Who Makes Kubota Engine Oil

Kubota mainly produces engine oil for Kubota. But many of us are unsure who makes Kubota engine oil? Valvoline oil is usable for Kubota engine.But, how and why is it different in quality and price?

So, we will clarify all these confusions and evaluate if using other brands’ oil of the same spec will deteriorate your engine’s performance and longevity. Plus, for a better understanding of Kubota oil, we will compare it with renowned aftermarket oil. So stay with us and enlighten yourself.

Who Makes Kubota Engine Oil

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MacAllister Machinery Inc. company provides suitable oils for Kubota engines. Mainly, they operate the company from Indiana and Michigan. The company is Kubota authorized dealer for making the engine oil for Kubota and expands in 30 locations.

The oil circulates the engine effectively. The moving components, like bearings and pistons, work well because of lubrication. In harsh conditions, this oil provides proper viscosity.

MacAllister has a dealership with the Kubota for supplying the oils for Kubota engines.

Who Else Makes Kubota Oil Other Than Kubota

Besides, Kubota, a renowned American company named Valvoline manufactures and supplies Kubota engine oil. They are the oldest and one of the finest original oil manufacturers.

Moreover, Valvoline refines and compresses the oil to send to test under Total Lubrifiants. This adds a layer more to the reliability of Kubota Engine oil.

But How is it different than other engine oil that Valvoline themselves produces? Right? To be frank, they may be effective in lubricating, cleaning, and sealing your engine interior. But, we will still say Kubota engine oil is distinct. Because Valvoline makes them the oil specifically to meet Kubota machine requirements.

However, if your engine warranty does not require you to use Kubota engine oil explicitly, then you can opt for other market products that meet the specs of your engine. You can also use other oils that match the specs of Kubota oil. We will discuss the specs in the next section.

But, before that, you would better establish the reliability of the oil that you are going to substitute with Kubota’s. So, verify if the oil meets your engine specs and if it does what it says on the label.

Also, make sure you drain all of your previous engine oil. Because engines can’t sustain two different types of lubricants as they can become unstable. Run and warm up your engine for a few minutes before draining.

Kubota Engine Oil Specs

Both 15W-40 and 10W-40 engine oils are approved for Kubota engines. They are also suitable for Caterpillar, Mercedes-Benz, Man, Cummins, Deutz, Volvo, and Renault-Vi engines. It is a high-standard oil, but still, you can replace and run with a reliable oil that meets your engine requirements.

10W-40 has a viscosity of 106 mm2/s when at forty degrees Celcius and 15.2 mm2/s at 100 degrees celsius. Due to its high viscosity index, it can initiate at a low temperature and withstand a high temperature. It also reduces corrosion and assures a sealed engine structure.

On the other hand, 15W-40 has 98.7 mm2/s at forty degrees Celsius and 13.4 mm2/s viscosity at 100° Celcius. It’s a highly stable oil that can lubricate your engine parts in all types of weather conditions. Plus, it can protect wear and tear inside your engine and prolong its lifespan.

Kubota Oil Vs Rotella

Kubota oil has some essential features, but if you still think it costs little extra than what’s it worth, then you may get a better picture by comparing it with Rotella engine oils. We will mention a few key differences in their features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best oil to use in a Kubota tractor?

The safest choice for your Kubota tractor engine oil will be Kubota engine oil. Otherwise, Kubota also approves Chevron Synthetic oil. So, you can use it or any other reliable aftermarket oil.

Does Valvoline make Kubota oil?

Yes, Valvoline refines oil for Kubota and sends it to Total Lubrifiants for testing. This oil type is distinctively made according to the specifications of Kubota engines.

Can I use synthetic oil in my Kubota tractor?

Kubota instructs using lubricants of API higher than CF. So, if the synthetic oil you want to use in your Kubota tractor exceeds this rating and complies with your engine requirements, you can use it,

Final Thoughts

A good number of refineries supply lubricants to various oil companies we see. The number is prettyhuge that it is too easy to get lost.

So, to get you back on track, we bought you a guide to shed light to know who makes Kubota engine oil and how it is different from other products.

Finally, we will be delighted if you find our guide worthwhile. So, until we come with another guide, stay safe.

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