Choosing a lawn tractor for your yard is never as easy as they say. Some buyers walk into the jamboree with only a budget at hand, which is a good start but never the most effective way. A lot of considerations come into play to select “the” most favorable riding mower for you and your property; you have questions like how sloped your terrain is, how bumpy it gets, the amount of work you’re looking to do, life expectancy, miscellaneous tasks, and of course, personal preferences to answer. Once you put all these concerns into perspective, you’d make a confident choice that will benefit you long-term– but with the help of a good comparison like this article!

John Deere lawn tractors are famous for becoming the family heirloom that is passed down to generations because of how durable and reliable they are. Regardless, you’d have to match the selected model to the right mowing situations for that benefit to play out nicely for you. So, it’s important to fully understand each model and what they offer so that you can make the right choice.

From a general standpoint, the S240 supersedes the S220 by possessing a tougher transmission, more durable engine, extra deck size option, and a generally pleasing aesthetic. However, there are instances where the better model isn’t always the most beneficial for the job.

In this article, I will be distinguishing the S220 and S240 and relating their features to your necessities to ensure you choose the most preferable lawn tractor for a good mowing experience. Let’s get into it!

differences between john deere s240 and s220

7 Unmistakable Differences Between The S220 And S240

When you need to make a good but seemingly difficult choice between two similar lawn tractor models, you start with the differences to successfully wrestle the decision-making process.

Engine Brands

Riding mower motor brands will always have a good set of customers that either support or go against them. In this case, we have the two famous engine manufacturers; the S220 is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton engine, and the S240 with the Kawasaki. Calling a spade what it is, the Kawasaki motors run better than the B&S. They operate cooler, distribute more power, last longer, and produce less vibration and noise.

Best believe that despite all these benefits, some people still insist that the B&S engines are better because they’re cheaper and require less maintenance, which is just sloppy talk.

Take it from me, the S240 has the better engine brand in comparison to the S220.


The S220 is superior with 22hp in comparison to the S240 with 21.5hp. The 0.5 horsepower is beneficial in a few ways; towing carts and mowing aggressive turf will be easier to perform. However, because the 22hp is paired to the Briggs & Stratton engine, going full dive into tough yard jobs will wear out the lifespan of the motor.

Nevertheless, if you’re someone to change mowing machines over a few years, you can very much purchase the S220 and enjoy its capacity to the fullest. If on the other hand, you seek to get a good life out of your lawn tractor, the S240 will serve you better despite it having 21.5 hp.

Transmission System

The S220 is equipped with the TLT-2000 transmission (that is also paired with the junior S100 series) in comparison to the S240 with the K46 hydrostatic transaxle system which is a lot tougher in comparison. Although the speed and slope angle limit are the same for both models, the S240 performs better on hilly and ditch-filled terrain. They will also tow carts better and distribute power to the unit preferably.

I would like to suggest instances where the S220 transmission could be good, but given the fact that they literally use the transmission of the inferior (and cheaper) series, the S100s, I rest my case and proceed to our next point.

Deck Size Variety

Another good disparity is the luxury of choosing between two deck sizes with the S240. While the S220 only comes with a 42-inch deck, the S240 can be either a 42 or a 48-inch deck lawn tractor. This allows you to either opt for a bigger deck size to finish the task faster or opt for the tougher model with a regular-sized deck to suit your storage space. Again, the S240 wins this round.

Fuel Gauge Visibility

There is a lot of praise given to the S240 for having the easy-to-read fuel gauge installed on the dashboard in comparison to the S220 which is nestled beside the seat and often gets covered by dust or debris that you’d have to wipe off to read. It might look like a small difference, but when you’re hoping to last quite a while with your lawn tractor, a little convenience can go a long, long way.

