is dangerous to your cats. The problems are pretty uncommon, but still, you should know them. Firstly, there is a chance of creating oral irritation. It happens due to the exoskeleton of the crickets. Furthermore, there might be parasites in crickets that can go into your cat as they consume it. So it will cause harm to the cat. Therefore, spider cricket does pose a danger to your cat.

Can Spider Crickets Damage Plants?

Yes, spider crickets can damage plants in your homes. They are omnivorous, so they gnaw on plants if they encounter one. You will find holes in the leaves of the plants. Especially if they damage young plants, they will die. So, spider crickets are a danger to your plants as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are crickets dangerous to humans?

No, crickets aren’t dangerous to humans. They are not toxic. However, they can gnaw if they land on you, which can be a bit painful.

Do spider crickets have stingers?

No, spider crickets do not have stingers. Instead, they have mandibles, which they use to eat fabrics, woods, and such.

Can Sprickets hurt you?

If a spricket lands on you, it will start to gnaw on your skin which can be painful. Don’t worry, as they aren’t toxic. Other than that, there is no way they can hurt you.


Are spider crickets dangerous? Yes, they are hazardous to your items of furniture. Meanwhile, they are a good source of protein for dogs and cats, but it’s still a danger to your home. Especially if they form an infestation, they will start damaging your furniture, which becomes a nuisance to you.

Another fact about cricket is they are not toxic. So, they can’t harm you in any way except gnaw on you when they land on you. However, the gnawing may cause pain. If the spider cricket infestation becomes worse, call pest control immediately.

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