Will a 60 inch Mower Fit on a 5x8 Trailer

Don’t you like a fresh and clean lawn? I bet you do. After the blistering rainfall last season, you might be thinking of trimming down the grass. For that, you need a lawnmower. Uncle Joe had a lawnmower, and I liked it. But he lived downtown, and I needed a trailer to fetch it.

We had a 5×8 trailer; however, will a 60-inch mower fit on a 5×8 trailer? It’s sadly no. But when I googled it, I found some exciting piece of stuff about trailers for a lawn.

And today, we will be discussing all the aspects of how to buy trailers for your lawn. So stick right here with us.

Will A 60 Inch Mower Fit On A 5×8 Trailer?

In brief, nope. A 60-inch mower will not fit into a 5×8 trailer. You see, even if 60 inches is equal to 5 feet, your 60-inch lawnmower is not exactly 60 inches. Housing and other parts will increase the size by a couple of inches.

So, it will be hard for you to fit that lawnmower into your 5×8 trailer. Many suggest a 6×12 trailer to be the best for a 60 inch mower.

Trailers for mowers are handy if you want to carry your mower to different places.

How To Buy A Trailer For Lawn Mowers

Now, buying a trailer for your lawnmower is nothing like rocket science. The main mantra is to pick something that has sufficient space. Before buying a trailer, you need to select or decide what type of trailer you need.

You see, there are two types of trailers. One is open-landscape trailers, and the other is the enclosed trailer. Now, both the trailers have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for trailers to haul riding lawn mowers, then you should choose enclosed ones. It will allow you to store your lawn in critical conditions. On top, if you don’t have a storeroom or garage, then you can use this trailer as a portable garage for your lawnmower.

Now, if you want to carry your trailer from one place to another, then open-landscape trailers are pretty good. These are often found at cheap rates. So, if you have a budget issue, then you might find this very handy.

You can even find custom ones, but you need to order them from the manufacturers according to your requirement. But, as of now, that isn’t our concern for today. You can find utility trailers for lawnmowers. It is a pretty good one, but you will have to decide its worth.

What Size Trailer Should We Buy For Zero-Turn Mowers?

Zero Turn mowers have a turning radius of zero degrees. Consider it like tanks. As tanks can turn themselves even in the tightest angle, these mowers can also turn themselves in a similar passion.

This comes as a riding mower, where it has a driver’s seat. Trailers for zero turn mower are nothing fancy, as the mowers are large, it requires an extra bit of space.

Now, a 16×18 trailer is sufficient for the majority of the zero-turn mowers. However, if you have to store other kinds of stuff as well, you should find something that is less congested. As zero-turn mowers trailers can also hold other utilities, you might fit your gardening weapons in it as well.

I prefer to buy enclosed trailers for riding mowers. Many of you might have a big enough shed to park the mower. If you don’t, then save money and buy a better trailer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size trailer for a 60 inch lawn mower?

To fit a 60-inch lawn mower, you need a trailer that is at least 6 feet wide. In that case, 6×12 trailers will be perfect.

Will a 52 inch mower fit a 5 foot trailer?

Yes, apparently 52 inch mower will likely to fit in a 5-foot trailer. These trailers will work quite well for carrying or even storing your mower.

What size trailer do you need for a 1025R?

As the dimensions of 1025R are roughly 105 inches and 46 miches, a 5×10 feet trailer will be an excellent option to carry the subtractor.

Final Thoughts

So, will a 60-inch mower fit on a 5×8 trailer? Nope. You will need at least a 6×12 trailer to fit your 60-inch lawnmower. Now, only carrying your lawnmower and storing it in a proper place won’t be enough. A lawnmower is, after all, a vehicle.

As you change the oils of your car, clean it and maintain it, a lawnmower also needs that attention. Or, ruin your lawn mower and end up buying a new one.

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