Lawn Mower Won't Start After Tilting

While using a mower, you may face your lawn mower won’t start after tilting. It is natural for lawn mowers to stop functioning when people tilt them to substitute blades or complete some other sort of upkeep. And Fuel leakage can be the major reason we have got people complaining the most.

In most cases of mower troubleshooting, you want to start by checking your fuel level. If that doesn’t help, check the spark plugs and see if they are working correctly or not.

Here, we will discuss the causes and the possible solutions to this problem.

The Lawn Mower Won’t Start After Tilting

Occasionally, one may notice that the lawnmower starts one time, then the lawnmower won’t start again. You need to know the causes and the possible solutions to try for your good.

The following table will represent why the lawn mower does not start after tilting and possible solutions.

Reasons for no start after tiltingPossible solutions you can try
Fuel leakage in the capLeave the cap to dry out or substitute it with a new cap
Air filter problemReplace the air filter
Carburetor problemLet the carburetor dry out or replace it
Spark plug issueRemove the spark plug and rotate it around

Fuel leakage in the cap

When you tilt the mower in a few lawnmowers, fuel could leak into the carbon in the cap, limiting the fuel system’s venting. It can cause the lawnmower not to start up. Or the lawn mower won’t stay running, only run for some minutes, and then die.

In this case, you need to check that the gas cap vent hole is functioning or start it without the cap on to be assured. Leave the lid to dry out or substitute it with a new cap if it does not start.

Air filter problem

There is oil in the breather tube linked to the carburetor. Oil can then soakage into the air filter, causing a constraint and the lawnmower to not start after tilting or running full of fuel. If there is black smoke exhaust coming out of the lawnmower, this is possibly why.

You also can’t tilt the lawnmower, so the air filter is down. It would help if you always tilted it, so the air filter faces upward. That is why it will not start up, because the air filter is soaked, and no air can flow inside. In such cases, you can replace the air filter.

Due to the Carburetor problem

Fuel in the carburetor can cause leakage in the air cleaner and engine. This causes the lawn mower to flood and not start after tilting. Also, something can be lodged in the carburetor somewhere to cause the riding lawn mower won’t start after running.

The exhaust of the lawnmower gets very hot quickly at that time. Then, the lawnmower will also sound a lot louder than usual. It would help if you let the carburetor dry out or replace it to solve this problem.

Spark plug issue

If you store your lawnmower spark plug facing down after tilting, the Push mower won’t start after being on its side. This is because the maximum of the oil will find its way up that way, and it is hydro-locked.

In this scenario, you have to follow this properly.

Step 1: you need to remove the spark plug.

Step 2: Then, rotate it around a few times.

Step 3: Next, allow it to sit for some minutes.

Step 4: Then, re-install the spark plug.

Step 5: After that, try some starting fluids in the carburetor.

Some Suggestion to Tilt The Mower Or Mow On Driveways

You can significantly decrease the amount of trimming you do if you learn to tilt the lawnmower on driveways. If you must slant the machine on a horizontal surface adjacent to your turf, position the mower’s gears directly on the border and change direction along the side. For example, The surface means a sidewalk or driveway

Caution: This tip does not work with barricades or other barriers, but it is excellent for flat surfaces such as driveways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you flip a lawn mower over?

Yes, you can flip a lawnmower over. However, being cautious would help that the fuel and oil do not leak during the flipping of a lawnmower over.

What happens if you put lawn mower blades on upside down?

Maximum lawn mower blades have wings that make an updraft when installed correctly. It makes the grass stand upwards so you can cut it more evenly. If you put them upside down, the grass will be pushed down by the downdraft formed, and the lawnmower won’t cut properly, or it could damage the lawnmower.

What would cause a lawn mower not to turn over?

A lawnmower that won’t turn over is usually the result of a dead battery. When the battery dies, it can cause your engine to crank but not start. If you can push the mower around with ease, it’s probably just a bad battery. Also, check air filter to make sure there isn’t a clog or excessive dirt inside. If your air filter is dirty, you need to clean or replace it immediately.

Can you turn a lawn mower upside down?

Yes, you can turn a lawnmower upside down. But it will be a big mistake done by you. This is because it will possibly damage your lawnmower. Still, the lawnmower might even work okay if the grass is not very thick and tall.


As you probably know, the lawnmower is one of the most commonly used equipment for cutting grass in your garden. Additionally, it is user-friendly and low-maintenance. But even with good maintenance on it, one problem that many people encounter is how to fix it when the lawn mower won’t start after tilting.

While it is a circumstance that can affect anyone, the reality is that this issue has a specific cause. Even though it may seem like the mower is faulty, you have to know that you’re not alone in this situation. We’ve tried our best to describe the reasons for the solution. But, if none of these fixes work, you will probably need to take the mower in for repair.

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