Mclane Vs Tru Cut Reel Mower

From performance to ease of use which reel mower is the best? Juggling the thoughts between Mclane vs Tru cut reel mower regarding choosing is a bit challenging. At first glance, the noticeable difference is in the drive mechanism.

Well, the battle between Mclane vs Tru cut reel mower is neck to neck. It’s not one is superior to the other. Maybe there is the slightest change in some respective features. Eventually, your purpose will let you stick to the right one.

To fit into your perfect match, we have narrowed it down ins and out.

A Prompt Comparison On Mclane Vs Tru Cut Reel Mower

Mclane Reel MowerTru Cut Reel Mower
Focusing Spot
Reliability and precisionProfessional lawn care
Cutting Height
¼ inch to 1-1/2inch3/8 inch – 2-1/4 inch
Manoeuvre Facility
A bit harder to handleSimple to navigate
Lest Robust gearsMore robust gears
Less expensiveExpensive

Basic Comparison for Mclane Vs Tru Cut Reel Mower

Both reel mowers possess distinction in terms of deck size. In the heat of debate making one champion will be unwise. Each mower holds the dominance with some crucial distinguishable context. Several factors draw the line.

If you can identify a clear need, this journey creates less confusion. Let’s see how Mclane or Tru Cut are different from each other.

Engine Variation Between Mclane and Tru Cut Reel Mower

Powers source matter to run a machine. A first-rate engine sets the seal on that. As follows, Mclane mowers run through A- Matic engine, which is touch. This engine manages effortless and smooth functioning to give you a better output. At the same instant delivers Satisfying traction for roller drive. 

Counter-wise, Tru Cut uses double automotive pattern clutches to operate the machine. These clutches are steel which makes the structure durable. There is a ball bearing to spin on the shafts. As a result, drive wheels move independently.

Blade Design Dissimilarity

Since cutting is the ultimate destination, a sharp blade is mandatory. According to that, Mclane occupies the armor reel plate. Accompany that a bed knife is to bring perfection without any doubt. However, Tru Cut settles for both bed knife and steel real. Hence, the blade is intense and sharp enough to cut the grass with exactness. 

Mclane and Tru Cut Drive Mechanism Difference

Maclane has a roller drive. That roller drive requires lifting to manage. With the help of it, you can move it up or down. At the same time, it is possible to make it engage or disengage it. On the other hand, Tru cut includes a wheel drive. Once you press it, the machine gets started. Use Thumb and push the tab button to control.

Mclane and Tru Cut Speed Control Contrast

The speed control adjustment varies from one another. In Mclane, you have to use engine throttle. So the fourth engine can be regulated when it requisites to increase or decrease. Conversely, Trucut controls through the drive clutch. By pushing down the control button harder, you will measure its speed.

Weight Comparison of Mclane and Tru Cut

Mclane is less bulky than Tru cut. The weight of the 20-inch Trucut is 160ish lbs. Due to this fact, Maclane is heavy. This weight effect in generation lawn line using a roller. As a lawn owner, if the shape matters, the following assessment is significant.

Mclane & Tru Cut Height of Cut Modification

Tru cut is a bit faster with the supposition of adjusting. Mclane is a bit slow because of the bracket which is placed on the mower side. You need to adjust the bracket first. As a result, it becomes complicated. The bracket system is not wrong but a bit tricky.

Maintenance Difference- Tru cut Vs Mclane

Each mower’s maintenance is incompatible. For Mclane, you need to examine oil. Right then, you have to lube the chain. And asses the air filter. Since the bearings are a sealant, no greased is required for them. Tru cut follows almost the same, but it needs grease fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Buy a Tru Cut Reel Mower?

Suppose you are concerned about the environment, then you can give it a thought. Tru cut offers several assistances such as noise level, safety, and easy management. The price is also tolerable compared to others mowers in the market. Simultaneously, the quality and built quality is top-notch.

Which Mower is Better, Tru Cut or Mclane?

There is no such better thing because both mowers are outstanding with some excellent features. These attributes stimulate differentiation from each other. Tru cut is super for built quality. Alternatively, Maclane is famous for its thoroughness.

Which Reel Mower Wins the Battle?

In the contest of Mclane vs Tru cut reel mower, we have brought notable distinction. There is no doubt that both mowers are pretty standard. However, Tru cut equipment is a bit sturdy. On the flip side, Mclane ensures accuracy and solidity.

If you are looking for a budgeted mower, Mclane can be your right choice. Oppositely, Trucut is hugely reliable for easy navigation. These two mowers show their predominance in their respective position. Choose according to your lawn demands.

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