Many people have recently adopted an eco-friendly attitude. As a result, their backyard is now lush with trees and grassy lawns. It is possible to create any lawn and garden you want with the best grass seeds and fertilizers.

But it is indeed very confusing to choose one from so many options. But among all the brands in the market, STA Green and Scotts are the most popular. Yet, you might have trouble choosing one from them.

This article will be very helpful to you if you are starting a new lawn or bringing back a lawn that has been neglected for a long time; as in this article, we are going to discuss STA Green and Scotts to help you determine which one fits your needs more.

STA Green or Scotts: Which is Better?

A Green

Some commendable lawn care products can be found from Sta- Green, and Scotts. Sta-Green was founded in 2001 by Doug Brander, who committed to providing effective, eco-friendly services. Meanwhile, Scotts’ entry onto the market dates back to 1868 when Orlando McLean Scott launched Scotts.

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They both work well despite some basic differences, which are-


STA Green and Scotts Both brands contain highly important Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, soluble potash, and phosphate at different concentrations depending on their intended uses. Other than that, Sta-Green contains only organic ingredients. Their quality is unbeatable by other brands. Many Sta-Green products work faster thanks to organic materials, such as rotten roots. And, Scotts differs from Sta-Green in a subtle way. Pendimethalin is the key ingredient they use for herbicides. This is really helpful for growing and nourishing lawns in suburban areas.


The services found at Sta-Green include spreaders, grass seed, fertilizers, lawn soil, winterize for the winter season, and much more based on the condition of your lawn and the outlook you wish to achieve. In Scotts, you can get lawn food, grass seeds, weed control, fertilizers, pest control, and more.


Sta-Green is cheaper than Scotts in terms of price, but Sta-Green beats anything else when it comes to a budget-friendly value with exceptional service and products that people want. Those who value quality and brand more than anything else can opt for Scotts, which is a bit pricey.


Root Growth, Weed Feed, Winterizing that is cold resistant, and a Summer Pack that is drought resistant are some of the items found in Sta-Green. Besides selling lawn care products, it also offers agricultural and horticulture products, Argo, farm equipment, and more. STA Green has an excellent formula that works like a fast and furious mode, with ingredients in different products that work quickly and effectively.

In contrast, Scott feed and weed contain feeds in smaller sizes, which can be easily absorbed by plants and grasses, promoting strong growth. Scotts can demonstrate the effectiveness of their fertilizers or seed quickly, while Sta-Green’s can take weeks. But, slow-releasing Nitrogen is used by Sta-Green, which doesn’t give you an immediate result but rather an effective long-term result.

Users’ Objectives and Purpose

In regard to the needs of your lawn, Sta-Green, as well as Scott, can provide authentic and high-quality products. From professional agriculture, harvesting to residential use of the outdoors, Scott’s products are green and nourishing. On the contrary, the Sta-Green program has as its primary concern the delivery of outdoor care solutions for residential facilities.

According to the guide provided, there are different lawn care packages available from Sta-Green. With sta-Green, you are guaranteed a high level of professional service that doesn’t require repeat services.

Things You Should Consider Before Getting Lawn Grass


You should consider a few factors, including the climate of your region, how much sun your yard receives, and foot traffic. If you need help deciding which grass to buy, you can check out a buying guide on choosing the right grass for your lawn.

Use premium seeds

If you actually want a fine lawn, then you should go for premium seeds like Scotts. Because this will help sprout fast, maintain even coverage, and stay put. In addition to accelerating growth, premium seeds provide disease protection. It’s easier to keep a lawn that looks lush and full if you plant grass seed that has a higher seed density.

Use fertilizers

Granular fertilizers are most commonly used in lawns and gardens. This is because these are easy to manage since the amount you use can be easily seen. It is possible to choose a fast-release option, which allows plants to receive Nitrogen immediately after application and lasts for three to four weeks. Rainfall affects the duration of slow-release options, which vary between eight weeks and fourteen weeks. You must apply liquid fertilizer frequently because leaves and roots absorb liquid fertilizer quickly. Two to three times per week is recommended to apply it.

Water it regularly

It is recommended to water your lawn grass once per week, sometimes even three times per week during the summer. There is no need to water on a day where there is a lot of rain.

Mow when needed

It is important that you do not let your lawn grass grow up to a certain height which can be 2-3.5 inches. Letting it grow will cause more weed and mold even. So, make sure to mow your lawn properly when it is necessary. 

Prevent weeds

The easiest way to keep weeds from taking over a lawn is to control weeds carefully rather than trying to remove them from an already overrun lawn. With a weed control spray, you can stop weeds like dandelions and clover, preventing them from blooming and spreading seeds to other areas without harming the lawn grass. So, you see, STA Green and Scotts both have their pros and cons. You just have to determine which fits your needs.

If you are looking for something in the mid price range and long term effective result then, you can go for STA Green, but if you do not mind spending some extra money for immediate results and more quality, then you can definitely go for Scotts. And as you are buying seeds and fertilizers for your lawn, the lawn type and size will also matter. It is also very important for you to take good care of your lawn; otherwise, the seeds and fertilizers will be worthless.

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