How To Use Vigoro Spreader

It is very important to take good care of it, to maintain a beautiful lawn or garden. And the role of a spreader to spread turf and herb is undeniable. But do you know how to use Vigoro spreaders? You should know the correct settings of a spreader based on your lawn needs for better results. Otherwise, overuse of any chemical can harm your lawn, and using less will not work as you expected.

So, we will tell you about the correct usage of Vigoro spreader and make a lawn beautiful in this article. We’re pretty sure reading this will help to use the spreader in the right way.

How To Use Vigoro Spreader Everything you should know

People love a beautiful lawn a love to take care of it. The tools need for a lawn care spreader are one of them. Vigoro spreader is a broadcast spreader. A broadcast spreader is helpful to apply fertilizers, herbicides, and seeds to a large lawn. It will help you to spread seeds, soil, and fertilizers properly on your lawn.

We will discuss here all the essential things about how to use Vigoro 4300 spreader.

Necessary Tools To Use A Spreader

Some tools will require when you are going to spread fertilizer, soil, or seeds on your lawn. Before starting this project, you should line up these. They will save you from dust and chemicals without facing any error.

Vigoro Spreader Settings Chart

If you do not know the settings of your lawn spreader, we will give you the general settings chart. General spreader settings for the fertilizer chart will help you to understand the spreader. The settings depend on the product you need to apply on per square foot and your walking speed. Following this chart, you will be able to set your lawn spreader.

Vigoro spreader settings are listed below

Spreader RangeSettings 3 lbs./,000 sq.ft.Settings 4 lbs./1000 sq.ft.Settings 5 lbs./1000 sq.ft.
1-102 ½3 ½4

Calibrating Your Vigoro Spreader

If your spreader is not calibrated or using a new product, you should calibrate your spreader first to get the proper coverage of your lawn. You can use the general settings to calibrate the spreader if your spreader has no settings on it.

The calibrating process is described below

Calculate the Amount of Product

Read out the total area one bag of products can cover from its package. Divide 100 by the total square footage of the area. Now the number you get multiplies with the total weight of a bag.

Set The Spread Rate

Now time to set your spreaders spread rate. First, close the flow lever. Then set the chart for your recommended spread rate for your product.

The higher you set the spread rate, the greater the size of the hole in the hopper and spread a larger amount of product.

Measure a 100 sq.ft In Your Drive Way

To calibrate your spreader, you need to select a place on your driveway. Measure and mark off 10 ft. x 10 ft. area. Sweep off the site.

Place The Product on the Spreader

After that, place your spreader at the front edge of the place you have marked. Now time to fill the hopper with the product. Check if the flow lever is off. If not off the flow lever. Then place the amount you counted before for 100 sq. ft.

You must place your Vigoro spreader on a sidewalk or driveway, not on the lawn. This will prevent the spreader to spill the spreading material in one place and killing your lawn grass.

Start Spreading And Measure  Dispersal Pattern

To start spreading open the flow lever now. Next, push the spreader and walk at your normal walking speed.

After walking three paces, close the lever and take another step before stopping the spreader. Measure the width of each side of the spreader of the spread products on the driveway. Then spread the spread of the product all over the 100 sq. ft area you marked.

See If The Hopper left Any Product Or Not

After complete spreading, check for the material on the hopper. If the hopper is empty, then your work is done here. Then sweep up the material from the driveway with a broom and put it back in the bag or hopper.

Write Down The Setting

After completing the calibration, do not forget to write it down. Write it and attach it to your spreader surface. After this, you do not have to calibrate your spreader again.

Note: If the amount of product runs out before you complete the area, reset the spreading rate to a lower rate and repeat spreading 100 sq. ft. If you see product left in the hopper after completing 100 sq. ft spreading then, increase the spreading rate and try again.

How To Use Vigoro 4300 Spreader And Apply Fertilizer In Your Lawn

Once you complete calibrating the spreader and Vigoro spreader settings, your spreader is ready to apply fertilizer or other things to your lawn.

The steps for using a Vigoro 4300 Spreader are below:

1. Measure and prepare the place you wanted to fertilize

The first thing is to measure the area you want to fertilize. Before starting to spread fertilizer, it is essential to mow the area and clean it.

2. Set the flow rate

Then take your Shut off the flow leveler First. Then you have to set the flow rate of the spreader according to the recommended setting.

3. Fill your spreader hopper

Place the spreader on a sidewalk at the edge of the lawn. Measure the amount of fertilizer you need to apply to that area. Then put the product in the hopper.

4. Start Application

Now open the flow leveler and start pushing the spreader and walk at a steady pace. Walk until the hopper gets empty. If needed, fill it again, and apply fertilizer to the left portion of the area.

Sweep off the product fell on any hard surface to minimize the waste of the product.

5. Clean The Spreader

After applying any product to your lawn with a spreader, it is vital to clean, lubricate and store it in the right place. It helps to increase the life of the spreader.

Follow the user guide to clean, lubricate and store the spreader.

Tips to Follow While Using a Spreader

There are some key points you should know before you apply any fertilizer or herbicide on your lawn. The application Tips are given below:

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Setting Should I Use On My Fertilizer Spreader?

For a specific setting for using a fertilizer spreader, see the recommended setting chart on the surface of the spreader. If there are no numbers on the spreader, you can also use the general spreader settings chart.

What Do Numbers On Spreader Mean?

The numbers on the spreader surface represent the spreader setting for fertilizer. An tell you the amount of fertilizer you can apply over a square foot of area.

Should I Water After Fertilizing?

Yes, you should water your lawn after applying fertilizer. Watering the lawn after fertilizing will prevent your lawn grass from burning.


Now you have come to know, as we described different steps, how to use Vigoro spreader. With the calibrating process we discuss here, you can calibrate your spreader for any product.

With this vigoro broadcast spreader, you can apply fertilizers and herbicides to your lawn without overlapping or skipping any part of it.

Never forget to follow the tips given here to follow. If you do not maintain them, you may apply a large amount, burning your lawn. Otherwise, you may use more petite than your lawn need, and it will not work as expected.

Follow every step and tip of this article, and you will get a beautiful lawn of your own.

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