Wondering, “Is10-10-10 fertilizer good for Bermuda grass or not?” Short but direct, triple 10 fertilizer is effective and the most used fertilizer for lawns, especially when it comes to growing Bermuda grass.

Many gardeners or enthusiasts don’t know the effectiveness of using triple 10 fertilizer. Due to this, they get confused about whether it can be used on lawns or not. Unlike other fertilizers, this one contains an equal proportion (10%) of N, P, and K molecules. They are safe and beneficial to the soil.

Luckily, I will discuss the exact reasons and the effectiveness of this particular fertilizer and why you should use it. In addition, several tips to get the most out of it. So let’s dive into the focus point.

Reasons Why 10-10-10 Fertilizer Is Good For Bermuda Grass

Triple ten fertilizer is a widely used fertilizer that is a combination of Nitrogen (N), Potassium (Potash, K2O), and Phosphorus (Penta Oxide, P2O5). All these ingredients or molecules are safe and subsultive for the soil. However, if you would like to know more about this in-depth, here are the reasons.

Reason 1: Balanced Distribution

Balanced distribution means that the most significant and beneficial macronutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, are mixed in equal proportions. According to NCAGR, 10-10-10 means that 10% of these three elements are present in the fertilizer.

So it is a balanced fertilizer that you can apply to any plant or crop spontaneously. As all the elements are present in balance, its nutrients are intact and evenly distributed to the Bermuda grass. Multi-nutrient fertilizer, also known as mixed fertilizer, contains multiple sources of nutrients.

Reason 2: Easy To Apply

This fertilizer is easy to use and can be applied in several ways. You can use it in granular and liquid forms. Remember to measure the lawn size where you cultivate Bermuda grass. And ensure to measure how much grass is on the lawn.

It is recommended that granular fertilizer can be spread by hand if the amount of grass is excessive. In this case, you should spray it in liquid form and sprinkle it on the grass. Remember to water adequately before applying this fertilizer.

Note: Don’t overuse this fertilizer and avoid frequent use. If so, the grass will burn and hamper overall growth.

Reason 3: Mixed To the Soil Evenly

The uniqueness of this fertilizer is that it mixes well with the soil. In this way, the soil gets enough nutrients quickly, which the grassroots absorb and store. Also, it provides nutrients very quickly and also helps the grass to grow faster. NPK fertilizer is efficient for all types of plants and grasses. But an equal amount of each nutrient makes this fertilizer more effective.

Reason 4: Boost the Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is a key consideration while cultivating crops or grasses. Without fertile land, nothing can grow, let alone produce crops or fruits. You can’t expect better results or a field full of crops in barren field. However, triple 10 inorganic fertilizers boost soil fertility and make the land crop-producing friendly.

Reason 5: Maximize Photosynthetic Activity

Photosynthesis is essential for proper plant growth. Plants make food in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll through photosynthesis. Interestingly, triple ten fertilizer contains nitrogen, which is a main component of chlorophyll.

This fertilizer activates the green part of the grass to take up energy and produce sugars and large amounts of energy. As a result, the grass grows faster and the nutritional quality of the grass remains intact.

Reason 6: Ensure Nutrient-rich Environment

Not only grass but any plant cannot grow without proper nutrition. And the way of providing these nutrients artificially is by applying chemical or inorganic fertilizers. In this regard, triple ten balanced fertilizer is considered highly usable and acceptable for quality and safety.

Apart from nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it also contains plant growth-promoting micronutrients such as calcium, manganese, and other minerals. Is there any reason not to use a fertilizer that contains a mixture of so many ingredients, the question is to you?

Can’t we say that it enriches the nutrition of the environment? Of course, it can be.

Reason 7: Helps To Create A Dense And Fast-Grown Grass

As we have already said, it contains both macro and micro-elements. Also, it contains a balanced amount of macronutrients in specific amounts. And these three elements accelerate grass growth. So its benefits and effectiveness are many. Moreover, it helps the grass to grow faster as well as makes the grass thicker and fresher.

Tips To Get The Best Results From 10-10-10 Fertilizer: How To Apply

It’s frustrating but true, many people especially those new to the field don’t know how much triple 10 fertilizer to apply to the soil. As a result, they don’t get the desired results. Considering them and those who are experienced, today I will explain how to properly apply this fertilizer to your land to yield good results.

Tips 1: Choose The Perfect Season

Experts recommend applying the triple 10 fertilizer earlier in spring. The reason is the grass begins to grow in this season. If you don’t spread or spray the fertilizer after the spring or late autumn, the effectiveness will fall.

After spring, the follicle of grass grows slowly compared to early or late spring. You can also apply a little amount of fertilizer in the dormant month or winter. Remember, Bermuda grass can grow faster in the temperature range from 95℉ to 100℉.

Tips 2: Prepare The Grass Field

Before applying the fertilizer to your lawn or grassland, mow your lawn 3-days prior or more. There are often grasses that get dry or burn the upper part. In this case, water the land so that the soil gets moisture evenly. Don’t forget to use a grass blade to dry the grass.

Tips 3: Apply Measuring The Land Size

Another important factor is measuring the overall size of the grassland. If you fertilize the land randomly, the intensity of fertilizer will hamper the grass growth and burn the grass completely.

If you want to apply slow-release 10-10-10 fertilizer, 10 pounds per thousand sq. ft., which has 1 pound of N2, is a wise decision. Don’t exceed this rate. Otherwise, the result might disappoint you.

Tips 4: Spread the Fertilizer After 30 Days After Each Application

Since triple ten fertilizer is not 100% organic, it has side effects. Meanwhile, you have to pay special attention. Therefore, frequent applications should be avoided. You can expect better results if you apply it after 30 days after using it for the first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Kind Of Fertilizer Is Best For Bermuda Grass?

A fertilizer with a standard NPK nutrient ratio is the perfect one for Bermuda grass. For instance, the NPK ratio of 10-10-10 or 16-0-8, or 30-10-10 is the good one for Bermuda grass to grow naturally. There is an even distribution of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in each fertilizer. The more nitrogen means the more prospective result.

Can 10-10-10 Fertilizer Be Used On All Plants?

Triple 10 fertilizer is balanced or mixed fertilizer that can be used for all plants. No matter whether it is a flower, fruit, tree, or grass, this fertilizer greatly influences all of them stunningly. The fertilizer spreads evenly throughout the soil and ensures that the plant grows naturally. So that can be said, 10-10-10 fertilizer is safe and perfect to be used on any plant.

How Often Should You Use 10-10-10 fertilizer?

How often you should apply triple ten fertilizer depends on grass types, seasonal changes, and other factors. However, if the grass is warm-season oriented, applying it four times per year is sufficient. Otherwise, you can use it every 30 days after the first application. Remember to don’t use it frequently. In any other case, you will not be satisfied with the results.


Be it Bermuda grass or any other plants, applying the right insecticides or fertilizer is an undeniable consideration. If you want more satisfactory results in your lawn, using the perfect fertilizer is crucial. Choosing the wrong fertilizer for grass (Bermuda grass) can’t bring great results.

However, among different fertilizers with different NPK ratios which one is good for Bermuda grass? Is 10-10-10 fertilizer good for Bermuda grass? The simple answer is it is beneficial for Bermuda grass on your lawn. The possible reasons why it is good are described thoroughly in this guide. Hopefully, you have got the point.

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