Do you badly want to kill the earthworms in your garden or lawn yard? The helpful earthworms sometimes become so irritating, and there’s no way to kill them. But, when it comes to killing them, most people want to use grub killers, especially GrubEx.

But will GrubEx kill the earthworms? Well, the GrubEx can kill most of the grubs in your yard, but it just can’t work efficiently when it comes to killing the earthworms. But then again, it would be a try for sure.

However, there’s much more to go deeper with this topic. For example, does GrubEx not harm the earthworms? If not, what works then to kill the earthworms?

Let’s find out.

Will GrubEx Kill Earthworms or Just Wastage?

The GrubEx controls the growth and kills different white grubs in the gardens, lawn yards, pots, and you name it. When it comes to killing the grubs, whether Japanese beetles, European chafers, billbug grubs, or others, the GrubEx is the first choice for many people.

The product contains a strong chlorantraniliprole, which damages the emerging larvae on the ground.

But unfortunately, the GrubEx can’t harm the earthworms most often. So here’s where the question arises, “Why can’t the GrubEx kill the earthworms?” You may also want to ask this question now.

Some lawn or garden owners believe GrubEx doesn’t kill earthworms. However, if they find the earthworms helpful for the soil, they use the GrubEx only to kill other grubs, not the earthworms.

But here, we have come to a point where the discussion finds a twist. The most significant reason why the GrubEx contains strong prestige is that it can’t go deeper into the soil where the earthworms mainly live.

For this, GrubEx can kill the grubs that live not so deep into the soil. Moreover, you will find it difficult to find grub-killing products claiming to kill the earthworms.

However, will Scotts GrubEx kill earthworms? The facts are the same for this as well.

But, here’s the catch!

If you apply the GrubEx when there is excessive heat or cold, it can help you to kill the earthworms. This is because earthworms can’t live in extreme weather conditions. And, here, some people think, and as per our experiment, that GrubEx can work to kill the earthworms to some extent.

Earthworms play a decent role in the soil. This burrowing creature ensures the soil structure, increases soil nutrients, repairs damaged soil, and more. Furthermore, the angleworm helios create a better drainage system in the soil. You can buy earthworms from different reliable sources for compost or other garden benefits.

But, if the earthworms create an unappealing appearance or worn mound. In this case, it becomes essential to kill lawn earthworms.

What Should You Use to Kill the Earthworms?

One thing is clear, applying the GrubEx during excessive weather may create trouble for the earthworms. But, as the weather is not under your control, you can try otherwise.

One of the most efficient ways to kill earthworms is to apply carbamate insecticide. Furthermore, you can also use other carbaryl-based products to kill the earthworms efficiently.

Moreover, hand removal and biological control can help you eliminate earthworms. But, killing earthworms using chemicals can give you the first result.

Too much moisture and heavy rainfall are weather conditions that the earthworms find difficult to live in. Hence, you can implement the earthworm killer in this period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will GrubEx Kill Worms?

GrubEx will not harm or kill the worms efficiently in normal weather conditions. But, when the weather becomes more extreme, let’s say too cold or hot, you can have a try. Moreover, most lawnmowers and gardeners prefer GrubEx for optimal performance when it comes to killing the grubs.

What Is the Best Month to Put Down GrubEx?

You should follow the application procedure of GrubEx strictly if you want the best performance from it. However, the best time or month to put down the GrubEx is from late April to July. Moreover, it depends on what you want to do with the grubs. From late April to July, the grubs most probably lay eggs. Moreover, most of the grubs have 4 life cycles.

What Product Kills Earthworms?

The best product that you can use to kill earthworms is carbamate insecticide. According to many users, this product is well known for killing earthworms. Furthermore, carbaryl-based products can also be handy in this case. Merit (imidacloprid) and Dursban (chlorpyrifos) are types of chemicals you can use too.

Final Words

Will GrubEx kill the earthworms? Finally, you are supposed to have the desired answer if you didn’t miss any information from this article. GrubEx can kill grubs easily. However, if the weather becomes too cold or too warm, using GrubEx to kill the earthworms may not produce the expected results.

Instead, it’s better to choose other pesticides or carbonate products that are known to be well-proven to kill earthworms. Moreover, apply insecticides every season to keep the earthworm population lower. Most earthworms can’t survive when temperatures are below 15°C or above 25°C. 

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