Mower Seats

The seat you’ll find on the S240 slightly differs from the S220 by shape. They are both 15-inch high back seats but the S240 is designed to be more stable and resistant to vibration in comparison to the S220. They also feature an open-back design that allows you room to grip and lift the seat to access the fuel tank of the machine. In terms of comfort, both models’ seats are competitive; you will sit comfortably if your yard is free of bumps and will be almost shaken off your waist if otherwise.

The only way you can defeat both bumps and long-term back problems is by installing a suspension seat; they offer unmatchable support to the spine and rear, and will effectively disperse killer shock waves when you run over a bumpy yard.

Price Tags

The pricing for the S220 starts from $3,000 – $3,500 depending on your dealer, and the S240 from $3,600 – $4,000 depending on both your dealer and the deck size you choose.

features and similarities between john deere s220 and s240

5 Significant Similarities And Key Features Of The S220 and S240

Despite the differences, the two models are very similar in looks and standard functionality.

Rate Of Speed

The velocity for both lawn tractor models is a standard 5.5 miles per hour forward and 3.2mph in reverse which highly contributes to the cutting quality of the lawn tractors. The machines run at an adequate speed that allows the cutting decks more time on a relative area to properly slice the grass and disperse the clippings effectively– no such thing as stragglers or turf tear. After all, it’s not how fast you mow. It’s how well you mow fast.

Tire Size And Traction

Both lawn tractor models are equipped with 15×6-6-inch front tires and 20×10-8-inch tires at the rear that allows the mowers a fairly decent amount of traction. Understand that “fair” is not satisfactory when your safety is involved. So, I advise you to tread carefully when dealing with slopes; always ensure you never attempt to climb plains that kink over 13 degrees. Also, make sure to mow up and down the hill instead of side to side to reduce the chances of your lawn tractor tipping over.

You can as well tweak the tire pressure of your mower to match your yard and enhance traction so that dealing with hills and sloped terrain is safer and more effective for you.

Fuel Tank Capacity

You’ll find that the fuel tank for both models is 2.4 gallons. For the S240, a gallon is efficient for approximately 1 hour, so you can run around for 2 hours and a half on a full tank. For the S220, the engine consumes a little less fuel, thus allowing you to run up to 3 hours on a full tank.

PTO System

The PTO system is responsible for engaging and disengaging the blades and could differ by technique based on the grade of the lawn tractor. The S220 and S240 are paired with the electric pop-up button strategy in comparison to the manual levers on the low-grade series. You’ll find this method to be more intuitive, convenient, and overall aesthetically pleasing to work with.


Both the S220 and S240 share the 3-year/300-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty on both parts and labor respectively.

Will The S240 Last Longer Than The S220?

It depends; both of the lawn tractors will reach 8 – 9 years under good maintenance. Bear in mind that the machines were built to tackle different workloads, so placing both models in a ring to rumble will be a little unfair. Yes, the S240 will last longer if you ignore equity and match both of the mowers to the same level of work.

Can The John Deere S220 & S240 Tow?

The S220 and S240 will tow equipment superbly as long as you don’t exceed the towing capacity which according to their manuals is around 500 lbs. There are many interesting things you can tow with each model. Click here to see what you can tow with your lawn tractor and how to calculate the overall towing capacity.

Does The S220 And S240 Plow Snow Properly?

Both models are properly equipped with enough horsepower to plow snow with an adequate capacity which is 500 lbs. Snow plowing with your lawn tractor is fun when you do it the right way.

Can The S220 And S240 Mulch Properly?

Mulching is efficient with both models because of the Accel Deep deck they are paired with. The decks allow generous airflow for the grass clippings to be properly chewed and dispersed. You’d be pleased with how well the machines mulch.

The Final Ruling

Your bang for the buck among the S220 and S240 is the model that will deliver a good mowing experience at an adequate price for your yard. If your property is about an acre and a half without the uproar of slopes and bumps, you’d be satisfied with the S220.

If on the other hand, you have more than 2 acres or your yard features a lot of challenges, then you better purchase the S240 instead to save you the stress. Each model will perform superbly when they’re paired with the right kind of jobs. Good luck!

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