Is your pressure washer dead? When an electric pressure washer does not work, often the reason is a burnt fuse. So, you need to check it to be sure.

Many people think the fuse is in the cord or in the body, which is true for many washers. But what is the case for the Sun Joe pressure washer fuse location? Find out below.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Fuse Location

Even though you have an electric pressure washer to do the cleaning, it can be an utter disgust when the washer does not work.

The reason your pressure washer is not working can be due to worn bearings, power issues, overheating, tripped GFCI, clogged gun/nozzle, bad circuits, or other issues. Moisture can be another factor here.

So, whatever the reason is, we need to first examine the fuse since the fuse may blow out for various reasons, and then the blown fuse can be a barrier to the power supply.

You may often misunderstand it with a fuse in the machine itself or the breaker box fuse. But there is no fuse in your Sun Joe pressure washer machine. And the owner’s manual does not clearly specify the Sun Joe SPX3000 fuse location except that it only says ‘home’s fuse.’

Then Where is the fuse on a Sun Joe pressure washer?

The fuse in your Sun Joe pressure washer is inside the GFCI plug. Sun Joe has various models in its pressure washer category, but the fuse location is somewhat the same in all of them. Or at least we did not notice any difference.

They may have kept the fuse location inside the plug in all models to maintain uniformity of design.

If you open the plug, you will see the fuse inside. The fuse of this electric washer is so small that it fits inside the wiring. But you can see some information printed on that small fuse, especially when you magnify it.

By any chance, if water seeped into the GFCI plug, it can damage the fuse. Therefore, if you need to fix or replace the fuse, you can try opening the plug and checking if the fuse is still working fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a fuse in an electric pressure washer?

Yes. All electric pressure washer generally includes a fuse to protect the device from overcurrent and overheating. And you can find it in the plugin for most of the washers. However, the pressure washer fuse location can vary on different models, designs, and brands.

Is there a reset button on a pressure washer?

Yes, you may find a reset button in most pressure washers. Often the reset button replaces the fuse. What it does is it resets all the settings of the pressure washer and unwinds any function that was changed during use. If your electric washer stops working, you can do a reset by just pressing the reset button, and the little red dot will light up.


You can easily find the Sun Joe pressure washer fuse location when you open the plug. This small fuse resides inside the ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, commonly known as the GFCI plug.

Even though pressure washers are handy tools for cleaning, they can stop working even if a small drop of water gets inside the GFCI plug. Then you may need to replace the whole plug instead of the blown fuse. That being the case, you have to be careful when using one and try your best to keep this valuable tool out of the water zone.

When an overflow of electricity passes through the system, the GFCI outlet prevents it from reaching the machine by blowing off the fuse. So, the power is shut off, and your pressure washer won’t work until you fix the GFCI outlet or the fuse in particular.

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