How to Replace a Spindle on a Gravely Mower

I have always been fascinated with gardening. A friend of mine suggested a mower because I have a huge lawn. After a bit of research, I settled on buying a Gravely Pro-Turn 252 mower last year. And the turning point came when the spindle needed replacement, and I got puzzled with how to replace a spindle on a Gravely mower.

You need to take off some parts to get access to the spindle and replace it.

However, today, we will share all the tips and tricks on how to change and maintain the spindle of your lawnmower.

How to Replace a Spindle on a Gravely Mower

You see, the blade of the mower is attached to the spinning mechanism called the spindle. The spindle is a rotator that is attached with various sinning trails and levers attached to the motor.

As the motor is turned on, it started to rotate. The whole mechanism kicks in and starts to rotate the spindle. So, if the spindle gets bad, it needs to fix immediately to avoid the delay in mowing.

Let’s see the steps for gravely spindle bearing replacement.

Step 1: Examine the Crime Scene!

There are numerous times when a bolt gets lost or loose. Then it might be the cause of a wobbly blade or spindle. On top of that, your grave spindle bearings might get damaged as well. If lose bolts are the issue, then tighten the bolts, and you are good to go.

We always recommend examining the spindle for gravely zero turn mower and other parts every time before hitting the ground. It will save your time, big bucks, and most importantly, from harsh accidents.

Step 2: Unscrew & Remove!

If your spindle is damaged, you might see damaged signs, cracks, or dents on the spindle. This is highly unlikely, but still, it may happen. If the bearing is damaged, then you will have to perform gravely spindle bearing replacements.

To conduct any of the replacements, you will have to unscrew the parts. First, unscrew the blade. You can either use a hand wrench or a power drill. There is supposed to be a big screw in the centre. Unscrew that to remove the blade.

Then you will be able to see the socket of the spindle. Observe closely, and then you will see 4 bolts attached to the framing of the mower. These screws hold the spindle in place. Unscrew those and move to the top part.

You will find the pulley and the spindle in the bonnet. Dislodge the pulley from the spindle and lift it. Now, the question is, how to remove the pulley from a spindle? It’s pretty simple. You can use the same process to replace faulty pulleys as well.

First, you will have to lift off the safety locks and brakes. Then, jam the blades tightly with a solid object. Unscrew the pulley socket and lift it off. If it is needed to be replaced, then you can install new gravely spindle bearings and pulleys.

Step 3: Replace!

Now, sometimes you might order the wrong spindle. These parts come in different sizes and different fittings. If you are ordering online, then search gravely mower spindle.

Famous models like Gravely ZT 42, or HD 42 are a bit different. You can also get Gravely ZT HD spindle to be the right fit for the job.

Place the new spindle in the right place and simply reverse every step that you have already done. Gravely ZT 42 Spindle assembly is kinda similar as well. So, you can do it all by yourself.

Why Change Spindle on Gravely Mower

Like other mowers, gravely spindle is very easy to use. Now, many of you might question why replacing the spindle than repairing it.

You see, spindles are solid metal rotators. So, if it is damaged, then repairing it is not always. But have no fear because gravely spindle assembly is very simple. All you need is the right set of tools and a bit of patience.

Nonetheless, follow the above 3 steps to replace your grave mower spindle from your grave mower.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do gravely spindles last?

A Gravely spindle usually last for 2 to 3 years without any proper maintenance. However, I do suggest you check the spindle before every use. A damaged spindle can cause you an additional cost of a couple of hundred bucks. So be careful.

How do I know if my mower deck spindle is bad?

The first thing you will notice is uneven cuts and weird noises from the spindle itself. Many other signs like usual vibrations and wobbling blades will indicate a bad spindle.

How do you remove the spindle key?

First, you will have to place the assembly over the key. Then insert the bolt into the shaft as far it goes. Use a wrench to remove the key from the shaft. It might take a nit of force, but that’s okay. With enough push, it will come off.

Final Takeaway

So, we have given all the tips and tricks on how to replace a spindle on a Gravely mower. To be precise, the spindles can cost a fair bit of money, a couple of hundred bucks. If your mower is under warranty, then Gravely will repair or replace that for you.

If it is damaged, then you can replace that by yourself. So, replace it with great care.

Always inspect before every use, and your Gravely mower will do a great job. That was all for today; We hope this article will be of great use to you.

Till then, happy lawn mowing!

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