Kohler 7000 Vs Kawasaki FR

The biggest difference between the Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR is their powering applications. The Kawasaki FR series is for outdoor power equipment. But the Kohler 7000 series is used mainly in utility power equipment.

However, if you’re looking to purchase a new engine for your lawnmower or other yard equipment, it’s important to know how these two engines are different so that you can make an informed decision on what to buy.

This article will show you the basic to advanced differences between Kohler 7000 vs Kawasaki Fr. Here, we will have a one-on-one battle for their horsepower, longevity, maintenance, efficiency, usability, and price. And after that, it will be much easier to check who will win the bet?

Comparing Kohler 7000 Vs Kawasaki FR

Comparison FactorsKohler 7000Kawasaki FR
HorsepowerMostly uses gasoline enginesMost engines come with SAE J2723 standards
Longevity2000-4000 hours of use3000 hours of use
MaintenanceEasier to maintainRequire some technical knowledge
EfficiencyFuel efficient as they use gasoline enginesCan use both gasoline and mix oil
UsabilityReasonably reliablePrecise horsepower rating
PriceRanges from $219 to $3,450Ranges from $360 to $3,000

Engine Power

Kawasaki’s FR series has a range of 18, 21, 23, and 24 HP engine power availability, whereas the Kohler 7000 comes with a minimum of 20 to max 26 HP power engine availability. Kohler 7000 series engines are air-cooled while Kawasaki FR is liquid-cooled.

These two engines have several similarities, but Kawasaki FR has more advantages than the Kohler 7000 series. For example, Kawasaki FR uses 4-cycle professional-grade engine, so users can decide whether they want two-cycle oil (mixed with gasoline) or four-cycle engines (can use gasoline without mixing oil).

Also, Kawasaki FR comes with safety features that prevent the engine from overheating. Kohler does not have these features; even though it produces eight horsepower, it still needs manual operations.

Kohler 7000 series horsepower has become popular because this type of small engine is easier to maintain. And they are all V twin vertical shaft commercial-grade engines.


Certain models of Kohler 7000 series life expectancy outlast Kawasaki and other engines with comparable power and capacity. It is not surprising since Kohler has been making engines for a long time and has a great deal of experience.

Both Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR lawn mower engines will run at maximum efficiency for several years, but not forever.  At some point, the power output decreases due to wear and tear – this happens long before either Kohler or Kawasaki engines will completely stop working. 

However, both Kawasaki and Kohler 7000 engines come with a warranty for six months or 1000 hours, whichever comes first

In general, both will lose power when running for about 3500-3800 hours; this depends on how hard you work it.es horsepower becomes popular because this type of small engine is easier to maintain.


If there is any machine component damage, and you need to replace components, it will be expensive for Kawasaki. It is because Kawasaki uses specific Kawasaki-made machine parts.

On the other hand, Kohler 7000 series engines are very cheaper to maintain because Kohler machines use universal camshafts. It means that Kohler 7000 series can run on any Kohler engine components even if they are not the original Kohler machine component type.

The maintenance cost for Kohler is lower than Kawasaki because you have to take off fewer niggling bits to get the Kohler engine disassembled.


When doing tasks such as cutting and trimming, Kawasaki FR would offer more efficiency than Kohler 7000 series.

Kawasaki FR is also faster in terms of speed; it makes less noise than Kohler 7000 series. The latter means that it does not disturb the neighbors when you are working at night or during early mornings when others are still asleep.


With their ergonomic mechanisms, both of them are easy to use. However, some other experience was discovered when they were in operations.

In wet grass, if the Kohler is bogged down, then it needs to stop and have to make a reverse gear to back up a little bit and then go forward, or else it would just bog down again. On the other hand, Kawasaki FRs are unstoppable in that situation.

Kawasaki’s seat can be adjusted to sit higher, which will help it work on hills. Handling is also way better than Kohler and was less strenuous to use.

As Kawasaki has a smaller cut path than Kohler, it is harder to do certain shapes of lawns with Kawasaki, but Kohler would struggle if the grass were long and wet. Kawasaki also has a bigger gas tank, which means it can mow for a long time before refilling the tank.


The Kohler vs Kawasaki price can be different depending on what color of Kawasaki FR you choose. In general, the Kawasaki series is more expensive than the Kohler 7000 series.

FOR INSTANCE, Kawasaki FR750 Z is almost $2,000 more than the Kohler 7000. However, it’s faster, has better fuel economy, and has better acceleration. If you want to pay $2,000 extra for all these benefits, you should go with the Kawasaki Series.

Kohler 7000 series are comparatively cheaper than Kawasaki FR. Kawasaki is superior in its craftsmanship and thus more expensive. Kohler uses fewer components to produce a product.

This series of horsepower uses only gasoline; that is why they are cheaper than Kawasaki. But Kawasaki FR can use either gasoline or mix oil with it.

On the other hand, Kawasaki invests in cutting-edge technology, employs fewer people and machines, and is significantly more expensive than Kohler products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Kawasaki and Kohler the same?

Kohler shares Kawasaki Corporation as a subsidiary company. Although they are different organizations, there is cross-branding and marketing between the two companies.

Where are Kawasaki FR engines made?

FR engines are made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan, one of the major factories within the Japanese economy.

Where is the Kohler 7000 series engine made?

The Kohler 7000 series engine is manufactured in the USA.

Is the Kohler 7000 Series A good motor?

The Kohler 7000 Series A is a great motor because it has a low amp draw and is an efficient design. It means you’re saving on energy and water, and the appliance lasts longer.

Which Engine Wins the Bet?

The reliability, efficiency, and usability of Kawasaki engines are better. Their ergonomic designs will provide you with superior performance. Their machines are handcrafted in Japan and maintain the highest possible level of quality.

On the other hand, Kohler’s previous models had some negative reputation. They’ve managed to overcome this with their 7000 series and improved a lot in quality, durability, and maintenance. Kohler offers their lawnmower at a significantly lower price than Kawasaki now.

But before purchasing between Kohler 7000 vs Kawasaki FR, consider that if you live near any of these two dealers. Because when there is a machine part failure, you may need a replacement quickly. If you live nearby, you don’t have to wait for months.

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