John Deere Zero Turn Steering Problems

Many people buy lawnmowers to easily keep their back and front yard grass looking perfect at all times. One of the best in the business is a John Deere zero-turn lawn mower; however, people do have some complaints regarding the John Deere zero turn steering problems like the nor responding steering or jammed steering lever.

Our article is all about that, providing a simple yet effective solution to John Deere zero turn mower steering problems for your convenience.

Moreover, we will also put forth each step-by-step guideline so that you can resolve the issue and get back to mowing task in no time.

What Are The John Deere Zero Turn Steering Problems

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Well, an aged john deere zero can have different steering problems. We have managed to figure out some possible issues with this unique machine. Don’t worry as these problems also have solutions, and those are-

Possible ProblemPossible Solutions
Steering handles are not responding.That is a mechanical problem, and the solution can be a loose wire connection.
The steering handle got jammed.Clean the area and use grease.
The steering handle stuck.Unscrew the entire handle.

These problems are not too significant, and these are the common ones. You can quickly fix them as the possible solutions in the table. You can follow the below solutions to these problems:

Steering Handles Not Responding

There could be many reasons if you find the steering handle not responding. However, one of the main reasons is the loose wire connection. A loose wire connection can make the handle respond sometimes, but it will probably stop working most of the time. Moreover, you can face this situation while working or using the lawnmower.


It is a relatively easy task if you are known to DIY. Open up the foot panel by unscrewing the bolts. Then you have to find the lever attachment area, and from there, you have to find the handle joint. From there, you will see a response machine with a wire connected to the lever. Now see if there’s any wire attached or not.

However, we would recommend seeing the steering handle as it will have the wires connected.

Now, follow the steering handle wires to connect the loose one. If you see the wire attached at the end of the lever switch, there must be a problem with the button. In that case, you have to change the button to fix the steering handle.

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Steering Handle Jammed

One of the common problems while using an old lawnmower is jammeds steering. There are times when you have used the mower for such a long time and have not maintained it properly. It can go wrong, and one of those situations will come from the steering handle getting jammed. It happens because the mechanism gets dust and other dirt particles on it.


Well, the answer is straightforward, and it requires you to clean up your entire lawnmower thoroughly. If the handle seems jammed, stop working right at the time, as it can worsen if you don’t mend it.

Now take all the tools and work by unscrewing the foot panel. Take out all the screws and use hand gloves not to hurt your hands. Then, see a lever attached to the handle, and most of the dirt will be visible over there.

After that, clean it with a brush and use a cloth to clean it. After thoroughly cleaning the lever and the entire area, apply grease. Now check the steering handle will be smooth again.

Steering Handle Stuck

It is similar to the jammed steering handle. If you find the handlebar stuck or steering not moving, do not pressure it. Turn off the machine as early as possible and take your tools as you have to open the foot panel again. Now the lever we have discussed, in this case, it is broken or stuck.


No worries, as it is the simplest one only if the lever is broken. As you have to change the lever, it will work smoothly again. If the lever is all ok, you have to check if there is any kind of dirt or particles stuck on it.

Suppose there’s any, then clean it thoroughly. You have to unscrew and screw a few bolts to solve this issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you adjust steering on a John Deere Zero Turn?

The first thing to do is measure the tire pressure as it affects the tracking of the mower. Then check the search by increasing tire pressure and adjusting the speed to see the mower’s direction. Then align the steering levers and change the steering lever’s width

Why do my zero turns pull to one side?

The main reason behind that is traction. When you put both throttles that control the rear wheels forward with the same force, one side which is not getting enough traction will fall behind. That means one side will transfer power to move forward more efficiently than the other side.

How do I manually push my John Deere Zero Turn?

Firstly, turn off the engine, set the parking brake, and raise the operator’s seat. Then turn both release valves halfway counterclockwise and release the parking brake. After that, you can now push your John Deere Zero-turn lawn mower manually.


The John Deere Zero turn is a fantastic lawnmower to have at your disposal if you prefer using that type of machine in your yard. However, it is a machine that can have some issues. One of which is the John Deere zero turn steering problems that some users face due to the above-stated reasons.

That is why we created a complete guideline on the reasons that cause the problem and how you can quickly resolve the situation and get back to mowing your yard in no time.

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