What do you use as Stihl hedge trimmer lubricant? Light or heavy oil, which will be perfect for your hedge trimmer?

According to manufacturer recommendation, the Stihl Multilub will be the best option to increase the sharpening ease, wear, and corrosion resistance. But you can also use some lubricants other than the Stihl brand.

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What Can Be Used For STIHL Hedge Trimmer Lubricant?

The Stihl hedge trimmer blade is introduced with high-quality metal, and the chainsaw requires resin-free lubricants to cut freely. In that case, you must use classical oils or grease.

According to manufacturer suggestions, the Multilub, Stihl Superclean, Stihl Varioclean, STIHL Multispray, and Stihl Superlub FS will be the best lubricants for Stihl hedge trimmer.

Basically, the hedge trimmers and their gearbox can be dull or damaged after a long time of use. There can be a harmful impact of wear and corrosion also. Therefore, the efficiency will lower, and it can’t perform well. You will get good results using the best lubricants for hedge trimmer.

So, What Lubricants for Stihl Hedge other Than Stihl?

According to meaningful research and manufacturer recommendations, DalaB General and WD-40 will be suitable for your trimmer. 

The main reason is the manufacturer invents these greases and lubricants according to the demand for their main products. The Stihl trimmer grease 225g is also good enough for a hedge trimmer and is a cost saver.

You should use the original Stihl gear lubricant when working with Stihl trimmer. Though it’s not restricted to use, these lubricants bear great value in increasing your chainsaw’s efficiency. You should use STIHL lubricants to increase cutting efficiency and keep the brightness long.

If you want to use grease for the Hedge Trimmer gearbox, you can choose anyone from the previous STIHL lists. The lubricants are also responsible for protecting from rust, harmful elements, and oxidation.

Why Is STIHL Trimmer Lubricant Used?

There are several causes to use the lubricant on STIHL Hedge Trimmer. Lubricant is an effective solvent designed and introduced with the resin remover feature. Here we also focus on what kind of lubricant for the hedge trimmer will be best.

Let’s check the points.

Remove Gum Buildup & Resin

The Multilub lubricants are responsible for removing all types of gum buildup and resin from the chainsaw and the gearbox of the trimmer. The STIHL manufacturer invents the STIHL Multilub to protect from resin and gum. So, all oils bear the same value and play an influential role in keeping your hedge trimmer clean and running smoothly.

Sharpening Ease

It’s too crucial for your Stihl trimmer. When the sharpening ease becomes low, then automatically the cutting efficiency, these lubricants help to increase the sharpening ease and keep it for a long time without sharpening more. Hopefully, you will get an effective result using any oil.

Wear & Corrosion Resistance

The Stihl hedge trimmer is formed with the best quality metal. The metal can be rusted or attacked by wear and corrosion when used in rough conditions. Using this lubricant, you can release wear and corrosion resistance.


The STIHL manufacturer also invents the STIHL Multilub lubricants to increase the chainsaw’s brightness. After extended use, the brightness will decrease and seem old. The chainsaw will express its shine and look new when using this lubricant properly.

Edge Retention

The chainsaw needs high edge retention, so the STIHL manufacturer includes these resin-free blades. But for long time work, the edge retention of the blade can go down and won’t take more stress. Using the original STIHL lubricant can overcome this problem and keep the blade’s edge retention for a long time without repairing or replacing the chainsaw.


The toughness of the STIHL Hedge Trimmer is too essential to perform in long-range and all challenging conditions. If the chainsaw or blade is attacked by rust or germs, the blade’s toughness will damage, and it will cause massive damage to money.

So, using STIHL -related lubricant, you can get a release from this problem and keep blades rigid for a long time.

How to Use Hedge Trimmer Lubricants?

How to Use Hedge Trimmer Lubricants

Knowing how to use Hedge Trimmer lubricants and how to lube STIHL Hedge Trimmer is essential. It would terminate the effect of fats on the chainsaw and gearbox. So, it would help if you were more careful when using the oils on the hedge trimmer.

Let’s check the process.

Note: If you follow these steps correctly, there is no chance of overusing the lubricants. That is essential to save your cost and provide the actual flow of lubricants. But take time when using oils, don’t make a hurry.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type Of Lubricant Do You Use On A Hedge Trimmer?

You can use SAE 20 engine oil or three-in-one oil to lubricate your trimmer. Oiling for 30 minutes daily, you will get an effective result.

Should You Lubricate Hedge Trimmer Blades?

Yes, it’s compulsory to lubricate the hedge trimmer blade. It is responsible for balancing two-blade frictions and preventing extra heat and pressure.

What Lubricants Can You Use For Stihl Hedge Trimmer Blades Other Than Stihl?

The WD-40 can be the best lubricant for hedge trimmer blades. Though there is no restriction to using any particular oil brand, the WD-40 grease bears great value in preserving edge accountability.


After seeing the detail of Stihl hedge trimmer lubricants, we get a clear view of it. DalaB General, WD-40, STIHL Multilub, Superclean, Varioclean, Multispray, and Superlub FS are the best lubricants for STIHL hedge trimmer. You can choose any one from them and lubricate your STIHL chainsaw and gearbox. Hopefully, you will get the best services ever with these lubricants.

Here, only the DalaB General and WD-40 come from different manufacturers, not the STIHL, but are usable as the complement of STIHL lubricants.

If you are confused about Hedge Trimmer lubricants, reread the content or get help from a STIHL expert.

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