How to Free Wheel Scag Cheetah

The Scag Cheetah mower industry is a well-known name. Everyone in the industry knows more or less about it. But the burning question is how to free wheel Scag Cheetah.

Removing the wheel of the scag Cheetah is different from the other riding mower. You need to get access to the transmission wheel underneath the mower. And, many do not know this point.

But today, we will discuss every step of it. Hopefully, after this discussion, you don’t have to worry about removing the wheel of Scag Cheetah anymore.

How To Free Wheel Scag Cheetah?

If you want to release wheel scag cheetah, you need to follow a few steps.

Although it is a bit different from the others, it is not a difficult task.

Necessary Equipment to Free Riding Mower Wheel

Scag Cheetah is equipped with a hydro-gear ZT-5400 transaxle andis the most comfortable Zero Turn Mower in the Scag. To remove the cheetah wheel, use the 1ta wrench to release the transmission wheel at the bottom to move the mower easily.

Besides, you need some other necessary things. The tools needed for scag cheetah wheel release are:

You can easily remove the wheels of your riding mower by following the steps shown below. 

Step 1: Park your mower on a flat surface

Park your device on a flat surface. Parking on uneven surfaces can cause it to slide while the wheel is moving. If the mower is on the lighter side, you can elevate it without using a mower jack. However, do not try to lift the mower if it weighs more than 75-100 pounds.

Step 2: Turn the power off

After parking the mower, turn off the power. After turning off the power, wait until the engine cools down completely. Wait until all the moving parts are fixed. Please do not leave it on until all parts are completely closed.

Step 3: Elevate your lawn mower

Place wood or brick behind the wheel if you want to make sure the device does not slip from the jack. Mower jacks are different according to brand and model. So, see the Scag manuals for proper use of your Scag Mower Jack. 

Or, check the Scag parts diagram to have a vivid idea.

Step 4: Rotate the Bypass Valve

Now, get access to the Transmission axle. Then, using a screwdriver, rotate the bypass valve or the dump valve from both sides in opposite directions.

When the transmission axle is disengaged, the wheel is now free to push or move.

This step only applies to the Scag Cheetah riding mower. However, to reengage the axle again, you can rotate the valve again in the opposite direction.

Tips for Release Riding Mowers Wheel

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove SCAG from the hydro pump pulley?

Take the bolts and thread it into the threaded hole of the hub to remove the SCAG from the hydro pump pulley. Once the bolts are tightened, the pulley will come out of the hub tapper, so remove the bolts to lower the pulley.

Can you adjust a hydrostatic transmission?

Yes, if you are experienced in this, you can adjust a hydrostatic transmission. But if you are an experienced and untrained or inexperienced person, it is not right to try it.

How do you level up SCAG in the Cheetah deck?

First, check the height of the cutting deck and let go of the transport position to the 4-1 / 2″ cutting position. Then measure from the floor to the tip of the cutting blade and use a height control rod, if not 4-1 / 2″. Turn the control rod from the floor to the blade tip and tighten the jam nut on the control rod to 4-1 / 2.


The Scag Cheetah is a popular riding mower in the mower industry, slightly different from other riding mowers. We talked for so long about how to free wheel Scag Cheetah.

Hopefully, after reading this, you will not face any more problems with releasing the wheel of the Scag Cheetah.

By following this article, you can free the wheels of other models of riding mowers. 

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