Husqvarna Zero Turn Steering Problems

Zero turn mowers are the best when you think about mowing your lawn. And, Husqvarna is among the finest in this field.

Husqvarna zero turn mowers offer you near-perfect flexibility with amazing speed. Smooth rotation and comparatively large mowing decks help you cover every inch of your lawn, save your time, and give you an incredible mowing experience.

However, they are not completely error-free. People often find themselves having trouble with their Husqvarna zero turn steering problems. Most of them are nothing one cannot handle themselves.

Keep an eye on this article to know the reasons and solutions.

Most Common Husqvarna Zero Turn Steering Problems and Their Solutions

With passing time, some parts and nuts may go loose here and there.

Uneven lever movement and leaning to a certain side are the most common problems when using a zero turn mower.

Well, there can be multiple reasons for this kind of disturbance, but we’ll discuss the basic and major ones.

ReasonsWay to Resolve
Slowed wheel speedAdjust the wheel speed.
Uneven steering leverPosition them at an equal height.
Unbalanced  tire pressureEnsure the same tire pressure on both sides.
Broken steering damperFix the faulty steering damper.

The above mentioned are the reasons behind the most common problems with Husqvarna riding mowers. Let’s explore in detail the problems we may face because of them.

Husqvarna zero turn won’t move properly

When your Husqvarna zero turn mower has trouble moving, the steering lever could be the most probable reason.

It is possible that uneven lever positioning is giving your mower a hard time to move.

Detach the steer handles and position them at the same height. Usually, they keep a few extra holes for adjusting the height to ensure the comfortability of the user.

Placing the steering lever evenly will sort out the mobility issue in a jiffy!

Husqvarna zero turn one side not working

One side of zero turn mowers might not work accordingly if it’s got a tire issue.

You will need to check if the pressure of the tire on each side is the same. When one side has less tire pressure than the other one, the zero turn mowers tend to lean to that side.

The mower will get slow and can stop. Even if it manages to carry on, you’re assured to get a wobbly ride!

Check the pressure on all the tires, and make proper arrangements to shake off the imbalance.

Zero turn mower weak on one side

If you find your zero turn mower weak on one side, slowed wheel speed can be the reason for your mower’s poor performance.

One of the wheels might be lagging behind its mates!

Find out the slowed-down wheel, loosen the nut, and turn the bolt to the left. This will speed up the wheel.

Make sure you adjust all the wheels at the same speed limit to get a smooth performance.

Husqvarna zero turn mower will not go forward or backward

This can happen if you have a faulty steering damper. Steering dampers help the lever with effortless movement.

A broken or faulty steering damper cannot help the lever movement properly. The lever might even get jammed. And that prevents the mower from moving as it intends.

Get the steering damper fixed to get a discontinued service from your zero turn mower. Don’t hesitate to get a new one in case it needs a replacement.

Husqvarna zero turn mower steering arms stiff

Stiff steering arms can be caused if the steering lever is jammed for some reason.

Check the lever for bent-up tie rod, faulty steering damper, or jammed nuts and bolts. Ensure that the wheel lever is pushed in place and examine the linkage.

How to adjust steering on Husqvarna zero turn

It is a great idea to go through a whole steering adjustment process to get rid of the steering problems. Adjust both the steering speed and the steering lever.

Fasten up or loosen the speed nut according to your preference to adjust the speed.

In the case of the steering lever, adjust the position of the steering handles so that they align together.

Husqvarna zero turn mower is a fine piece of equipment that tends to your mowing necessities. But it is important to maintain them appropriately.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you adjust the steering on Husqvarna zero turn?

Yes. Husqvarna zero turn steering can be adjusted very easily. For that, you’ll need to adjust the steering lever, steering handles, and the adjustment nuts. You might also need to check the tire pressure and any other broken or faulty part.

How do you adjust the steering on a Husqvarna zero-turn?

To adjust the steering lever, fix the steering handles into the same height position. In the case of speed nut, turn it to the left for increased speed and to the right for a decreased speed.

Why does my zero-turn pull to one side?

It may be caused by a wheel that has slowed down or has a low tire pressure. Adjust the speed nut to fix the speed. To adjust the tire pressure, maintain the same pressure limit on all the tires.

What does a steering damper do on a zero turn mower?

A steering damper helps the lever with effortless movement. It prevents your mower from being wobbly while moving through a hard and uneven surface.

Summing Up

The Husqvarna zero turn steering problems that people often face are mostly fixable.

 Though, the best thing to do is to take the help of an expert; if you’re handy enough to DIY, you can always have a look at this article for a quick Husqvarna steering adjustment!

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