Do you know what is one of the familiar John Deere Z665 problems? Usually, people face PTO clutch problems.

This machine requires a 12V battery to work smoothly. Connect the battery clip properly, then check the voltage. If it shows less or more voltage, you need to replace the battery.

Also, there are some other problems that people usually face. So, here are the 5 John Deere Z655 mower problems and everything you can do to solve it.

5 John Deere Z655 Problems and Solutions

john deere z655 transmission problems

The John Deere Z655 is a high-quality mower perfect for anyone looking for a durable and reliable machine. This mower can handle even the most challenging yards with a powerful engine and a wide cutting deck. It is also easy to operate, perfect for homeowners and professionals alike. However, that does not mean it never has any issues. Let’s talk about the 5 problems that are most common in this mower.

Steering problemsReplace bushing or gear
Transmission problemsClean gears and replace torn parts or replace the transmission.
Transmission blades problem  Add fluid to the transmission and adjust the blades.  
PTO clutch issueCheck the voltage and replace the battery
The drive belt issueReplace the belt

1. Steering Problems

Over time john deere z665 steering problems occurred in it. That is pretty common in this mower or even other models of john deere models. This can lead to some dangerous situations, as the mower can easily veer off the path if the driver isn’t careful. And the possible reason behind this problem could happen in many places. Either it is the gear problem or the loose bolt and bushings issue.

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You need to check the bolt first and use a proper wrench and tighten it. Also, check the bushing. Bushing commonly causes steering problems. So, replacing it might be the solution for you.

However, the worst that can happen in your gear. And it will cost you to replace gear along with bushing to solve the steering problem.

2. Transmission Problems

The John Deere Z665 transmission problems are what farmers usually face while working. The most common issue seems to be a failure of the transmission to shift properly into gear, often resulting in the mower becoming stuck. In some cases, the transmission has even failed completely, leaving the mower unable to move. It usually happens because of the overload. You can solve this problem by adding some weight to the front of the mower.

However, it is a temporary and quick solution for emergencies. You have to repair the transmission system. This involves cleaning the gears and replacing any worn-out parts. Mostly it is the final solution to this problem.

Yet, sometimes, repairing the transmission is not enough. When your transmission is too old, you are going to face this problem frequently. And that time, you need to replace the entire transmission system.

3. Blade Is Not Working

Since you are using a mower to cut the grass or anything smoothly, you can expect a clean and smooth cut from it. Otherwise, the culprit is the blades. Therefore, you need to adjust the blade properly and make sure it is reaching the height that needs to be cut.

If that is now enough, you have to replace blades to make it work fine again.

4. PTO Clutch Problems

The power take-off (PTO) clutch is one of the most important parts of a mower. And John Deere Z665 PTO clutch problems are pretty significant. Yet finding the problems and their solutions is not that tough at all. The clutch slips, which causes the mower to lose power. The mower also makes a loud noise when the clutch slips because of this problem. Also, the engine does not engage properly for this.

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The main reason for this problem comes from the battery. This mower uses a 12V battery for running this clutch. Check the battery voltage first. If it is more or less than 12V, changing the battery is the right solution for this problem. Otherwise, you have to replace the PTO clutch. But usually, the battery is the main reason for this problem.

5. Drive Belt Problems

The John Deere Z665 drive belt problems are because the belt is not properly aligned or the belt is old. So adding fluid can make some tension in the belt to make it tight and work better. However, aligning the belt is not easy at all. Since the tension arm is not replaceable, you have to do something with the belt. Replacing the belt is the most efficient and best solution that you can do for this problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my John Deere mower keep shutting off?

A few things could be causing your John Deere mower to shut off. One possibility is that the fuel is not getting to the engine. It could be caused by a clogged fuel filter or a problem with the fuel pump. Another possibility is that the engine is not getting enough air. And it could be caused by a dirty air filter or a problem with the carburetor. If you have recently changed the oil or the spark plugs, it is possible that you did not install them correctly, and they are causing the engine to misfire. If you have checked all of these things and are still having problems, it is possible that there is a problem with the electrical system.

What type of fluid goes in a John Deere hydrostatic transmission?

The fluid used in a John Deere hydrostatic transmission is a type of hydraulic fluid. This fluid is used to transmit power from the engine to the transmission and to help cool the transmission. You can get it from John Deere, which is called John Deere Low Viscosity Hy-Gard Transmission and Hydraulic Oil.

What would cause a John Deere riding mower to not start?

That could happen not only for a single reason at all. It could be the fuel system is not working or a clogged air filter. Also, a bad battery and spark plug can cause this problem.


It is normal to have problems with any machine. But, finding the right solution is the proper decision to make. We hope you have got an idea of the John Deere Z665 problems and their solutions. Remember, you need to do all the repairs with caution. If you are not comfortable with any of these, always take help from an expert to remain risk-free.

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