What is the difference between an aerocart and gorilla cart? The gorilla cart has four wheels, while the aerocart only has two wheels around its sides. Although, there are much more distinctions between the two garden carts.

Yet, the gorilla cart lacks the eight types of functionality, unlike the aerocart. So, we created an informative comparison about the worx aerocart vs gorilla cart with proper analysis. And after reading this, you won’t have any more confusions regarding these two.

Worx Aerocart Vs Gorilla Cart: Distinction at a glance

 Concern  Worx Aerocart Gorilla Cart
Dimension57 x 15.5 x 12 inches38.7 x 20 x 19.5 inches
CategoryLight DutyMedium Duty
Weight49 pounds32 pounds
Number of Wheels24
Worx Aerocart vs Gorilla Cart Table Comparision


When we tested the weight for the worx aerocart we found out that it was 49 pounds. After that, we tried to push its maximum capacity. Like the manufacturer claims, it can hold 200lbs of loads with ease. The aerocart is a light-duty cart designed for carrying heavy-duty work too. The cart is really light, but it could handle heavy loads effortlessly.

So, if you need a lightweight cart that can handle comparatively larger loads, then aerocart is the appropriate choice.

On the contrary, the gorilla cart is a medium-duty cart. During the weight test, it weighed around 32 pounds. So, it’s lighter than the aerocart. Moreover, it could handle 600lbs. The cart is convenient to pull because of the weight. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for carts that can do medium work without the hassle of tiresome towing.

Wheel Quality

There are four wheels in the gorilla cart. There were no problems while moving the cart. It’s pretty smooth on rougher terrains as well. However, it goes on gravel roads and can operate smoothly on that surface. Due to the tire being pneumatic, it can maneuver smoothly without any extensive interference.

Suppose you have a garden that has uneven textures, then if you require a cart, the gorilla cart will be the better choice for you.

In the case of an aerocart, it has two wheels. We had to put extra effort while moving it as it was two-wheeled. As it is two-wheeled, we used tight corners with ease. But as it lacks spare wheels, the towing speed will be drastically reduced.

Furthermore, the wheels are very durable. The tires did not go flat when we put extra tension on the aerocart. It is flat-free. If your garden dimension is a bit zigzag and smaller, then the aerocart is the suitable option for you.


The manufacturers profess that the WORX Aerocart dimensions are 57 x 15.5 x 12 inches. Comparing it with the gorilla cart, aerocart is much more vast. Yet, the vast size does not have any additional advantage as it can only carry 200lbs max. But the cart is light duty and can handle heavy loads, so you have the benefit there. Choose this cart if you require such efficiency.

In contrast, the dimension of the gorilla cart is 38.7 x 20 x 19.5 in inches. As you keep both of the carts side to side, the gorilla is comparatively smaller than the aerocart. The smaller size has its advantages. We did not have to put effort when we were towing it despite the maximum load we put inside it.

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It’s the perfect choice for the ones looking for medium-type carts that can handle such an amount of limitations without obstacles.


The price of the gorilla is $150+. You are getting a cart that can traverse in uneven textures without any issues at this price. After that, it has good durability. It can also handle 600lb maximum weight despite being lighter than the aerocart. We think that it offers all the convenient elements one needs.

So, we appreciate the manufacturer for putting an affordable price for a cart with such features.

On the other hand, the aerocart costs around $180+. Firstly, it’s versatile and can be handy in various situations. With the eight different functions it offers, you can overcome multiple problems.

Again, the cart is easy to move around as it’s two-wheeled. But there is a downside with the cart. Although it has a higher price than the gorilla, it only holds over 200lbs maximum load while the gorilla can handle 600lbs. Otherwise, the cart is worth the price manufacturers put.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a gorilla cart used for?

The primary purpose of the gorilla cart is to carry out your daily activities in your garden. You can haul your heavy gardening tools with ease. You can also dump waste as well.

Can you leave gorilla cart outside?

The gorilla cart is made from a poly bed and steel frame. So there are no chances of rust. But it’s better if you leave your cart inside your shed.

How do you assemble a Worx Aerocart?

The worx aerocart comes in a kit. The assembling process is relatively easy. Just follow the manual, and you are good to go.

What is Aerocart?

Aerocart is a brand for gardening carts. Aerocart develops various types of carts that are best for lawns and yards.

How do you store a Worx Aerocart?

It is elementary to keep a Worx aerocart. Firstly ensure that you assembled it right. After that, follow the manuals where it tells you about the storage.


The aerocart is a versatile cart. It can be helpful to you in various situations. Eight functionalities can aid you in multiple moments. Keep in mind that the cart will only allow you to carry a specific amount of things despite these advantages. The maximum weight is comparatively less for the price it has. Yet, you can get this cart if you need a versatile cart and your garden is not spacious.

Get the gorilla cart if you have a vast garden. It can handle lots of weight. Also, it has four wheels, making it easier to tow it around. The downside to the cart is it is hard to steer. It’s not significant, but you should be aware of that.

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