How to Keep Leaves from Blowing out from Mower Deck

How to keep leaves from blowing out from mower deck? When the problem is in the infrastructure, lifting the deck height and lowering the blade speed will save you from spending hours cleaning the freshly mowed grass.

Keeping the lawn clean while mowing is surely a painstaking task. But following some tips and tactics, you won’t feel the pain in your butt. So, let’s dig deeper into the solution.

How to Keep Leaves from Blowing out from Mower Deck

Abrupt blowing out of leaves is not a good sign of effortless mowing. A good mower should mow tall grass precisely and bag them in a grass collector bag.

But if your mower is acting opposite to it, you have to make some necessary modifications to escape from collecting these leave blades manually under the scorching sun.

Tools Required:

These are not the must-have tools. You may need more or less of these based on the situation.

Follow these simple steps to prevent leaves blowing out from mower deck

Slower the Speed of the Engine

The first thing you can try to minimize blowing out of the grass while mowing is controlling the engine’s speed. In a self-propelled mower, the speed is controlled by squeezing the lever.

Whereas Toro mower’s speed can be controlled by slightly pushing the handlebars. You can also add belt pulleys to proportionately slower the speed of the wheel. This way, it will maintain a constant momentum while mowing, and grass will be re-install voluntarily in the deck.

Removal of the Spacers

Commercial mowers have about 3-5 spacers just above the horizontal blades. Each of them offers ¼ inches of space approximately. To re-adjust the cut height of the grass, you can remove one or two spacers from the mower.

This will help you to roll smoothly in the lawn, mow grass of variable heights and accumulate them in the deck.

Removal of the Excess Blades

A lawnmower may have as many as 3-7 blades. Full rotation of these blades creates wind that blows out the grasses from the mower.

If you mow your yard regularly, and the grass heights are not that high, it is enough to work with 3 or 4 blades. You can use lawnmower blade removal tools to make the task easy and fast. They are easily available on Amazon, eBay, and other commercial websites.

Select a Lifted Deck Mower

Another easiest solution to your problem is purchasing a lifted deck mover. If the deck of the lawnmower is horizontal with the ground, it cannot hold large quantities of grass and debris within it.

Instead of these mowers, you can search for some mowers with a curved or cup-shaped case. These decks have more depth. So they are capable of preventing the falling of leaves and debris of the case.

Why Leaves Blow Out?

Unadjusted blades height and super speedy engine make it hard to handle the discharge of leaves while mulching. To add to your problem, the grass collecting bag might also get jammed with debris and fail to collect the grass. Resultantly leaves keep blowing out of the mower deck continuously.

So, before knowing how to mow without blowing out grass, it is also crucial to find out why leaves are blowing out of deck. There might be some infrastructural error and technical jamming while mowing.

Some prime reasons for such blow out of the leaves are

Installation of Inappropriate Gator Blades

Most of the lawnmower comes with razor-sharp gator blades. These mulching blades precisely cut leave blades and recirculate them in the deck. But short gator blades with oppositely facing mulching teeth fail to install the mowed grass in deck.

Excess Wind Production by the Blades

A lawnmower can have 3 to 7 blades at maximum. But generally, household mowers have two horizontal blades which are sufficient to cut tall leave blades and grass. When they are rotated at high speed, a gust of wind is created that blows out leaves from deck.

Insufficient Throttle

The throttle in the mower will help you control the speed of the mowing blade. In addition, this throttle comes in handy to start and control the power of the engine. But for want of sufficient throttle, blades rotated abruptly, making it difficult to bag leaves and grass.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I spray under my mower deck?

Mowing all day long accumulates dirt, moisture, soil particle under the mower deck. Moreover, grasses get stuck in the corners. So to prevent your deck from rusting and damages, you can apply TITESEAL Mower Deck Spray and Protectant.

Why does my mower deck leave a strip of grass?

Leaving a strip of grass in the mower deck is not common. Still, if you notice this whenever you mow the lawn, understand that blades are misplaced, or there was error during the installation of the blade. If kept unadjusted, it will eventually reduce the efficiency of the mower.

Should my mower Deck touch the ground?

The mower deck should never touch the ground. The gauze wheels should be installed at least ¼ to ½ inches off the ground. If needed, re-adjust the distance depending on your desired cut height.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best way to avoid grass blowing out front of mower can be overwhelming. The solution will not always be the same due to differences in models, structure, and capacity of the mower and the nature of the lawn you are mowing.

How to keep leaves from blowing out from mower deck?- This still may be a question of concern for the new gardeners. A slight adjustment in the deck height and engine speed will bring a drastic change while mowing. So are you to experience an effortless and fun mowing day.

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