Do you want to know the best Husqvarna bevel gear grease alternative? The best bevel gear grease alternative you can use is the Stihl multipurpose grease. It is the best grease controller you can use to lubricate your Husqvarna gearbox.

Unlike this, there are plenty of options for grease or lubrication of the slopes. Below are some of the best alternatives for Husqvarna bevel gear greases, features, and additional advantages.

5 Best Husqvarna Bevel Gear Grease Alternative

The anatomy of adding grease to your regular schedule means the reliable performance of the vehicles. Grease is a basic element that adds soul to the vehicle. In this case, it is natural that you’re looking to buy the best grease for bevel gears for your Husqvarna.

Below are some recommended grease alternatives you may use if the regular lubricants aren’t available.

1.  Synpower Synthetic Grease

Synpower synthetic grease is a valuable lubricant that works primarily on brush cutter bevel gears. They produced sufficient support and infusion needed to absorb the axial forces inside the machine. With one pack, you will get 0.9-ounce grease, which might be enough for any bevel gearbox.

The leading thing about this grease is that it has extreme temperature resistance under -60F to 420⁰F. This grease can inhibit both rust and corrosion. With extreme pressure fortified compatibility, it can adjust to any of the vehicles, also in Husqvarna brush cutter.

2.  Mystik Hi-Temp Gear Grease Oil Base

A Mystik Hi-temp gear grease is another lubricant you can use as an alternative to gear grease. Those greases also provide you with similar outputs. Mystic comes with high-temperature and lithium combined grease. For this, it works best as Husqvarna trimmer bevel gear grease.

All in all, Mystik hi-temp is solemn grease that can resist medium-high, all types of temperatures. Also, you must be getting superior protection in heavily loaded constructional applications.

3. M1 Garand Grease Oil Bath

If you want to lubricate your multipurpose parts of Husqvarna, then M1 is excellent for this. M1 Garand grease is the product of lubricating L0043-004 130-A type one. You will get all the characteristics that swivel the longevity of the other essential parts of the vehicle. It has well-maintained water repellency.

But you might not use this grease when the temperature exceeds 180⁰ high. All in all, M1 is a prosperous alternative used as Husqvarna multipurpose grease.

4. STIHL Multi-Purpose Grease

Our fourth choice is the most recommended multipurpose grease from STIHL. It is the best lubricant for having high resistance. STIHL works well on heavy-duty parts especially modified for the garden mower, vehicles hedge trimmers, electric saws, etc. This kind of oil initially comes with some additional elements that make it more efficient.

As an additional feature, here you’re going to experience a well-consistency adhesive that can resist any temperatures.

All in all, many gardeners insist on this multipurpose adhesive as the greatest Husqvarna 502 51 27 01 bevel gear grease. On the other hand, it is ideally well-known for reducing wear and preventing corrosion.

You can check out these 5 STIHL trimmer grease alternatives to try.

5. CRC White Lithium Grease

Try this alternative if you don’t want to use the STIHL. One of the common advantages of this grease is excellent film strength, which is crucial to collaborate with rough weather.

Again, white lithium grease is worth using on the Husqvarna gearbox since it has good compatibility, water resistance, and durability. Many of you might be in a dilemma in finding a suitable alternative to Husqvarna multipurpose grease. In that case, CRC might be one on which you can depend.

The Benefits Of Greasing The Husqvarna Bevel Gear

One of the expected benefits of using grease on the bevel gear is to make it more efficient. Greasing the bevel gear prevents any premature damage.

Again, keeping the bevel gear lubricated will prolong a way to prepare it for the next task when needed. Lubricants also save you money. Without grease or lubricants, your vehicle might fail to perform well. The metallic parts of the engine may get stuck into the machine deck. Many maintenance specialists often suffer from bringing their mower to the service center for lack of grease.

Regular lubrication also gives you extra advantages like elaborate performances and smoother driving experiences. Also, you will get chances to purchase or change the parts over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often To Grease My Husqvarna Bevel Gear?

You should try to grease the bevel gear every week. If it is impossible for you, shift this to once a month. Besides this, the best way is to grease the bevel regularly since they had to maintain the engine and other complicated stuff.

Can You Use Any Grease on Husqvarna Bevel Gear?

You can grease the Husqvarna bevel gear regularly. Yet, this vehicle is already manufactured and comes with the correct quantity of grease when it comes from the factory. To maintain the bevel gear and smoothen its performance, you must use lubricants or oil to grease the stuff.

Are All Multipurpose Greases the Same?

Multipurpose greases are not the same at all. There are a series of differences between traditional grease and multipurpose. The multipurpose grease often comes with an alphabetical symbol that indicates its consistency. Multipurpose means it can be used in every vehicle without obligations. Again, traditional grease is a kind of lubricant manufactured or used for a specific purpose, also available in different varieties.


Now, you may have a clear concept of what to use when you’re confused about choosing the best Husqvarna bevel gear grease alternative. There are two types of grease you may find. One is a white lubricating grease; another is an oil base. The tube-type lubricant grease is perfect to use on the shaft, angle, and screws. Oil-based grease can be used when oiling the trimmer-type bevel gear. 

Finally, try to choose anyone from the above. Then give a trial with these greases. The alternate greases didn’t impact the engine but increased the variableness.

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